Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Harvest

Good morning! Well, at least it is a good morning for me in this now moment. The following is a piece I orignally posted on my myspace. It is a Law of Attraction experiment for creating the things you desire to have in your life. If you are familiar with The Secret, or Ask & It Is Given, you may find this piece of interest. For more information please visit:


Happy Fall! The Autumn Equinox occurred last week and I know some of you are busily working on your own personal harvests in work, relationships, health, etc. I thought it might be fun to try a group experiment with the law of attraction this month. I will offer some tips for gaining ground in the various areas of your life and you can implement them as little or as much as you like so by Halloween we can determine if the law of attraction holds any special magic for you.

It will help if you have a copy of the book Ask & It is Given, as that is going to provide the basic material for our experiment. If you don't have a copy of the book, you can either borrow one from a friend, or consider purchasing the book or CD. The idea is to begin at the beginning with a basic understanding of some of the principles of the Law of Attraction and then start to apply that understanding--as little or as much as we desire, for best effect.

How will you know if this experiment is for you? Well, are there any areas of your life that could use improvement? Would you like to try something new in order to affect a positive outcome in your life? I am going to ask that you read the preface and the introduction to Abraham...this is useful even if you have gone over the material before. I find every time I read the material I see something that I didn't see during previous reads. And if you're not familiar with Abraham, it is really important that you read these sections so you fully understand what the material is about, and whether or not this experiment is something you feel comfortable working with.
After you read the preface and introduction, then for first level of our experiment you will read Chapter 22 in Ask & It is Given and then do process 10. It is a simple process and probably can be used by most people with good results. The only proviso is for those of you who may be in crisis mode--and if you feel you currently lie somewhere below overwhelment on the emotional scale (see Chapter 22), email me and I will help find a better process for you depending on your personal circumstances.

Level one is the most basic level for our experiment, so if you don't have much time this will probably be the right level for you to work at...Keep in mind though, you will get out of a situation what you put into it!

The second level will require you to read Chapter one on the first day of your experiment as well as Chapter 22. You will then read process 1 and process 10 before writing out your To-Do lists. On day two you will read Chapter two and then do your To-Do list and so on. This level will be useful review for those who have worked with the Abraham-Hicks material, and will lay a good foundation for beginners as well. Those of you who have only minor life changes will probably work well with this level and I will be offering daily pointers, blogs or bulletins for additional insights as we move through the month.

The third level you will read a chapter and a process per day. So, on the first day (after you've read the preface and the introduction, of course!) you will begin with Chapter 22 and Process 10--and then you will do your To-Do lists. On the Second Day you will read Chapter One and Process 2--and then you will write out your To-Do list. Day three you will read Chapter 2 and read process 3--and then write out your To-Do lists--and so on and so forth. This level is for someone who has a major intention they are hoping to manifest. It is also useful if your life is in crisis and you want to begin feeling more secure and confident. If you've never worked with the Abraham material before, this might be a good place to begin. You will acquire understanding as you read new chapters and processes.

Keep in mind our experiment is not tailor made and many of you may work at level one on one day and then change to level two or three depending on the circumstances of your lives--and that's okay! The idea is that each of us will work with the Law of Attraction at least a little bit everyday and then tally our results at the end of the month.

The Emotional Guidance scale is key to our experiment, and this is what Abraham says about it: "The most important thing for you to acknowledge before you apply any of these processes is how you are feeling right now--and how you would like to feel. At the beginning of each process, we have indicated an emotional range that we suggest for each one. Any of the process that fall within the emotional range that you believe you are feeling right now is a perfect place to begin."
So, if you need a little advice on where to start email me! I am looking forward to seeing how you experience the Law of Attraction in creating beautiful life shifts for yourself. Feeling happier, having more career and relationship success--whatever it is that you seek! Since the end of the harvest season is traditionally marked at Halloween for Wiccans I thought this might be just the thing to bring this year's personal harvests to a magical close. And if you know anyone who might like to manifest a thing or two, share this blog with them and have them join the party.

Next week, we'll tweak our processes a bit and add some new ways to work with the Law of Attraction. Happy Manifesting!


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