Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shutting Down the Gap

Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them
Mark 11:24
You are probably wondering at my use of scripture in today's blog, but it ties in perfectly with what we began discussing yesterday. If you haven't had a chance to read yesterday's blog, I would recommend you begin there so that you are on the same page with today's information.
Yesterday I spoke with you about a different way to view your Emotional Guidance System, and that included the little 'i', the 'I', and the 'I AM' or Inner Being dimensional aspects of you. The little 'i' is that aspect of you that struggles through feeling fear, disempowerment and other low vibratory emotional states. It is the furthest away from your Source or Inner Being state, which I am calling your I AM self. The 'I' self is aware of it's Inner Being (whereas the 'i' may not be), but still struggles with low vibratory emotions, like worry or anger--still not in the Joy filled, Passionate Vibration of the I AM/Inner Being state.

If you recall, I mentioned that as you are going about your daily business, you are constantly having new desires pop up. You may see a beautiful car and instantly radiate a desire to have a car just like it. Or perhaps you hear of someone hitting the lottery and think that you would like to have a subtantial amount of money available to you too. In the moment that you have the desire, even if you never voice it, the Universe surges forward and becomes that expanded version of Itself--and even more importantly, your Inner Being rides that wave of expansion and becomes it vibrationally. So, in the moment you have that desire--boom! It exists in non-physical.

When Jesus told his followers to pray as if their desire already was, he was essentially trying to get them to move to the window of their I Am self or Inner Being. In the moment that you know your good exists, even though it may not be visible to you, you have shut down the gap between you and your Inner Being/I AM dimensional self--and now the Law of Attraction must find a way to bring your desire into physical manifestation (a step, by the way, that is not yours to figure out!).

Now as a working psychic I can tell you it's hard as heck to get people to work consistently with the Law of Attraction--and it's hard for me to be consistent with the use of the LOA in my own life, at all times, as well. Can you imagine Jesus standing in front of his followers and saying, "Well, you are a multi-dimensional being. And even though you can't see it, there is an aspect of you that remains in Non-Physical even when you come here in the physical world and begin an incarnation as a baby. Your Non-Physical self projected you forward as a thought into the physical world and here you are!"

People today may still have a hard time with that notion, but it helps you understand why prayer may not work sometimes. Often when we pray, we are praying from the stand point of the 'i'. In other words, we are focused on the absence of the thing we desire--something Abraham discusses in a lot of their books and DVD's . If you can gently release your fearful, thoughts (perhaps by using one of the processes in Ask & It Is Given) until you feel relief...and then gradually climb the Emotional Guidance scale until you get from fear, to pessimism, to optimism/hope, to faith to knowing--and then voila you will have shut down the gap between your physical experience (and you) and the knowingness of your Inner Being.

Abraham is very clear about the fact that you only feel negative emotion when you have a gap between what you are currently focused on and the place your Inner Being now occupies--and now perhaps you can see that even Jesus was trying to explain this powerful Universal Law 2000 years ago. It isn't well understood by many in the physical world even today, despite the efforts of both past and present teachers to explain how the Law of Attraction works.
If you are one of the many who have seen the movie The Secret, you probably are aware that Esther Hicks/Abraham were removed from the expanded version of the DVD due to legal issues. Apparently they were asked to give up their Intellectual Property rights, and understandably they chose not to. But without the understanding of your Non-Physical aspect, the whole idea of an Emotional Guidance System is lacking power. To feel good can in and of itself bring you into alignment with your own Inner Being, but if you don't understand that that alignment is absolutely necessary in order to manifest the things that are waiting in the holding pen that Abraham calls your 'vibrational escrow'...well let's just say, you can wind up frustrated in your attempts to use the Law of Attraction consistently.

So, you do the list process or any of the other of Abraham's processes/games in order to align with your own Inner Source. As a psychic I always wondered why my Higher Self/Inner Being never seemed to get bent out of shape the way I did about my physical world issues--it can't. It has already rode the wave of Well Being that was my desire and from its perspective, All is Well.

If you are a client of mine or perhaps you have visited with another psychic and you have concerns about a relationship, let's say, you might experience something like the following scenario: the psychic indicates that the relationship is probably not going to make it and you say, 'fine I am just going to move on', and the psychic says, no-- you can't. You are being told no because you have already created a relationship somewhere with someone--and are now needing to get in alignment with your Inner Being to manifest it. Your job is to stay focused on the essence of what you want--a great relationship (not a relationship with a specific person) and thus you shut down the gap. Staying elated can be challenging--so use the processes to help yourself along.

This was, for me at least a real a-ha experience and I hope you enjoyed today's blog. Share it with others and don't be afraid to ask questions if today's material confuses you. I desire for you to be able to find a multitude of ways to shut down the gap between you and your desires. Imagine a world full of people consistently using the Law of Attraction and getting their desires! Wouldn't that be something?

All for now, more tomorrow! And if you can't wait, check out my website...


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