Friday, January 16, 2009

Do you know where your life is?

This is a question emailed me this morning from an email blast Oprah sends out each weekday, and it’s an excellent question because (drum roll please)...I quit my job yesterday. It was a drama filled moment, but had been a long time in the making. And here’s the point, if you know where your life is (and trust me, you do) you know if you’re headed toward a drama filled moment (read: crisis).

If the vision of your life experience that exists in your head is substantially different than the one you live day to day; you my friend are coasting toward a crisis. Don’t panic, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The loss of a job, relationship or living situation isn’t necessarily terrible; it’s a course correction, especially if you’ve been planning and setting goals to have new life experiences.

In retrospect I realize I needed to release the job a looooong time ago, but couldn’t get myself to do it. How would I explain walking away from what appeared to be my livelihood? I couldn’t…or could I? After all, I knew I wanted to work from home doing this type of work full time. I could have politely declined to participate in a work situation that was sucking the very marrow from my bones. And maybe next time I will remember that I am empowered enough to deliberately choose when and where I segue into a new life experience, with grace, ease and joy.

Having said that, I hope you are making your way through the mercury retrograde with more grace and ease than I have this week. And in honor of your continued success, I am rolling out a referral program, because this work I do is largely expanded through word of mouth and I want to expand my practice with grace, ease…yeah, you get the direction this is headed in, right?

The program works like this: when you register with me and then refer one friend who actually books and has a reading with me, you get a 15 minute reading with me for free. When you refer three people to me who all book and have a reading with me, you get a 30 minute reading. And when you refer five people to me who all book and have a reading with me, you then get an hour reading with me for free. After your free one hour reading the process begins again with a new referral and reading partner and a new 15 minute reading, with me, for free, etc, etc. And your friends can also benefit from this program by giving their own referrals—cool beans.

So, email me if you’d like to be on my list for referrals this year. And I’d like to thank you, my clients and readers for helping me make my dreams come true this year…here’s to your success in 2009!




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