Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fresh Starts

New Beginnings,

Well, it took longer to reignite this situation than I thought, but here we go!

Greetings and welcome to 2009, an opportunity to start fresh on the road to creating the life of your dreams. I imagine a lot of you are taking a look at the year ahead with hopefullness; dreams of greater joy, ease, prosperity and happiness abound, What will you be doing to help expand your current life experiences so that by the end of 2009, your life experience includes all the aforementioned goodies?

If you've been reading my blog (see for awhile, then you understand that the metaphysical aspect of change begins with one's thoughts and beliefs. You don't loose weight because you diet per se, but because there has been a shift in what you see and believe to be the truth of you--hence the weight loss. You love yourself where you stand, and that attracts to you a book, a yoga studio, a teacher, etc. and from there you're off and running. Continued positive thought about you entices new recipes, affirmations, visualizations, new friends and other helpful items that allow you to continue the upward spiral of activities to the new physical you. Get the picture?

And it's the same for all other manifestations. If you are frustrated, fearful, or practice thoughts that don't embrace the beauty that is you, you're likely to find your dreams for a 'new year, new you' somewhat stymied. You might like to try journaling as a way of sneaking a peek at your innermost thoughts to assess what your beliefs are about your health, money, weight, career, etc.

If your changes are needed because of a crisis, that's a little bit different...

You might have heard that John Travolta and his wife are coping with the sudden death of their 16 year old son; that's crisis, and as humans we can be guaranteed at some point in time we will have some sudden challenge appear on our path that must be faced down and overcome. The loss of a job, the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship are events that summon the best in us if we are to regain our bearings and get on with life. Mr. Tavolta's belief in scientology is scoffed at by many, but I have no doubt it's what he and his family will lean on to move forward, however shakily into the future. Religion, spirituality and even scientific understanding are the go to tools in time of both peace and trouble.

The tool I work with most, whether you call it intuition, spiritual insight, or psychic ability, is one I think highly worth developing. My clients come to me for clairty, validation and metaphysical understanding when they are confused or life has become greatly challenging. You might want to consider adding the development of your own intuitive abilities to your list of dreams and goals for 2009, it certainly can't hurt. One of my favorite books for developing intuitive faculties is by Laura Day and is called Practical Intuition. You won't need cards or anything like that, just some time to devote to your own well being.

I should add that Ms. Day also has a book for those of you dealing with crisis; Welcome to Your Crisis is a wonderful book to work with as you baby step your way out of difficulty back into a life of happiness. And if you're thinking that there has to be a death in the family before you need such a book, please reconsider. If you know you're living on the edge of a volcano metaphorically speaking due to a shakey relationship, shakey finances, or not attending to nagging health issues--then this is the book for you as well. I love Ms. Day's work, she's gentle, but knowlegeable and effective. Don't pass up the opportunity to make things right before they go way wrong...

In closing, I send my condolences to Mr. Travolta and family. And to you, I wish great peace and expanded well being as you embark on the journey of a new year.



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