Monday, February 16, 2009

Sun In Pisces

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We will have a new Sun placement this week as the Sun begins its journey into Pisces on the 18th of February (4:47 AM PST).  Themes of intuition, film, music, dreams, secrets, hidden enemies and self-undoing will be ripe for analysis and transformation in the next 30 or so days.  As always we can see the higher and lower vibrations of a sign by looking at its themes and Pisces is no exception.  If you have interests in photography, developing your intuitive abilities, or doing some counseling work to address addictions and other negative energy drains—wait no longer! 

we will be further supported in launching new plans and activities on February 24th with the Pisces New Moon (5:35 PM PST).  Pisces, and by extension its ruler Neptune, will play host to the cosmic Sun offering us all a chance to check out that which is beautiful within us as well as the darker sides of our natures.  I particularly like to use this time of the year to advance my spiritual and intuitive studies and the book Psychic Pathways by Sonia Choquette is one of my favorites.  It is interesting that many psychics develop their skills to cope with personal disasters and Sonia speaks of her own psychic development being stimulated in part by her mother’s depression.  As a child she felt her mother’s pain quite keenly and wanted to be of assistance.  You can check out her story in Diary of a Psychic.

Happy Birthday wishes to my Pisces friends (you know who you are!) and I hope you are steadfastly moving forward on your goals and resolutions for the year to come.  If you haven’t taken a look yet at The Success Principles (Jack Canfield) or The Millionaires Course (Marc Allen), it’s not to late to pick them up and get jumpstart your success this year.




Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet Spot

I had an epiphany this week; I am now living my dreams. I actually had been living my dreams for about a month before it dawned on me…now why would that be? Like many of my clients I had certain beliefs about how my dreams were going to come into being; I know better, but I overlooked where I was and what I was doing. It has been my dream for a looooong time to be able to work from home, take care of myself and my family without doing the ‘cubicle’ thing. So, I ask you have you found your sweet spot? Would you know you were living your dreams in the precise moment that it came into being or are you living with certain pre-conditions in place that might hinder your awareness of your well being?

This is an ideal time to look at where you are in relation to your goals (sweet spots) for the year. Why, because it’s nearly Valentines day and the sweetest day of the year. I have often reminded my clients of the famous line from Abraham; you can never get it done and you will never get it wrong. Basically that means that each time you achieve a goal, new challenges arrive (and hence new goals!) for you to work toward solving. And that, my friends, is why I didn’t notice that I had landed in my supposed ‘sweet spot’. There will be hundreds, dare I say, even thousands of ‘sweet spots’ achieved in your lifetime, because that’s the way life goes. You won’t ever reach a place of being done as long as you are living in a physical body. There will be new mountains to climb, new goals to press toward, new challenges to conquer. Now don’t get bent out of shape at this revelation; what’s key in all this is balance!

Now, what do I mean by balance? Well, can you ride a bicycle? That’s what I mean; that absolute knowing that even if you’ve not been on a bike in the last 10 years, you could hop on one today, find your balance and be on your way. That is what it takes to move through life with ease. If you’ve successfully solved challenges in the past, whatever may be a thorn in your side today doesn’t really matter. You are an evolving being and you will find the tools, teachers, or inner determination to grow through this latest situation as well.

So, this Valentines day, maybe you should celebrate yourself! Take yourself out to dinner or some other appreciative thing. We honor our loved ones at this time every year, but I think it might be of more value to remember how incredible you happen to be! And when life visits you with a new challenge, remember it is part of the ongoing game of life…you succeed one challenge at a time. You will grow and become better…so here’s to you!

And happy Valentines Day!


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Get ready for a Full Moon in Leo (21 degrees of Leo) at 6:49 AM PST Monday the 9th of February. This Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse and you probably have seen the energy building, if not within yourself, then perhaps you’ve seen it within friends and family members who have been challenging to work with. This particular Full Moon is likely to be highly impactful for those with Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio planets…so expect a whole lot of shakin’ going on.

Be ready to reconsider your opinion on an issue of love, whatever plans you may have had in the works will require revisiting. This is not the time for being rigid in your thoughts or plans. Something is about to come to light and that new information can be used as a guide to re-design existing plans into something more workable for you and those you care about.

As I mentioned earlier, this may also be a very emotional Full Moon, so now is a good time for meditation and prayers for peace for those you love and the world in general. The last week was probably pretty tough, what with Saturn and Uranus cutting up with one another, so now is an excellent time to rest, meditate and regroup. Be prepared for the Cosmic Download Tuesday or Wednesday. Only at that time will you have the insight necessary to lay your plans for success.

Wishing you a cosmically peaceful week…


Friday, February 6, 2009


Are you one of those people who believes the New Age has begun? If you’re not, you might want to take a look at the world and think again; technological devices of every kind seem to have sprung from the ground like mushrooms. Meditation, yoga, and spirituality in multiple forms are now part of mainstream thought and every day conversations. And if that’s not enough, America, land of the free, home of the brave, now has its first black President. Yeah baby, the Aquarian Age is here with a bang!

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, (meaning these folks have a tendency to not to be easily swayed into new ways of thinking; that’s their opinion and they’re sticking to it!). They can also be strangely unemotional. It’s not that they’re not emotional, it’s that they love in a friendly, more group oriented way. These folks are erratic, sometimes a bit eccentric and highly innovative (Justin Timberlake and Oprah are both Aquarians, and are good examples of the intellectual, innovative sign Aquarius).

Group endeavors, friendships, charitable good works and concern for others are the highest vibration of Aquarius…and there was a lot of talk about charitable good works around the time of the Inauguration. On the lower vibratory end of the scale, there can be a desire for absolute freedom, even anarchy. In terms of the evolutionary development of Sun signs, freedom is not given until the individual has developed the self-discipline not to harm self or others. So those individuals demanding freedom while creating mayhem are working the lower rungs of the Aquarian ladder.

The Star is the tarot card for Aquarius and is quite apropos; your wishes, dreams and desires are up for review and examination until the Sun enters Pisces on February 18th 2009. You may find you’re out and about with friends and social endeavors a lot during the time that the Sun is transiting through Aquarius. Make good on your charitable promises and spend time with your special pals and you will get the maximum good from this time frame.

As I mentioned, Aquarius is linked to the study of astrology and metaphysics by extension. This can be a good time to curl up with a good book on spirituality, or perhaps you’d like to visit with an astrologer to get personal insights on the year ahead. I’d be happy to take a look at your personal year ahead and help you map out a strategy for success this year. Just drop me an email!

Wishing you successful, starry dreams ahead!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Things...Really!


So, how is the New Year treating you? I hope you are making headway on your dreams and goals for the year, and to that end, I have a great favorite thing to share with you. My new favorite thing was shared by a friend and client and if you live in the U.S. and love books, I think you will love it too!

Paperback swap is an online connection to recycle your books, DVD's and other media and all you pay is postage! You list at least 10 books you're willing to part with and as people email and request your books you earn credits to swap for new books you'd like to read. What happens if you don't have enough credits to buy a book? You can always purchase credits and still pay far less than you ordinarily would for the book. The website also has a handy, dandy feature for helping you print out labels and even postage for books that are under a certain weight limit. You can print the label, postage and drop off said book at your nearest mail box on your way to work! And then you have the fun of receiving new books--well, at least new to you, in the mail. Imagine being able to get the information you need to help make your dreams come true at a discount! Love that!

My next favorite thing actually makes me feel like offering a drum roll...ta da! I am moving my family back to Los Angeles within the next month. My son is ecstatic and my daughter is thrilled at the idea of having her family back in the Los Angeles area. And I, well I am both excited and nervous. So, anyone in the LA area who can steer me to a nice job, apartment, place to crash land while we are getting up and running--please email me. I anticipate leaving in about three weeks, so the clock is ticking.

I am so appreciative of the many clients who have worked with me while I was off having my southern adventure; can't wait to see each of you in the flesh. Bear with me as I suspect blogs will be offline by the week of February 17th, but we will be back and ready to roll as quick as ever possible.

Happy Valentine...month to you all.