Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Things...Really!


So, how is the New Year treating you? I hope you are making headway on your dreams and goals for the year, and to that end, I have a great favorite thing to share with you. My new favorite thing was shared by a friend and client and if you live in the U.S. and love books, I think you will love it too!

Paperback swap is an online connection to recycle your books, DVD's and other media and all you pay is postage! You list at least 10 books you're willing to part with and as people email and request your books you earn credits to swap for new books you'd like to read. What happens if you don't have enough credits to buy a book? You can always purchase credits and still pay far less than you ordinarily would for the book. The website http://paperbackswap.com/index.php also has a handy, dandy feature for helping you print out labels and even postage for books that are under a certain weight limit. You can print the label, postage and drop off said book at your nearest mail box on your way to work! And then you have the fun of receiving new books--well, at least new to you, in the mail. Imagine being able to get the information you need to help make your dreams come true at a discount! Love that!

My next favorite thing actually makes me feel like offering a drum roll...ta da! I am moving my family back to Los Angeles within the next month. My son is ecstatic and my daughter is thrilled at the idea of having her family back in the Los Angeles area. And I, well I am both excited and nervous. So, anyone in the LA area who can steer me to a nice job, apartment, place to crash land while we are getting up and running--please email me. I anticipate leaving in about three weeks, so the clock is ticking.

I am so appreciative of the many clients who have worked with me while I was off having my southern adventure; can't wait to see each of you in the flesh. Bear with me as I suspect blogs will be offline by the week of February 17th, but we will be back and ready to roll as quick as ever possible.

Happy Valentine...month to you all.


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