Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet Spot

I had an epiphany this week; I am now living my dreams. I actually had been living my dreams for about a month before it dawned on me…now why would that be? Like many of my clients I had certain beliefs about how my dreams were going to come into being; I know better, but I overlooked where I was and what I was doing. It has been my dream for a looooong time to be able to work from home, take care of myself and my family without doing the ‘cubicle’ thing. So, I ask you have you found your sweet spot? Would you know you were living your dreams in the precise moment that it came into being or are you living with certain pre-conditions in place that might hinder your awareness of your well being?

This is an ideal time to look at where you are in relation to your goals (sweet spots) for the year. Why, because it’s nearly Valentines day and the sweetest day of the year. I have often reminded my clients of the famous line from Abraham; you can never get it done and you will never get it wrong. Basically that means that each time you achieve a goal, new challenges arrive (and hence new goals!) for you to work toward solving. And that, my friends, is why I didn’t notice that I had landed in my supposed ‘sweet spot’. There will be hundreds, dare I say, even thousands of ‘sweet spots’ achieved in your lifetime, because that’s the way life goes. You won’t ever reach a place of being done as long as you are living in a physical body. There will be new mountains to climb, new goals to press toward, new challenges to conquer. Now don’t get bent out of shape at this revelation; what’s key in all this is balance!

Now, what do I mean by balance? Well, can you ride a bicycle? That’s what I mean; that absolute knowing that even if you’ve not been on a bike in the last 10 years, you could hop on one today, find your balance and be on your way. That is what it takes to move through life with ease. If you’ve successfully solved challenges in the past, whatever may be a thorn in your side today doesn’t really matter. You are an evolving being and you will find the tools, teachers, or inner determination to grow through this latest situation as well.

So, this Valentines day, maybe you should celebrate yourself! Take yourself out to dinner or some other appreciative thing. We honor our loved ones at this time every year, but I think it might be of more value to remember how incredible you happen to be! And when life visits you with a new challenge, remember it is part of the ongoing game of life…you succeed one challenge at a time. You will grow and become better…so here’s to you!

And happy Valentines Day!


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