Thursday, November 11, 2010

12 November thru 13 November 2010

Greetings Friends!

It has been a week of new technological developments for me. Sunday night my temporary phone died--it was a hard working little thing, may it RIP. And despite my kicking and screaming I found myself Monday finally biting the bullet and getting a new phone.

Today MySpace has kicked off its new improved, 'how do you like me now space'. Lots of changes, but change and expansion are good, usually! I say usually because upon trying to post a new blog on myspace's new space--chaos ensued. So, welcome to my new (old) blogspace.

Speaking of change, it's also time to see what Cosmic changes we can expect as we wrap up this week.

Friday 12 November 2010 the Moon is transiting Uranus ruled Aquarius in what should be an interesting and fairly easy day, energy wise that is. The Moon forms a sextile to Mercury at 12:21 AM and you could be chatting it up via phone or internet (Note: all times indicated in this blog are PST). Students and teachers can use the energy of this late night aspect to log extra miles with paperwork and studies if they've a mind to. The Moon sextile Mars at 12:50 PM need not drama, use it to power through the items on your To-Do list before the work day comes to a close. The Moon trine Saturn at 3:50 PM makes being self disciplined a breeze; use this energy to finally finish off that project you been avoiding.

The Sun is developing a square to Neptune now till 18 November, hence creative projects or romantic relationships need to be looked at with an air of caution. There is definitely a lack of clarity--avoid signing any contracts or making any agreements for the time being.

Saturday 13 November 2010 begins with the First Quarter Moon, as the Moon squares the Sun at 8:34 AM. Since the Moon is in Aquarius, some revolutionary, eccentric or surprising situations may be asking you to use an innovative approach to solve your challenges. The Moon conjoins Neptune at 6:10 PM offering inspirational leaps in consciousness to those seekers who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The Moon trines Venus at 10:33 PM giving the Love Boat the opportunity to sail into a port near you--all aboard! The Moon is void of course at this point, so avoid starting any new projects at this time.

Note that the Sun is also developing a trine with shock jock Uranus now till 18 November. Bolts of inspiration from on high are likely; take notes now, act on them after the 18th of November.

Our Medicine Card for the week, was the Swan and I hope you have taken the opportunity to work with your intuitive knowing this week. Intuition is an empowering skill to work with, helping you solve life's dilemmas, pointing you in the highest and best direction for you and just generally taking some of the inherent chaos out of the human life experience. Don't forget to take note of your hunches for later reference! In fact, keeping a journal of your intuitive insights and their outcome can be a great way for you to gain confidence in your ability to tap into Divine Intelligence.

If you 'd like to know more about developing your personal intuitive abilities click here

Till next time...

Many Blessings!


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