Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday 25 November 2010

Greetings Friends!

And Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  Our holiday begins with a square between Mercury and Jupiter at 6:18 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  What happens when thoughts and communications meet expansion and enthusiasm head-on?  Well, hopefully you won't be awakened by noisy neighbors or some other annoyance, but that would be in alignment with the early morning energies.  The Moon trines Jupiter at 10:50 AM and good family times are going to have great energetic support from the Universe.  The Moon trines maverick Uranus at 4:18 PM, so expect the unexpected where holiday activities are concerned.  Try to wrap up your celebrations soon after this because the energy gets challenging at 7:43 PM when the Moon squares Venus, people may be out of sorts and willful--a real downer if you're hosting a family gathering.    You will really want to have the major part of your partying done because the Moon is void of course after that last aspect.  Leave new projects alone till after 10:02 PM when the Moon enters sunny Leo.

Note that Mars is working on a square with Uranus now till 3 December.  This is not a good energetic mash-up as Mars is aggressive energy and Uranus is explosive and unexpected energy.  Keep calm and do your best to avoid cantankerous people as we approach the 3rd of December.

So, to wrap up, the early morning hours for Thanksgiving can get into some overly expansive communications and the later evening hours (around 7:00) can be challenging for your festivities.  Start early and end early and all should go well.

Till next time...

Many Blessings,

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