Friday, December 17, 2010

18 December 2010

Greetings Friends!

The Moon in Taurus is preparing to segue into Gemini today and we're fast approaching the Full Moon/Winter Solstice (21 December 2010).  This month's Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse with a lot of aspects--moody and dark folks.  Today's weather is a mixed bag, but I think not too bad, so I'm giving it four stars.  Remember, being prayed-up/meditating to get into a better alignment before beginning a potentially challenging day can help a lot to mitigate less than desirable energies.  And here we go!

Saturday 18 December 2010 begins an early morning sextile between the Sun and Neptune at 2:29 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  If you're not going to be up into the wee hours of the morning, you can take advantage of this by working on your creative projects just before going to bed.  And don't rule out the possibility of some interesting insights coming through your dream state too--have pen and paper by your bed just in case!

Mercury enters Sagittarius (again) at 6:52 AM.  Mercury is retrograde till 29 December, so we will get to do the whole Mercury in Capricorn thing again in January.  Till then, paying attention to people/situations at a distance, your religious or philosophical concerns or legal matters (in addition to career issues) will pay off in January once we clear the retrograde shadow.

The Sun squares Uranus at 10:47 AM.  The Sun is the creative life force for humans and Uranus is the shock jock looking to rebel and incite revolution; don't be surprised if you have a sudden yen to be off the wall in a major way.  With the square energy between these two planets, I really can't recommend it, so reign in your inner rebel for the time being.  The Moon squares Neptune at 12:57 PM so you may really, really feel like you know what's best, but clear thinking is unlikely.  Best to continue to play it cool and normal--even if you're not feeling anywhere near normal at the moment.  Next the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus and then goes void of course at 1:35 PM.  Uranus is the planet of the day and eccentric behavior is likely to be popping up everywhere--just try to make sure it's not you being off the wall.  With the Moon void of course, you'll want to wrap up old projects till 7:38 PM when the Moon enters Gemini.  Avoid starting any type of bold new venture between 1:35 and 7:38 PM if you can help it!

Keith Richards was born on this date in 1943--a rather classic fun loving Sagittarian if there ever was one.  Happy Birthday Mr. Richards!

Till next time...

Many Blessings!

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