Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2 December 2010

Greetings Friends!

The Moon continues to transit the sign Libra, but soon our focus will be switching to issues of transformation, sexuality, death and occult studies.  This is what I call a five star day--lots of aspects and they are all positive!  This is the day to work on the situations that have been causing you grief--the wind is at your back, so take advantage!

2 December 2010 begins with a trine between the Moon and Neptune at 12:08 AM before going void of course (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  Night owls can experience spiritual upliftment and Unity consciousness via meditation.  Sleepers may have noteworthy dreams, so keep a pen and pad of paper by your bed tonight!  The Moon enters Scorpio at 6:44 AM and the darker themes of life are up for consideration for the next couple of days.  The Moon conjoins Venus at 8:43 AM giving life the sparkle of beauty and love that this time of year is known for.

The Moon sextile Mercury at 9:39 AM adds strength and stability to your communications.  I would take care of my writing and communications tasks between 8:43 and 9:39 to get the best impact from this aspect.  Mars sextile Neptune at 11:38 AM offers elegance and inspiration to dancers and athletes whose sport requires strength and grace.  Gymnastics and ice-skaters are just some of the performance artists who come to mind when I think of this aspect.

If you're looking for the opportune moment to take action, the sextile between the Moon and Pluto at 2:00 PM may be just what the doctor ordered.  This aspect will serve you well if you need to take powerful action or need to be seen in a powerful light.  Note the Sun is developing a sextile to Saturn now till 6 December.  If you have a project that requires self discipline or structure, now would be the time to begin working on it.

Now that the Moon is in Scorpio, remember to see yourself as a unique, sexy person as you head out to face the day.  We can't all be Scorpios, but we can tap into that intrinsic self understanding and power to be our own best selves.

Till next time...

Many Blessings!

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