Sunday, December 19, 2010

20 December 2010

Greetings Friends!

Did you remember to email a question to me yesterday?  We've had a winner alreeady and today you have a new opportunity to get a burning question answered--maybe about your prosperity or a relationship.  So, click the contact information tab above and be the first to ask me a question for the second day of my contest.  And don't forget to find the link to subscribe (look on right side panel of this blog) before you send in your question.  Good luck!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the Universe has been seriously cooking up aspects for us today.  Seven exact aspects (to be exact) and two developing, and of this batch of aspects, three are challenging.  Can you say it's time to meditate?  Yep, I thought you could!

Monday 20 December 2010 is Full Moon eve and our first aspect is an early morning trine between the Moon and Saturn at 12:40 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  Late night owls and early morning workers will have the needed discipline to cross burdensome tasks off their To-Do lists with this energy.  The next aspect doesn't arrive till 3:31 PM and it's a square between Mercury and Uranus.  Double check delivery and appointment times, as something is likely to be off track at this point.  Follow-up will save you unnecessary headaches.  The Moon squares Jupiter at 5:01 PM and once again the Universe is flashing a caution sign with regard to celebrating the holidays with abandon, so put your wallet away for the time being.  The Moon trines Neptune at 7:08 PM making it a great time for movies, music, dance, art or meditation.  Try not to get into arguments with others when the emotional, nearly Full Moon opposes Mercury at 7:19 PM.  Full Moon's are notorious for creating a yen for arguments, but you don't need to fall prey to this energy.  Have a nice warm bath, do some yoga stretches or simply go to bed and put the world on hold for awhile.

The Moon squares Uranus at 7:42 PM and arguments started this evening will have a tendency to escalate into something explosive--so I repeat--don't go there!  Mercury sextile Neptune at 9:03 PM soothes the savage beast with potentially enlightening insights.  Prayer and meditation work done at this time can be positively uplifting!

Meanwhile the Sun is working toward a conjunction with Pluto now till 26 December.  This can be a time that draws great power to you--especially with regard to your career.  It's also a time to beware of hanging out in seedy areas or with people of questionable repute as Pluto's darker side can be more than a tad shady/dangerous.  Be smart and safe during this holiday season.  Mars is developing a square to Saturn now till 29 December which reiterates the concern for physical endangerment in this period.  Slow down while driving, don't drink and drive and stay away from trouble makers!

Phew...hard to believe all this energy is spent in one 24 hour period!  Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice/Full Moon, so the energy is high.  Remember to take extra special good care of yourself for the next few days.

Till next time...

Many Blessings!

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