Friday, December 3, 2010

4 December 2010

Greetings Friends!

So how was your week?  Did you sense that the energy around us is a bit on the low side right now?  Well, we are in the last days of this lunar cycle and as I mentioned earlier, we can look forward to a Sagittarian New Moon Sunday morning.  Do you have goals related to legal matters, attending college or foreign travel?  Maybe you're interested in becoming a published author.  These are are some of the areas of interest related to the sign of Sagittarius.  But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's see what Saturday has in store for us before we get carried away with new projects for the next lunar cycle.

Saturday 4 December 2010 begins on a confusing note when the Moon squares Neptune at 3:17 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  Since we're in the dark of the Moon, Saturday is best spent in quiet pursuits.  This really applies when Neptune is creating a nebulous energy for humans to work with.  Avoid making decisions at this time if you're up and about.  The Moon trines Uranus and becomes void of course at 4:13 AM.  Uranus is known for bringing sudden bursts of knowing--I call them downloads.  If you get an early start to your day, use this aspect to discover breakthrough solutions to your challenges.

Ordinarily I suggest that you stick to mundane chores when the moon is void of course and wait till the Moon changes signs to begin new projects.  I'm going to change that rule a bit because today it's best to wait till the New Moon on Sunday to launch new endeavors.  The Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:00 AM and we will all feel the shift from the heavy, mysterious energy of Scorpio, to the light hearted high energy of Sagittarius.  If you like to set New Moon intentions, now is a good time to create your list of desires for the coming lunar cycle.  Sagittarius likes to dream big, so don't be shy,  take your imagination to its furthest reaches at this time, because it will soon be time to put wheels under your dreams.

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Till next time...

Many Blessings!

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