Tuesday, January 11, 2011

12 January 2011

Greetings Friends!

We're at the First Quarter mark, which means that the lunar cycle has progressed to the point where the Moon and Sun square one another.  During a New Moon, the Moon and Sun are conjoined--and that signals a new start.  When the Moon and Sun square one another our plans for this lunar cycle have  developed some challenges and you will want to begin brainstorming ways to hurdle over said challenges.  That being said, I give the day's energy three stars as you will have to use your self-care kit to balance out today's turbulent aspects.  You know the drill (eat well, sleep well, meditate), so we'll skip the details today and go right to today's aspects!

Wednesday 12 January 2011 starts with a really zippy sextile between Mars and Uranus as 2:31 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  You can move mountains with energy like this, however the timing of this aspect isn't great for those of us on the west coast.  All time zones east of PST might want to consider getting up a little earlier to take advantage of this window of opportunity.  This aspect is great for exercise enthusiasts to enjoy physical breakthroughs thanks to Uranus' tendency for creating sudden change.  You'll want to brace yourself because the First Quarter Moon is next with the Moon squaring the Sun at 3:31 AM.  We have a breather till 1:52 PM when the Moon sextiles Neptune.  Take a walk outside or meditate to catch the insights Neptune has to share.  A walk might also help you work off some frustrations as the Moon squares Mars at 3:00 PM; better a walk than to blow one's top, yes?

By the end of the day you'll have your communications down pat as the Moon trines Mercury at 6:47 PM.  Homework, presentations, and work involving manuscripts should be flowing and effortless if you work on them as that last aspect approaches.

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