Sunday, January 16, 2011

17 January 2011

Greetings Friends!

The irony of the start of this work week is that the Moon is changing signs to home and family loving Cancer later today.  Well, I guess we will just have to be nurturing at the office!  How's that for making lemonade from lemons?

Today is another one of those rock 'em sock 'em, aspects stacked to the ceiling kind of days.  Get out your energy tool belt, the one with the crystals, yoga mat, essential oils and meditation music--you're going to need it.  Although we begin the day in chatty Gemini, the Moon is void of course by mid-morning and then into the sometimes moody waters of Cancer at 11:29 AM.  Add to that the fact that we've a) got a lot of aspects and b) several of them are challenging and well, you called it, it's about a one star day folks.  What does that mean?  Do your self-care work, wear or carry amber, agate or carnelian crystals, and intend to keep a high vibration.  You're getting really good at balancing out negative Celestial weather, right?  Oh, and the colors of the day are blue, blue, blue--pale blue, sky blue, whatever blue is your favorite.  So light a blue candle, and away we go!

Monday 17 January 2011 begins with a trine between the Moon and Neptune at 6:41 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  This is great dreaming weather--celestial weather that is, so keep a pad of paper and a pen near your bed to capture thoughts, dream information, etc.  The Moon squares Uranus at 6:59 AM so be on your guard for out of the blue challenges on the home front--possibly appliance/technologically related.  The Moon squares Jupiter at 9:57 AM and expenses may be mounting (unfortunately) on that same home front.  The Sun brings creative genius to light when it forms a sextile with Uranus at 1:57 PM, so grab a pen and jot those brilliant ideas of yours down!

The evening hours plays host to an unsavory stew of aspects beginning with an opposition between the Moon and Mercury at 9:45 PM, so expect difficult news or challenging communications.  A moody Cancer Moon may not be in the mood for business talk at this time, so keep it light and be open to compromise at this time.  Communications aren't going to improve very quickly, not with the Moon opposing Pluto.  This is the kind of aspect that looks like the boss being a bully or some other person really trying to lord it over on others.  It's best not to get wound up, reach for solutions that work for everyone and don't try pushing others around--it will just back fire.  This is especially true because three minutes later Mercury conjoins power house Pluto and if you've held your temper you might be able to dig down to the root of a serious issue and heal it once and for all.  Not bad work and it's only Monday!

Need a more personal view of what the stars are up to click here to set up your appointment.  Wishing you a stellar week and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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