Monday, January 17, 2011

18 January 2011

Greetings Friends!

The Moon is still traveling through Cancer, something that benefits all water sign natives.  And fortunately the Universe gives us a bit of a break because we only have one exact aspect today--not a great one, but hey, least it's just one.  However, tomorrow is a Full Moon late in Cancer affecting Cancer natives born late in the sign as well as early born Leos.  So, I wouldn't put that blue candle away just yet...

Today's aspect is a square between the Moon and Saturn in Libra at 4:53 PM PST, so this energy is building most of the day.  Your close relationships may be creating challenges for you and finding a solution won't be easy.  Squares require patience and oppositions require patience and compromise.  Unfortunately compromise probably won't work in this situation.  Keep in mind that Cancer is moody by nature--what with all the aspects it makes to other Celestial bodies day in and day out.  You can probably see the aspects change by watching young/immature Cancer's go through their mood swings.  Add the energy of a Full Moon in Cancer and, oh my will you ever need to work your energetic mojo to stay on an even keel.  But it's doable.  Just remember patience, exercise, breath work, Reiki--whatever it is you do to stay centered and calm.  You can do it!

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Till next time...

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