Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (18-20 February 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Time for the week end as well as our weekend round up!  Before we jump in I just wanted to reiterate that today--Friday the 18th is the date of the Full Moon not last Wednesday and I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my Wednesday/Thursday blog.  I will be taking my data from Lewellyn's Astrological Calendar as well as from Jim Maynard's astrologer's datebook, so we should be straight from here on out!

Friday our Full Moon in Leo is still using the colors, stones and incense types mentioned in Wednesday's blog, so please see my blog for 16-17 February for that information.

Friday 18 February 2011 is a two star day; you will want to do your self-care work (exercise, aromatherapy, Reiki, etc.) to keep your energy balanced and high as we move into the Full Moon phase of this lunar cycle.  Our day begins with the Full Moon at 0:36 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST) and it will be time to set aside our personal ambitions in favor of peaceful, amicable compromise.  Keep in mind the Moon is void of course until the Moon moves into Virgo at 1:39 AM and we will discuss colors, stones and incense varieties suitable and harmonious for our Virgo Moon tomorrow.  Meanwhile, a square between Venus and Saturn at 11:21 AM can mean some hard feelings in the love department and or some problems on the financial front.  Patience is what is required here, so reign in your spending for sure at this time and remember not to force your personal agenda on others today.  A powerful trine between the Moon and Pluto at 12:31 PM can bring breakthroughs in  personal mysteries, enhance our metaphysical knowing tremendously as well as bring healing in therapeutic settings at  this time.  If you have some malady that has gone undiscovered, this is the type of aspect to have your medical work-up done under ;).

Lastly, but not least, the Sun enters the sign of Pisces at 4:25 PM moving our collective psyches to focus on the really deep, meditative/spiritual side of life for the next 30 days--yay!  This will also be a period of time to enjoy art, music, film and dance--no wonder this is one of my favorite times of the wheel of the year!

Saturday 19 February 2011 is a three star Moon in Virgo day.  Colors that harmonize with Virgo include  black, pale blue, navy and brown.  Try carrying moss agate, agate, amethyst or aventurine crystals with you today and it's even better if they're in jewelry that lies against your skin!  Incense scents to use during meditation:  try lavender, mint, patchouli or sandalwood to get in the groove these next couple of days.  Our first aspect of the day occurs at 5:27 AM as the Moon trines Venus; all will be right with the world, romantically speaking that is, and money woes should be under control at this time too.  Watch out for sudden challenges and surprises at 11:18 PM when the Moon opposes Uranus; there could be sudden health issues such as colds or flu for you, a child or another loved one--it is that time of year!  So be prepared to make changes in your plans for the evening as things unfold.  In addition, the Moon is void of course with that last aspect, so new projects will need to begin tomorrow after the Moon changes signs.

Sunday 20 February 2012 is also a three star day and we have a change in sign from Virgo to Libra at 1:01 AM.  Our focus moves from health and service to care of our personal and intimate relationships while the Moon transits through Libra.  Keep a careful eye on spending when the Moon opposes overly optimistic Jupiter at 10:23 AM.   Think in terms of personal safety and void situations/people who have the ability to be dangerous when the Moon squares Pluto at 12:01 PM.  At its best the conjunction between Mercury and Mars at 2:44 PM brings great passion to your communications; at worst we could find ourselves embroiled in verbal battles with others, so be temperate in your talks with others today.  Mercury conjoining Neptune at 5:08 PM also brings the possibility of mixed blessings as people paint uplifting pictures of possibilities that aren't necessarily grounded in reality.  The best use of this aspect probably comes via working on artistic or spiritual projects at this time.  Someone may be a little too enthusiastic in sharing their spiritual/religious beliefs when Mars conjoins Neptune at 8:19 PM.  One great way to tweak this energy is to get out on the dance floor and dance away all that extra enthusiasm Mars gives.

Get ready for the work week to begin under a waning Libra Moon tomorrow.  Our relationships will still be in the spotlight as we begin to wrap up February 2011 with a flourish.  Till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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