Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Greetings Friends!

I want to tip my hat to reader Jen who asked me about the Full Moon occurring on the 18th and NOT today as previously stated in my blog.  Jen is correct and it occurs at 0:36 AM Friday the 18th of February 2011.  You may wonder how errors like this occur and it falls under the aegis of the precession of the equinoxes.  Some of you may recall there was a lot of chatter about there being a 13th astrological sign by an astronomer last month.  Well, there isn't a need for a 13 sign, astrologers take care to correct their calculations to account for the precession of Earth's axis of rotation with respect to inertial space (I know this sounds complicated, but hang in there).  When these calculations are made you can get discrepancies from one astrological source to another--but not this big.  They should only be a degree or so off.  Clearly the Moon cannot enter the sign of Leo today and simultaneously be at the end of the sign within a couple of hours--it usually takes the Moon about 2.5 days to traverse a sign.  So, clearly the information is wrong.

For the astrologers among you wondering what source I used, please see the Celestial Forecaster 2011 by Annie Bones.  It is clear upon checking other resources (Llewellyn's astrological Calendar and Jim Maynards pocket calendar for 2010--yes 2010 it runs through February 2011), Ms. Bones' information for the Full Moon is wrong.  I am very pleased to have some commentary from readers and thank Jen for opening up some spirited debate!  That being said, I also want to insure my readers will have the information they need, so Ms. Bones' book will no longer be the reference tool I work with this year.

If you have questions about all of this please post your questions!  I will answer each of them in turn and also will be posting a new blog for Friday though Sunday tonight that will address this issue again.  Thank you for reading and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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