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Monday & Tuesday (21-22 February 2011)

Greetings Friends!

As those of us in America are 'celebrating' Presidents Day today, this might not actually be the start of the work week for some of us.  For those of us who will be hitting the bricks today, the Moon is transiting through Libra so let's check out some colors/scents to get us ready for the day!

Libra is a sign of beauty and refinement so think in terms of wearing pink, rose, or pastels and you can add a dash of black for elegance!  Agate, fire agate, carnelian and aquamarines are great crystals to carry with you to the office and mint, rose or vanilla incense will harmonize nicely during your meditations today.

The Moon will switch signs early in the day Tuesday from Libra to Scorpio, so get out your best black, maroon, gray or brown togs to look your sexy best.  Tuck malachite, amethyst, lodestone or bloodstone crystals in your pocket or purse and try myrrh, patchouli or vanilla incense during your meditations before you head into the office.

Monday 21 February 2011 is a four star day, but do take some time for self-care work since we will be dealing with the disciplining energy of Saturn today.  An early morning conjunction between the waning Libra Moon and Saturn occurs at 3:37 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  Early morning obligations may have us up and out of bed earlier than we like today.  A square between the Moon and Venus at 9:18 AM may be a harbinger of trouble between you and a loved one or worse, trouble with your finances, so steer clear of binge spending today.  Mercury, the planet of communication, moves into the deep mysterious waters of Pisces at 1:06 PM.  Our thoughts and communications are likely to run to deep topics of inspired art, music, or dance, as well as mysticism, Unity consciousness, or even secrets until Mercury moves into Aries, 10 March 2011.  Mercury's move into Piscean waters is enhanced by the Moon trining the ruler of Pisces (Neptune) at 11:07 PM tonight--pay close attention to your dreams at this time, you could receive valuable insights!

Tuesday the Moon trines Mars at 0:35 AM and then becomes void of course.  Early morning Mars energy may make for an uneasy nights sleep,  but that may shift for the better when the Moon moves into Scorpio at 1:29 AM.  Our focus switches to deep research, sex, business, death and metaphysical studies for the next couple of days.  Meanwhile the Moon trines Mercury at 3:16 AM giving rise to monkey mind early in the day--also not so conducive to a good night's sleep!  Better break out the melatonin before you hit the hay Monday night!  A trine between the Moon and the Sun at 7:33 AM boosts your confidence and charisma, so you should feel pretty fierce and ready to take on the world as you begin your day.  The Moon sextile Pluto at 1:06 PM gives you another energy boost and if you didn't feel you had the world on a string this morning, you probably do now!

Note that Mars joins the Sun and Mercury in Pisces at 5:06 PM--hmmm, looks like there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.  If you have affairs you need to develop away from prying eyes--now would be the time...'eh hem.'

And, as always, till next time...

Rich Blessings,

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