Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (16-17 February 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Welcome to Wednesday and you need to know that we're sporting a Full Moon today!  I do hope you're enjoying a fantastic week, but now let's see what the Celestial weather has in store for us.  The Full Moon hits at nearly the very end of the sign--30 degrees of Leo--so all you cusp Leo/Virgo people (or any of you with late Leo or early Virgo planets) need to know you're in the hot seat this time around.  Our colors for the Leo Moon include green, gold, orange or red.  Try wearing tiger's eye, rose quartz or ruby jewelry.  Check out copal, frankincense, myrrh or sandalwood incense for your meditation periods.  And you know you will want to be doing meditation/self-care work during a Full Moon period, right?  Alright, now on to the forecasts!

Wednesday 16 February 2011 is a three star day.  Remember that Full Moons are oppositions between the Sun and Moon, a time for peaceful reflection and compromise--not a time to devolve into arguments and me-first behaviors.  The Moon enters Leo at 1:14 AM and the Full Moon arrives at 3:31 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  This is definitely a day to keep your focus on thoughts of harmony and peace for self and the planet.  The only other aspect for the day is a terrific trine between the Moon and Jupiter at 9:29 AM--really great for amplifying those peace vibes you're sending out today, so keep it up!

Thursday 17 February 2011 is a four star day and it's important to remember the energy is still somewhat high from yesterday's Full Moon.  You will still want to keep your focus on finding opportunities for compromise whenever disputes develop today--and they might, so keep that in mind!  The Sun conjoins Neptune 1:55 AM bringing the possibility for prophetic dreams, so keep pen and paper by your bedside tonight!  The Moon sextile Saturn at 4:35 AM gets us up early and ready to begin our day with great discipline and order.  The Moon opposes Pluto at 7:06 AM and be prepared for some static on the line from your boss or other authority figure early in the day.  Those who can keep a peaceful frame of mind win, remember?  The Moon is void of course with that last aspect, so hold off on new projects today (this is a really long void of course period).  Finish up old projects under the aegis of the void of course moon the rest of the day.

Creatives, artists, dancers, film makers and musicians should be on alert as Mercury is developing a trine to the planet of inspiration--Neptune now till 20 February.  Who knows what dreams may come, so be ready to take notes and capture your flights of fancy.  Toward the end of that conjunction the Sun will be lending its power to Mercury now through 25 February.  Writers, students and presenters take note and be ready to capture your topics of interest with great charisma and creativity.

We're nearly finished with the second month of the year and maybe its time for your annual psychic reading--click here to find out how to schedule a tarot or astrological reading with me!  Till next time...

Rich Blessings!


  1. I thought the Full Moon was on Feb 18th, 2:35am CST.

  2. Hi Jen, a comment! I love it! I actually spent a good deal of time last night looking at my various sources and I have concluded that my normal go to source (Celestial Forecaster by Annie Bones) is indeed WRONG. You may have partaken in the discussion awhile back about whether or not there should be 13 signs because of the precession of the equinoxes. I first thought that Ms. Bones had a different way of accounting for that. I checked my Llewellyn sources and Jim Maynard astrological references and then astrologysoftware.com's information to see how they compared and I cannot find anything to back up Ms. Bones belief the Full Moon occurs today the 16th. SO, yes it is the 18th. I will be writing a correction in my next blog and then reiterate it for Friday's information. Thank you Jen for the comment and some spirited debate--I appreciate you and well spotted!