Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (28-29 March 2011)

Greetings Friends!

The waning Moon moves into Aquarius Monday morning benefitting all air signs.  Your chief dreams and goals, group associations and key friendships are in the spotlight for the next couple of days.  Tuesday offers great energetic support, so that just means you will want to take extra care in your self care rituals Monday morning to insure you have a great vibration as you move through your day.  Consider taking time for morning meditation or Reiki to get the benefit from the mental nature of Aquarian energy.  There is a potential for quick, sudden healing to take place in troubled areas, so keep that in mind when doing prayer, energetic or visualization work as the Moon traverses Aquarius!

Aquarius is an air sign and much more mentally focused than emotionally; you can take advantage of this mental edge by wearing shades of blue (especially electric blue), silver, turquoise and fluorescent shades.  Amber, amethyst, aquamarine and celestite crystals harmonize with the electric nature of Aquarius as does frankincense, lavender, patchouli and mint incense.

Monday 28 March 2011 is a three star day that starts with a square between the Sun and Pluto at 5:11 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Watch the men around you, as someone is likely to reveal their darker side early this morning.  Keep your eyes wide open and take note as you have future dealings with said individual; make choices that keep you safe.  Brilliant ideas may begin to pop into your mind around 5:50 AM when the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus, so be prepared to jot them down!  Partners may have a host of extravagant ideas they'd like to sell you on, but I don't suggest you buy them when Jupiter opposes Saturn at 2:56 PM.  The trick will be to offer some concession without giving away the farm, so good luck!  Intuitive insights empower your action strategies when the Moon sextiles the Sun at 7:56 PM, so let your hunches be your guide.  

Tuesday 29 March 2011 is a five star day that offers great organizing and self-discipline support at 8:12 AM when the Moon trines Saturn; your key tasks can be accomplished with ease early in the day!  You will be feeling on top of the world when the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 8:40 AM, the bringer of good luck, so plan your activities to take advantage of this early morning window of good fortune.  The rest of the day is without aspects, so a little bit of self-care work before you leave home will stand you in good stead as you move through the remainder of the day.

We are finishing up the first quarter of the year and if you would like to take a look at what your personal situation requires, I would love the opportunity to work with you, so click here to book your personal appointment.  And till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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