Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (22-24 April 2011)

Greetings Friends!

And in something of a turn about, we finish up this week with the Moon in ambitious Capricorn (an energetic boon for those of you born in earth signs).  Don't be surprised if you find yourself needing to get a bit of work done over this weekend (despite the Easter holiday being on tap!).  This isn't going to be an easy going weekend--Friday is a three star day, Saturday a zero star day and Sunday is a three star day too; do what you can in the self-care department to enable you to manage challenges with poise and grace (meditate, exercise, eat your fruit/veggies and get plenty of rest)!

A Capricorn Moon wants to present in a serious, conservative manner, so wear your best black, dark blue, gray or brown designer suit--dress to impress!  To keep that calm demeanor of yours intact meditate with mint, musk or patchouli incense before your important meetings and wear a piece of amethyst, lapis lazuli or malachite jewelry to help you make it through the day...or night, as the case may be.

The Moon switches into freedom loving Aquarius Sunday morning--bringing a bit more energy to air sign natives.  Sport your bright, fluorescent outfits as well as all shades of blue--especially electric blue, as you head out for Easter frivolity.  Aquarius is a group loving sign, but try a little solo meditation with frankincense, mastic, rosemary or lavender incense; it will help keep you cool, calm and collected!  Stick a moonstone, aquamarine or set of boji stones in your pocket and you're all set to go!

Friday 22 April 2011 begins with the Moon entering Capricorn at 3:24 AM--oh, and happy Earth Day (Note: all times indicated in this blog are PDT)!  This placement brings your focus to matters of career and self-realization.  What is your passion and how can you create a life's work from it--even design a life around it?  This is your focus for the next two days, so get cracking!  A sextile between the Moon and Neptune may bring you sweet dreams worth recording at 4:14 AM; make sure you have a pen and paper handy to record them when you awaken.  If you (or your partner) wake up on the wrong side of the bed, blame it on a square between the Moon and Venus at 6:24 AM.  Someone's erratic behavior is likely to be working your nerves when the Moon squares Uranus at 7:32 AM--now might be a really good time for a meditation break!  Our monthly power conjunction between the Moon and Pluto occurs at 4:50 PM; what can you do today to give your dreams and aspirations a boost?  One of Cupid's arrows may find you this evening when Venus conjoins Uranus at 7:29 PM--are you ready to be love struck?

Saturday 23 April 2011 is a real 'get out your energetic tool kit and use everything you've got', kind of a day that begins with a square between the Moon and Saturn at 1:56 AM.  You could be dealing with everything from emotional coldness from a loved one to needing to burn the midnight oil on a project.  A square between the Moon and Mercury at 2:47 AM is the Universe's way of saying no late night chats please, you probably can't solve any problems just now anyway.  The one little bit of bright news for the day is Mercury making a direct station and beginning forward motion again at 3:04 AM, but it will be 11 May before it makes up all the ground it lost during the retrograde.  Translation:  you still don't want to begin major new projects, sign agreements, move, etc., unless you absolutely must.  If people insist on being surly, aggressive and difficult you should just leave them be as the Moon squares Mars at 9:42 AM.  You might want to indulge yourself to make up for today's Celestial bad weather, but don't as the Moon squares Jupiter at 5:13 PM suggesting it's not such a good idea.  The Moon in Capricorn usually means acting conservatively anyway...sorry.  In any case, the Moon is void of course after that aspect and you know that means not launching anything new until the Moon changes signs... tomorrow.

Sunday 24 April 2011 is a Last Quarter Moon day, meaning you may have discovered some glitch in your plans for this lunar cycle.  More about that later as we begin with the Moon shifting into Aquarius at 10:59 AM.  Group associations, your deepest desires and friends are now up for consideration as we move through the next two plus days.  Be ready to jot down ingenious ideas at 3:39 PM when the Moon sextiles shock jock Uranus.  The Last Quarter Moon for this lunar cycle occurs at 7:47 PM and it may be time to retool some of your plans for important projects and goals if they are stubbornly resisting achievement.  You and your sweetie deserve to relax and enjoy some quiet time together before the start of the work week--so take advantage of the sextile between the Moon and Venus at 8:13 PM to snuggle and recover from this weekend's events.

And that is the weekly round-up, I hope you find it useful and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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