Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (8-10 April 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Mercury retrograde strikes again, my anticipated meet-up for April has been postponed (I suspected Mercury might punk me--and he did), but I hope to meet up with some of you on 16 May 2011, so save the date!  Please click here for all the details.

We're enjoying the easy communication style of a waxing Gemini Moon, but that will shortly give way to the more introspective mood of Cancer.  In addition, Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio will begin a retrograde period that lasts till 16 September 2011.  An introverted, intense retrograde Pluto, just what we need right?  Well, Pluto goes retrograde every year and we will survive this retrograde too.  Just a word about these three days--get your important work done today and Saturday because they offer four star energy.  Sunday, on the other hand, is a one star day and will require some Reiki, meditation, exercise, etc., to prepare you energetically to withstand the challenges of the day.

Cancer colors for Saturday afternoon through early Monday evening include all shades of blue, sea green and silver.  Meditation scents include camphor, jasmine, rose and sandalwood while agate, emerald, and carnelian crystals will nicely balance out Cancerian moodiness.

Friday 8 April 2011 begins with a heavy dose of discipline when the Moon trines Saturn at 6:40 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Key tasks can be discharged swiftly and effectively under the aegis of this aspect.  A square between the Moon and Venus at 9:21 AM suggests you will want to tread carefully in love and money matters as they are likely to be a bit rocky at the moment--though a sextile between the Moon and Jupiter at 1:21 PM suggests you may quickly discharge any challenges you encounter.  Intuitive guidance locks arms with well thought out action when the Moon sextiles the Sun at 4:48 PM.  And last, but not least, communication tasks receive a nice boost at 7:24 PM when the Moon sextiles Mercury.  The Moon enters a void of course period at this point, so delay starting new projects (if you can) till the Moon moves into Cancer.

Saturday 9 April 2011 gets off to an interesting start due to Pluto beginning retrograde motion at 1:49 AM.   Atomic energy, metaphysical studies, death, sex, and transformation are just some of the things that Pluto rules and this energy will now be intensely focused internally.  Scorpios may find themselves uncovering amazing insights about themselves and those around them and by Fall will be ready to take their newfound insights out into the fast lane of new life adventures and experiences.  The Moon finally moves into Cancer at 2:02 PM at which time our focus shifts to Mom, our home, family, cooking and water related activities (all water signs will benefit from this Moon placement).  A conjunction between the Sun and Mercury at 4:48 PM promises opportunities for creative communication--great for speakers, writers, students and teachers.  Stubbornly eccentric behavior is possible at 5:06 PM when the Moon squares Uranus--this could also cause your technical equipment to screw up, so be prepared.  Hopefully any incidents you encounter will quickly resolve.

Sunday 10 April 2011 presents us with an early morning square between the Moon and Mars at 1:52 AM; note to self--don't become embroiled in arguments with anyone in the later hours of the evening as this aspect is building to a climax.  This nasty aspect sets us up for a rather ugly (and potentially violent) opposition between the Moon and Pluto at 4:01 AM.  This is definitely a time to err on the side of discretion and not bravado; keep your temper in check and bite your tongue for safety sake.  Cantankerous partners may rub you the wrong way when the Moon squares Saturn in Libra at 2:45 PM; you'll find them unreasonable so don't bother trying to strike a compromise.   Inflated promises (yours or those of another) are possible when the Moon squares Jupiter at 10:25 PM, so keep your promises and expectations modest for now.  The Universe tries to play nice by offering humanity a late trine between the Moon and Venus at 11:16 PM; now is the time to kiss and make up with a loved one!

And that's the week end and weekend lineup; take care, be safe and till next time...

Rich Blessings,

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