Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (1-2 June 2011)

Greetings Friends!

We've made it half way through 2011--exciting isn't it?!  We seem to have come so far so fast!  And so now I've got a lot of goodies to support you on your journey:  wonderful new affiliate products, New & Full Moon Events for June, and a New Moon today--quite a lot going on here, so let's get started!

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I've selected a few of my favorite affiliate products--products I use and love, to help support my Goddess tribe here; you'll find tools to help bring in more moola, a lovely Goddess Circle group to help support you and your dreams as well as some magical meditations.  What Goddess could ask for more?  Click here for all the juicy details!  I hope you love my picks; leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!  And don't forget to drop by for my New & Full Moon celebrations get all the details here!

An Airy Gemini Moon gets all the Air signs up and moving!  If you want to tag along wear yellow, orange, pastels, black, blue or light gray.  Get Zen with some lovely mint, dragon's blood or mastic incense and meditation.  And don't forget to tuck agate, moss agate, jade or apophyllite (that last one for the Reiki practitioners) in a purse or pocket before heading out into a New Moon day.  Oh, and just in case you're wondering, both Wednesday and Thursday are five star days!

Wednesday 1 June 2011 begins with some nervous and possibly jolting energy when the Moon sextiles Uranus at 0:34 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Tweak your night time regimen (warm bath, melatonin, gentle Reiki or yoga work) so that noisy neighbors or unsettling dreams don't keep you awake all night.  The Sun trines Saturn at 2:17 AM giving East coast early birds and folks in England or Europe the chance to whip work projects into shape first thing in the morning.  Not to be undone, the Moon trines Saturn at 1:08 PM giving humanity a second chance to whip those important projects into shape.  The Moon conjoins the Sun at 2:03 PM ushering in the New Moon at 11 degrees of Gemini.  This is also a Solar Eclipse day, giving the New Moon added punch!  If you have planets at 11 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo you are guests of honor at this month's New Moon party.   Now there are many ways to look at astrological information and one of my new favorites is the Sabian Symbols.  The symbology of this particular New Moon asks where in your life are you mad as hell and not willing to take it anymore?  I am only giving you a rough sketch here, if you'd like more information click here to read Ms. Hills blog excerpt in detail.

And with that we're pretty much done for now since there are no exact aspects for Thursday 2 June 2011; you are free to move about the cabin!  If you have questions you'd like answered in a more private setting or would just like to chat about what I've written here, click here to email me.  And till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (30-31 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Here in America the long weekend is winding down.  This current lunar cycle is also winding down and we're now in the Dark of the Moon phase.  Rest, meditation, quiet contemplation are all par for the course during this preparatory phase for the next New Moon--a Gemini Moon by the way, so let's see what we have going on here.

For starters we have a Taurus Moon Monday, but the Moon switches allegiance to Gemini at 4:56 PM Tuesday after a fairly long void of course phase.  Monday is a five star day and Tuesday a three star day; come prepared for the start of the work week--do your self care work on Monday!  And, just for a little perspective, Wednesday we have the New Moon and begin a new round of work on our plans and goals--yay!

Monday 30 May 2011 suggests you get a little bit of exercise in when the Moon conjoins energy Master Mars at 10:43 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  You can also use this aspect to take care of projects that require a lot of energy such as moving, re-arranging furniture, etc.  A quiet romantic evening at your favorite restaurant might be a nice way to make use of a Moon-Venus conjunction at 6:23 PM.

Tuesday 31 May 2011 begins on a chatty note when the Moon conjoins Mercury at 8:37 AM and then goes void of course.  Take care to get important communications completed prior to the void of course Moon, since snarled communications can occur during void of course periods.  The Moon enters Gemini at 4:56 PM and you finish the work day a bit befuddled as the Moon squares Neptune at 6:44 PM.  If you can't quite get a clear grasp of things, you might want to leave it till later since the energy around a Neptune square includes everything from confusion to deception.

And now you can get ready for the New Moon tomorrow afternoon.  June is a promising month for your communication works and innovative new projects.  Hope you've got your plans ready to roll!  Take care and till next time...

Rich Blessings!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (27-29 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Welcome to the end of the week!  We will have an Aries Moon for much of the weekend, with a change of sign to Taurus on Sunday morning.  This is also the end of this lunar cycle with a Dark of the Moon phase beginning Sunday afternoon.  The Dark of the Moon phase often coincides with a feeling of fatigue, so give yourself some extra care and attention this weekend if you can.

I'd like to just take a moment to thank my many readers--those I can see as subscribers and those I can't.  I was recently asked--again, about the issue of asking people to subscribe to the blog (via NetworkedBlogs or Google) in order to be eligible for the monthly reading giveaway.  This is a fairly common practice for bloggers and vloggers for their contests and giveaways as it enables bloggers to give back to the community that supports them.  You are, of course, under no obligation to subscribe, but since blogger is a Google product, it only makes sense that it would be Google that underwrites subscriptions on this site.  Again, I thank you for your support--which has been awesome, and I leave it to you to decide if it's worth it for you to subscribe.

The Moon in Aries brings your focus to your personal needs and concerns; fire sign natives benefit from this Aries Moon transit.  Wear red, pink or white to harmonize with the action oriented energy of the next couple of days.  You can use cinnamon, dragon's blood, frankincense, myrrh or musk incense during your meditations Friday and Saturday and try wearing diamond, amethyst, carnelian or bloodstone jewelry to complement the Aries/Mars vibe.  One of my favorite sites for purchasing crystals is Exquisite Crystals check them out!

The Moon moves into Taurus at 6:02 AM PDT Sunday morning.  Taurean energy will slow down the vibe a bit, switching our focus to organization of our life experiences, handling financial concerns and enjoying some of the more luxurious aspects of life.  Earth sign natives take the lead, but the rest of us can tag along by wearing Taurean colors such as blue, cream, green or spring green.  Meditate to nature inspired scents such as musk, patchouli, rose or vanilla incense and tap the energies of carnelian, turquoise, moss agate or coral to get into sync with the Taurean vibe.

Friday 27 May 2011 is a three star day that begins with a potentially jolting conjunction between the Moon and Uranus at 1:19 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Take care to include some relaxing elements such as meditation or gentle yoga to help facilitate sleep.  You may have noisy neighbors or disturbing dreams (that may even prove insightful), but do what you can--in advance, to offset sleep disturbances.  Creative insights flourish under the aegis of a Moon and Sun sextile at 5:32 AM.  A square between the Moon and Pluto at 7:40 AM suggests you watch out for challenges with authority figures and stay away from people/places prone to violence or abusive behaviors.  Compromise with partners may be challenging, but will definitely be necessary when the Moon opposes Saturn at 3:10 PM.

Saturday 28 May 2011 is five star day without any exact aspects or long void of course periods; use the day's energy to further your personal goals and interests! 

Sunday 29 May 2011 is a five star day that offers good luck in abundance when the Moon conjoins Jupiter at 3:28 AM and then goes void of course.  The Moon enters Taurus at 6:02 AM offering earth's inhabitants an opportunity to simplify their lives, enjoy nature and attend to clearing clutter and organizing themselves.  Early morning meditations are favored when the Moon forms a sextile to Neptune at 7:53 AM; dancing/listening to your favorite tunes, getting in some photographic work or watching a great movie also works well with this aspect.  A trine between the Moon and Pluto at 7:46 PM offers a powerful opportunity for transformation of self; you may also enjoy investigative success when digging up buried secrets as well as enjoying an opportune moment to study metaphysics (for those so inclined).

Could you use some assistance figuring out what's next and best for you?  Click here to book an appointment with me!  I look forward to working with you!  Just want to drop me a line?  You can send me an email here.

This is a busy weekend energetically and holiday wise (in America); I wish you a safe, fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  Join me again Monday for the start of a new week leading to a New Moon on the first of June!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (25-26 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Though Pisces is a bit antagonistic toward my Sun sign of Leo, I love a Pisces Moon!  Every once in awhile someone will ask me if I am a Pisces--which I take as a huge compliment, so you can guess I am enjoying this part of the lunar cycle and I hope you are too!  We have a three star energy day on Wednesday with a long void of course beginning Wednesday morning running all the way through Thursday afternoon.  In addition  the Moon switches allegiance to Aries at 5:36 PM PDT on Thursday, so I guess we can call it a three star day on Thursday too since there are no exact aspects all day.

Before we get into the details for Wednesday, now is last call if you're interested in getting an earlybird chance to be coached by me one on one. Email me today if you'd like more information and I will get back to you by the end of the week.

Wednesday 25 May 2011 has yet another sextile between the Moon and Mars at another unhelpful hour (2:22 AM PDT).  A warm bath and a glass of wine or melatonin before bed may help you stave off a bout of insomnia if you're living on the West Coast of the USA--otherwise be prepared to count sheep!  It will be hard to care if you look fly at 4:31 AM, but the Moon will be making a sextile to Venus so give it your best shot.  Take care of communication projects at 11:15 AM when the Moon sextiles Mercury; be prepared to finish up old projects after that since the Moon is void of course with that last aspect.

Thursday 26 May 2011 has no exact aspects as I mentioned earlier, but we'll move out of the void of course zone at 5:36 PDT and you can begin new projects at that time.

Need some intuitive input regarding your life circumstances and goals?  Click here to book your appointment with me!  I'd love to help you figure out what's next for you.

And till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (23-24 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

We're in the home stretch for May 2011 with June weddings, graduations and Father's Day closing in--is it just me or does 2011 seem to be in a tremendous hurry to be over and done?!  Anyway, we have the Moon transiting Aquarius, always a possibility of surprises where Aquarius is concerned!  The Moon will enter Pisces at 5:24 AM Tuesday morning.  While Pisces is known for its beautiful artistic and musical sides, it can also harbor some of the sadder, shadowy sides of life--self undoing (such as addictions) and hidden enemies in particular.  Let's see if we can enjoy the enchanting inner beauty of Pisces without dipping into its less savory dark side aspects, shall we?

While you're looking inward, take a look at whether or not you need to make some major changes in your life.  I have a number of products and services I'll be unveiling in the next several months, but if you think you'd better get moving sooner than later, click here to email me and I will let you in on one of my surprises a bit early.  Time wise it may not be the most efficient way to get it done, but I love making a difference in a person's life and working one on one with my readers--who knows, perhaps it could be you!  Email me if you'd like more information and I will get back to you by the end of the week.

So, we were discussing the up and down sides of a watery Pisces Moon; this is a great time to hit the beach, get in some swim time, see a movie or just meditate.  Speaking of meditation, don't forget to maximize your efforts with some jasmine, sage or sandalwood incense.  You can keep that meditative state of mind all day when you wear amethyst, aquamarine, turquoise or jade jewelry.  Your favorite, blue, green, sea green or turquoise outfits will help support the Piscean vibe as well.

In terms of the overall energy, Monday offers five star energy and Tuesday offers humanity four star energy, which is a great way to start the week!  Now let's see the particulars!

Monday 23 May 2011 has just one aspect--great for love birds as Venus conjoins Mars at 1:27 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  A little late night romance Sunday evening may be just the thing...

Tuesday 24 May 2011 begins with a bit of good luck when the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 0:40 AM--and then goes void of course.  Fortunately the Moon enters Pisces at 5:24 AM and we can get on with business as usual.  Sleepyheads may be loathe to get up since the Moon conjoins Neptune at 7:11 AM; keep pen and paper by your bedside to capture intriguing dreams!  The Last Quarter Moon clocks in at 11:52 AM when the Moon squares the Sun--retool your goals at this point if they are moving off course. A powerful sextile between the Moon and Pluto at 7:19 PM lends transformative power to your pet projects and goals.  And last, but not least creativity soars off the charts when the Sun sextiles Uranus at 11:48 PM; be prepared for late night shocks and surprises when Uranus plugs into the energy of the Sun!

As always, I'd be more than happy to read for you; click here to book your reading with me.  And till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (20-22 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

The Full Moon is behind us and the Moon is transiting through Capricorn, so we're all about business right now.  Friday and Saturday are both four star days and Sunday is a two star day, so make your plans for self-care work and be ahead of the game this weekend.  In addition, the Moon changes signs to Aquarius Saturday evening, bringing a lighter air vibe to the close of our weekend.  You can tag along with the Aquarian vibe by wearing neon and fluorescent colored clothing (or makeup!), all shades of blue--especially electric blue, hot pink and turquoise.  Patchouli, sage, mint or sandalwood incense will help calm your nerves Sunday and Monday and consider carrying aquamarine, celestite, amber or amethyst crystals to  balance your energy field.

Now, before we take a look at the aspects for the weekend I would like to thank those of you who took the time to subscribe and comment on my blog--I appreciate you!  Rekha, you are the winner of my May contest!  Congratulations, I can't wait to work with you!  Please visit my Contact Information page (see the tab above) to schedule your free reading with me!

Would you like to win my next free reading giveaway?  I will start a new contest on the first of June--the next new Moon, so stay tuned for details!

Friday 20 May 2010 has seven aspects beginning with an early morning trine between the Moon and Mercury at 0:05 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Writing and early morning communications projects are favored by this aspect.  The Moon trines Mars at 1:12 AM--so if you live in the United Kingdom or Europe you might want to consider getting some exercise at the start of your day!  Unfortunately this aspect may bring those of us in North America some undesirable sleep issues --melatonin anyone?  A conjunction between the Moon and Pluto at 1:46 AM may gift humanity with deep metaphysical inspirations--or nightmares, so be prepared.  And a square between the Moon and Saturn at 8:33 AM could turn out to be an indicator you're overwhelmed by work responsibilities--or just tired from a restless night's sleep!

By mid-morning expect to experience an unusual burst of energy when Mars trines Pluto at 11:20 AM; just keep an eye out for overbearing or even potentially violent people at this time.  Mercury trine Pluto at 2:54 PM offers a window of opportunity for deep metaphysical learning and personal healing/transformation.  People you communicate with may be very bossy or pushy when Mercury conjoins Mars at 6:20 PM, so plan to start your Friday evening entertainment a few hours later.  With three Pluto contacts and two Mars contacts in one day you can bet you will encounter very forceful
individuals!  Unfortunately these aspects may also bring out those individuals with more violent tendencies, so avoid dangerous areas and people to be on the safe side!

Saturday 21 May 2011 the Sun enters Gemini at 2:21 AM.  Expect increased communications in general and more activities with siblings and your neighbors or in your neighborhood while the Sun transits Gemini.  Get to work on that writing project and take full advantage of Mercury ruled Gemini's ability to captivate and persuade through the written and spoken word!  Femme fatales will be on the loose when Venus trines Pluto at 11:00 AM, so gentlemen, be dressed to impress Saturday morning!  Rein in spending and expectations when the Moon squares Jupiter at 2:04 PM.  A trine between the Moon and Sun at 8:55 PM brings a good flow between intuitive knowing and action.

Sunday 22 May 2011 the Sun squares Neptune (creative/spiritual illusions and delusions) at 0:32 AM practically assuring the dooms day prophets are wrong.  Genius ideas may float through your dreams at 2:22 AM when the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus; make sure you have pen and paper handy for early morning note taking!  The Moon squares Venus at 11:12 AM giving earthlings money and love woes!  Getting pushy about things may be your inclination when the Moon squares Mars at 11:46 AM, but it's not likely to do you much good.  Save your well intentioned speech when the Moon squares Mercury at 2:53--no one's likely to be listening anyway.  Be self-disciplined, complete chores and plan your week ahead when the Moon squares Saturn at 4:01 PM.

And that's it for the weekend round-up.  Enjoy your weekend, take good care of yourself and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (18-19 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

The energy of the Full Moon is beginning to taper off and you may have had a previously hidden situation revealed to you in the last day or so.  Though the energy of the Full Moon will still be with us to some degree on Wednesday, we will very shortly be leaving the fun and lively energy of Sagittarius for the more disciplined energy of a Capricorn Moon.  Time to get down to business!

Wednesday is a five star day and Thursday a four star day with a change of sign.  The Moon will enter Capricorn at 1:16 PM Thursday putting the earth signs at an energetic advantage for the next couple of days.  You can help the Capricorn energy in your chart along by wearing your best dark brown, blue, gray or green outfits and by carrying moonstone, black amber, carnelian or bloodstone crystals in your pocket or purse.  If you're wanting to chill out and do a bit of meditation try bezoin, musk, patchouli or jasmine incense to aid you in your spiritual work.

Wednesday 18 May 2011 is a one aspect, disciplined sort of a day with an early sextile to Saturn at 4:41 AM PDT.  This is a great aspect for preparing your To-Do list and getting organized for the next several days.

Thursday 19 May 2011 gets off to a lucky start when the Moon trines Jupiter at 7:17 AM, but then the Moon is void of course.  Take care not to start any important new projects until the Moon changes signs at 1:16 PM.  The Moon sextile to Neptune at 2:48 PM offers energetic support for photographic, dance, art, and movie projects as well as to mystics communing with the Divine.  People may prove to be off the wall, eccentric, stubborn and uncooperative when the Moon squares Uranus at 7:30 PM.  Best to just leave them alone, especially since there's a healing Moon trine Venus aspect at 10:26 PM that offers hope things will quiet down nicely before the end of the day.

I will be announcing the winner of the contest for a free reading this Friday, make sure you check back to see if you've won!  And till next time...

Rich Blessings!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (16-17 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

We are on the verge of a Scorpio Full Moon and the intensity of the energy is rather hard to miss.  If you've been taking care of yourself by eating well, getting sufficient sleep, meditating, doing Reiki, etc., then you're probably rolling with the punches pretty well.  Since the Full Moon occurs in the early morning hours Tuesday, we can expect that the people around us may have some challenges staying on an even keel energetically--best to do what you can so that you're not caught up in their undertow.

Before we get into the juicy details, just a reminder that the contest for the free reading with me ends Tuesday at midnight.  If you're subscribed and haven't posted a comment so that you're entered for the drawing, now would be the time.  In addition, tonight is the night for my Full Moon Celebration, see all the details here!  Please make sure you read the details as I've added important information regarding parking to the events page.  Hope to see you there!

Monday is a high energy five star day and Tuesday is a two star day--if I give an extra point for the Full Moon energy.  So, now you know to take special care of yourself before heading off to work Tuesday!  The Moon is still transiting Scorpio until 10:22 AM Tuesday, at which point it enters fiery Sagittarius (yay for the fire sign natives).  Sagittarius has a live and let live energy that will be interesting when paired up with the Scorpio Full Moon energy.  You can make the most of the Sag vibe by dressing up your basic black outfits with some Sagittarian gold, blue or purple accessories.  Try meditating with copal, frankincense, or dragon's blood incense and wear your best turquoise, amethyst, or lapis lazuli jewelry for good Sagittarian affect.

Monday 16 May 2011 is a day of enchantment with two aspects to Neptune, but we begin with Mercury conjoining Venus at 2:25 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Thoughts and words of love may be running through your mind in the wee hours of the morning (or maybe it's a case of your mind being on your money and your money on your mind).  By 7:18 AM your mind has switched gears as Mercury aspects Neptune at 7:18 AM; try to get in a little meditation before you head off to work, the results could be off the charts inspiring.  Venus sextile Neptune at 7:53 PM suggests a time of beauty and unconditional love will reign--prayer for world peace (not whirrled peas) will be powerful as we approach the time of the Full Moon.

Tuesday 17 May 2011 begins with the Full Moon in Scorpio at 4:09 AM (at 27.13 degrees of Scorpio).  Those of you with planets in late Scorpio/early Sagittarius, late Taurus/early Gemini, late Leo/early Virgo and late Aquarius/early Pisces are in the hot seat.  I know, that's a lot of folks--hence the warning to do your self-care routines Tuesday before work.  A lot of folks are going to be feeling it, but may not know how to handle the situation other than to be cranky.  Scorpio rules transformations, other people's money, taxes, death and sex--just to name a few things.  You may be experiencing transformation now in any one (or several!) of these life areas.  Since 27 degrees is so late in Scorpio, there's a good chance that something in your life may be coming to an end with one of the areas of life experience that Scorpio rules.  As one door closes the Universe often opens a window; can you remain calm in the face of change?  That is the challenge!

In addition the Moon is void of course after the Full Moon; take it slow and finish up old projects till the Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:22 AM.   Our collective focus turns toward our personal philosophical/religious beliefs, legals concerns and affairs conducted with people at/from a distance.  A square between the Moon and Neptune at 11:48 AM suggests a lack of clarity in some situation--maybe outright duplicity, so don't take what you hear as gospel truth.  Genius ideas, shocking surprises and innovative changes are on tap when the Moon trines Uranus at 4:08 PM.  Just don't forget to take notes to catch the download coming your way.  The energy of the Full Moon usually shines a light on something hidden during the earlier part of the lunar cycle.  Be on the lookout for valuable insights in the  next 24-48 hours.

That is all for now; till next time...

Rich Blessings,

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (13-15 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

I think this is our first Friday the 13th of 2011; all of you #4 birthdays (the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st) are in the power seat (and that includes Robert Pattinson--yep, I am a Twilight fan).  Anyway, the 13th will be living up to its reputation for less than uplifting energy; Friday is a 1 star day, Saturday is a four star day and Sunday is a two star day.  I guess you have to have a #4 birth date in order to rock Friday the 13th!  Anyway, that's the energetic overview, so plan your weekend activities accordingly.

The Moon enters Libra at 8:56 AM and all things beautiful, luscious, romantic or partner oriented will be in vogue (Note:  all times in this blog are PDT).  Dress to look gorgeous--that will definitely raise your vibration and think in terms of pink, pastels, yellow, rose and even a dash of chic black for your outfits.  A bit of meditation is just the thing to chase away a bad mood; try yours with vanilla, rose or mint incense.  Wear your most elegant sapphire, opal, jade, or rose quartz jewelry and you'll find it hard to stay in a bad mood, I promise!

By Sunday the Moon switches its allegiance to Scorpio and you'll want your sexiest black, maroon, gray or brown outfits handy.  Bloodstone, carbuncle, jet or malachite crystals will help you roll with the  intensity of the Scorpio (nearly Full) Moon; so will meditating with vanilla, violet or patchouli incense.

Friday 13 May 2011 asks us to bear with potentially unpleasant shocks and surprises when the Moon opposes Uranus at 2:20 PM.  Over bearing, violent or difficult people will be throwing their weight around at 8:41 PM when the Moon squares Pluto; forget about going out tonight, you don't want to run into someone having a really bad hair day (if you see what I mean).

Saturday 14 May 2011 has only one aspect, but it may cast a pall over much of the day since it's a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn at 3:06 AM.  Partners may be a real drag or you may find you have some serious, time consuming chore to attend to today.  Try to get it done because tomorrow's energy isn't great, better to get it over and done with while the energies are somewhat supportive.  And while you're at it, get in some self-care work, so you don't find your mood (and energy) plummeting this weekend.

Sunday 15 May 2011 is chock a block with aspects and planets switching signs, starting with an opposition between the Moon and Jupiter at 2:28 AM.  You or a partner might have gotten a bit carried away with spending, try not to worry or let this become a point of contention between you since we are so close to the Full Moon.  Cross words are possible when the Moon opposes Mercury at 8:52 AM, watch your words carefully--we're headed into the deep, and sometimes vengeful, waters of Scorpio very soon!  An opposition between the Moon and Venus at 9:01 AM signals the Love Boat is still in troubled waters, so lie low.  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect too, but enters Scorpio at 9:32 AM and then it's on!  Inspirations abound when the Moon trines Neptune at 10:53 AM; try to squeeze in some meditation if at all possible!  The grubbly wubblies are back when the Moon opposes Mars; a brisk walk or trip to the gym is a great way to work off a bad mood.  Venus enters Taurus, one of it's home signs at 3:12 PM with Mercury right behind entering Taurus at 4:18 PM. This heavy emphasis in earth sign Taurus may bring a bevy of opportunities for money and the acquiring of luxury items during the next four weeks or so...We have an opportunity for deep insights and transformation in our businesses, intimate relationships and metaphysical understanding when the Moon sextiles Pluto at 9:07 PM.  Busy day, no?

The Full Moon arrives early Tuesday morning in late Scorpio.  Hopefully you've marked your calendar and are intending to meet with me for my first Full Moon Celebration.   Get all the details here!  I can't wait to see you live and in person, so do try to join us!  And until next time...

Rich Blessings!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (11-12 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Guess what?!  The Mercury retrograde shadow is finally done!  Humanity is free to move about the cabin.  Now we can get down to business, especially since the Moon enters no nonsense Virgo at 6:59 AM (All times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Earth signs rule for the next couple of days, so be prepared to get super organized and detail oriented, with just a touch of holistic health focus on the side.

Since we're being serious, stick to neutral colors like black, brown, pale blue or navy blue.  Jade, lapis lazuli, amethyst or aquamarine stones will help you stay cool, calm and collected.  Don't forget to do a little meditation with some sandalwood, lavender, patchouli or mint incense before bed so that you drift blissfully off to sleep.  You'll have plenty of support from the Universe too since both Wednesday and Thursday are four star days--nice!

Wednesday 11 May 2011 begins in void of course mode, but wastes no time getting busy with feisty Mars moving into Taurus territory at four minutes after midnight.  Take care to be thoughtful in your financial dealings now till 21 June 2011 (when Mars leaves Taurus for Gemini).  The Moon trines Mars at 7:22 AM.  Maybe you can sneak in an early morning jog or stint at the gym before work.  You may land some sort of financial or love coup when Venus conjoins the master of good fortune Jupiter at 7:42 AM.  Watch out for some fishy business taking place on the work front--actually, more than likely people behind the scenes will probably be less than forth coming when the Moon opposes Neptune at 8:20 AM.  Phones ringing off the hook, emails coming in by the dozen and people talking your ear off are likely when the Moon conjoins Jupiter at 12:57 PM--look for good news somewhere in all that communication.  The power of transformation is yours to apply in your work, health or career  life when the Moon trines Pluto at 7:14 PM.

Thursday 12 May 2011 may bring action packed dreams as Mars forms a sextile to Neptune at 1:30 AM.   Much later in the day the Moon forms a trine to the Sun at 7:52 PM bringing intuitive insights for you to put into action later since the Moon becomes void of course with this aspect.  Tidy up or finish old projects in preparation for the Libra Moon--and the end of the week wrap-up tomorrow!

We're nearly at mid-May, so how are your 2011 goals shaping up?  If you could use a little help separating the wheat from the chaff, what projects are a go or a no, click here to schedule a reading with me.  Or, if your wallet suggests otherwise, subscribe to this blog in the sidebar, leave a comment and cross your fingers--you just might be the lucky winner of this month's reading give away.  Good luck and till next time...

Rich Blessings,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (9-10 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

I hope you're ready for a new work week--how was your weekend?  I hope all the Moms out there manifested a lovely Mother's Day experience for themselves in whatever way suited them best.  I also would like to remind you that you can win a free reading from me by subscribing to this blog either via Google or NetworkedBlogs (see the right hand side bar to subscribe) and don't forget to leave a comment in order to be entered to win.  This contest runs through midnight 17 May 2011 and please  pass this news on to your friends who might enjoy winning a free reading!

We're moving deeper into this lunar cycle with Monday being a five star day and Tuesday a four star day (due to it being a First Quarter Moon)-- not bad, eh?  We also will be enjoying a sunny Leo Moon for the start of the work week and that should provide a boost of energy as well.  Fire signs will delight in the energy for Monday and Tuesday so wear a bit of gold, green or red clothing to catch the vibe.  You can also toss in your best gold jewelry, amber, rose quartz or peridot crystals.  Do a bit of stress busting with exercise and meditation--amber, sandalwood, myrrh or frankincense incense will be soothing additions for your self-care regimens!

Monday 9 May 2011 may find you downloading ingenious ideas from the Universe when the Moon trines Uranus at 8:10 AM--be ready for surprises and sudden shifts in life experience (Note:  all times mentioned in this blog are PDT).  Beautiful talk, love talk, sweet talking--any and all of the aforementioned are possible when Mercury conjoins Venus in Aries at 8:44 AM (ooh la la!).   You may find yourself consumed by a work project at 10:46 PM when the Moon sextiles Saturn--just don't stay up too late!

Tuesday 10 May 2011 may produce a bump in the road for you when the Moon squares the Sun (aka as the First Quarter Moon) at 1:33 PM; it's time to rethink and retool some of your goals for this lunar cycle, that's all.  Put your thinking cap on and sketch out those new plans at 8:48 PM when the Moon sextiles Mercury.  Hop on board the Love Boat at 9:07 PM when the Moon conjoins Venus and keep a sharp look out for some type of lucky break when the Moon trines Jupiter at 9:52 PM!

Will I see you at my Full Moon Celebration?  I can't wait to meet some of my readers and share the beautiful Full Moon energy with you, so click the link for details and come on out--we're going to have a blast!  And till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (6-8 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

The weekend is in sight and how appropriate since the Moon is headed into the sign of Cancer!  Take advantage of the great five star energy on Friday because Saturday and Sunday are 0 and 1 star days respectively.  Meditate, enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub, and try to get in a bit of exercise so that you'll be able to celebrate Mother's Day with a lovely, high vibration--more on that in a moment!

First I'd like to invite you to join me for my first Full Moon Celebration & Meditation 16 May 2011 at 7:00 PM.  The event location--Lucy Florence has a new address, you can get the details here!  Don't forget to bring your birth chart along so you can see what sector of life experience will be in the spotlight during this month's Full Moon--I look forward to meeting you, in person this May 16th!

Friday the Moon enters the water sign of Cancer at 7:32 PM PDT 5 May 2011, (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT) making this a somewhat emotion filled weekend.  We have some really challenging aspects Saturday and Sunday--true; never the less, Scorpios and Pisceans will probably find this water sign themed weekend more to their liking than not.  Why not enjoy a bit  of jasmine, rose or sandalwood incense while you soak in a warm tub of bubbles this evening? You can also try wearing your best pearl, agate, amber or carnelian jewelry (oh, and silver jewelry works too) to help in balancing out your moods!  A word of caution to you Mom's out there--the aspects aren't supportive of a great Mother's Day experience and a Cancer Moon may make you especially sensitive to slights.  Do your self-care work so that you can get a jump on whatever Mother's Day turns out to be in your particular household...

Friday 6 May 2011 serves up a dish of luck and good spirits at 7:29 AM when the Moon trines Jupiter.  You'll have a good deal of energy this afternoon when the Moon sextiles Mars at 1:12 PM to help power you through your afternoon workload, but don't dally since the Moon is void of course immediately after that aspect.  The Moon will enter Cancer at 7:32 PM shifting our collective focus on the arts of cooking, gardening, water therapies, home and nurturing.  Mystics, artists, dancers, actors and musicians will be creatively inspired to do their thing when the Moon trines Neptune at 8: 54 PM.

Saturday 7 May 2011 something may go bump in the early morning hours when the Moon squares Uranus at 1:11 AM; be prepared for things to go awry/unpleasant surprises!  The Moon opposes Pluto at 9:10 AM and people around you may be flexing their muscles or otherwise creating control dramas for you to work through.  Compromise is possible if you remember not to lose your head during this challenging aspect laden Cancer Moon transit.  Ornery people or challenging work loads (maybe both!) may create problems for you when the Moon squares Saturn at 4:56 PM; unfortunately compromise probably won't be a possibility in this situation.  This is definitely a no star day, so get your self-care kit out and take personal responsibility for your moods, behaviors and vibration today.

Sunday 8 May 2011 offers a teeny ray of hope when the Moon sextiles the Sun at 4:00 AM; use your intuition to prepare a plan of action for your goals at this time--if you're up, that is.  Love and money issues are likely to be sources of strain when the Moon squares Venus.  As I've already indicated, don't be surprised if Mother's Day is a bit of a bust.  The lack of lollipops and sunshine continues when the Moon squares Mercury at 11:10 AM--all this square energy really suggests that what may be best is a day of quiet contemplation and inward focus as there just isn't going to be a lot of energetic support for fun, love and cooperation today.  Resist the temptation to overdo, overspend or overcompensate when the Moon squares Jupiter at 4:04 PM.  All of this square energy could cause tempers to get out of hand when the Moon squares Mars at 10:52 PM; count your blessings, keep expectations modest and remember this too shall pass. The Moon becomes void of course after that last aspect, so we can look forward to a fiery Leo Moon to reboot ourselves with at the beginning of the work week.

The Universe doesn't appear to be in a cooperative mood for blissful Mother's Day joy, never the less I wish Mom's everywhere an abundance of appreciation, peace and joy on this, their special day.

Until next time...

Rich Blessings!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (4-5 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Well, we're past the all day Tuesday void of course situation and now we can look at the goals/challenges we need to work on during this lunar cycle.  Toward that end I have decided that at each New Moon I will be offering my subscribers an opportunity to win a free reading--this is a great way to get input on what you'll be working on during the next cycle!  What do you have to do to get in on this deal? I need to be able to see your shining face in either the networked blog area of this site or the Google subscribers group--and I need for you to leave a comment.  You can let me know what you'd like to see included in this blog, or comment on what content you currently find helpful.  Once those two things are done--you're in.  I will announce the winner after the Full Moon, which happens 17 May.  So, please subscribe, leave a comment--and thank you!

The Moon shifts into Gemini Wednesday at 10:09 AM, which means getting out and about in your local area, possible interactions with your siblings and, of course, lots of communications!  Airy Gemini offers all air signs a bit of an energetic edge, but the rest of us can tag along by wearing yellow or orange--you can even ride the wave by wearing a bit of black or light gray.  Try meditating with dragon's blood or mint incense and don't forget to tuck a clear quartz, tiger's eye or aquamarine crystal in your pocket before you head out of the door!

Wednesday 4 May 2011 is a three star day that begins with a confusing and possibly deceptive square between the Moon and Neptune at 11:30 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Whatever you're hearing right now isn't the whole story (possibly not the true story at all)--best not to swallow hook, line and sinker!  Look for Uranus to shower you with surprises, insights and ingenious ideas when the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus at 3:49 PM.

Thursday 5 May 2011 is a five star day that begins with an early morning trine between the Moon and Saturn at 8:38 AM.  Get up early, plan, organize, and whip things into great shape with the help of 'on the case' Saturn.   By this evening you can switch gears for a more romantic evening or perhaps enjoy some relaxing self-care rituals before calling it a day.  Those of you with presentations or other writing projects may forgo an early bedtime in order to take advantage of a sextile between the Moon and Mercury at 10:49 PM; your communications projects should flow easily producing a great result.   With just  a little bit of planning and discipline this can turn out to be a very productive day!

Don't forget to enter to win your free reading and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (2-3 May 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Now that we have arrived in the month of May you may have discovered that the fast, easy rolling energy of the first half of this year is over and done.  Challenges may have struck during the Mercury retrograde or even now as we approach the end of Mercury's retrograde shadow period--I certainly have.  An acquaintance of mine recently said that this was the worst Mercury retrograde ever--for me that wasn't the case, it's the retrograde shadow that has proven to be really wicked.  Endings, stress, and difficult times are something you will experience as you move through life, again and again.  This is why I repeatedly emphasize the need to eat well (meaning eating live foods!), exercise so your body will release endorphins to combat stress, try taking melatonin before bed to help so that you get sufficient sleep and don't forget that powerful stress buster meditation!  These tips are intended to support you during difficult times, but I would also recommend that you confide in a few supportive friends and seek advice as you make decisions designed to transform difficulties into opportunities.  And with that, let's take a look at what the start of May offers us!

First of all, by the end of Monday we'll be in a new lunar cycle (PDT).  The Moon is transiting through earthy Taurus, so it's time to organize and simplify--all you earth sign people should enjoy this energy and will particularly benefit from the New Moon.  Monday is five star day, but Tuesday offers no exact aspects meaning you'll need to do your self-care routine to keep yourself fired up and on track with a high vibration.

Try wearing blue, cream, green or spring green to stay in the flow Monday and Tuesday.  Coral, moss agate, azurite and carnelian crystals in a pocket or purse lend harmonious vibes as will meditating with vanilla, rose, patchouli or musk incense.

Monday 2 May 2011 supports pleasant dreams at 0:17 AM when the Moon sextiles Neptune (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Don't forget to jot down important points from your nocturnal wanderings when you awaken!  A power trine between the Moon and Pluto at 1:39 PM offers opportunities for transformation in your career or personal life.  The New Moon occurs at 11:51 PM at 12 degrees of Taurus and then the Moon is void of course.  Though you may be chomping at the bit to begin new endeavors you will need to wait till Wednesday morning when the Moon finally enters Gemini.  Make use of your time Tuesday to clear up old projects while preparing for the new cycle that's preparing to burst on the scene.

If you find you too are dealing with challenges don't forget you can book a reading with me by clicking on the contact information tab and scrolling down to the link for scheduling.  I look forward to assisting you in moving under and over any turbulence life is tossing your way.  Till next time...

Rich Blessings!