Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (1-3 July 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Usually when I am writing up the material for this blog, I treat the work a bit like I'm a reporter, but I have to say, the eclipses have been packing quite a personal wallop!  Today we have our third eclipse (the previous two happen 1 June and 15 June 2011).  The astrological signs of Gemini, Sagittarius and now Cancer are experiencing the sort of energy that can suddenly deconstruct situations that have long been in place--and we all know how much fun enforced change is--not!

Now, since we have a New Moon you know that means we have a new opportunity for you to win a free reading.  Just make sure you're subscribed to this blog (via NetworkedBlogs or Google), so that I can see your cute little face and then leave a comment on this blog now till the Full Moon 15 July 2011.    Want some idea what it's like to work with me?  Click here to see what some of my clients have to say!

Even though we have a New Moon Friday, the energy is just starting to build for this cycle and it won't really start to get moving for a bit.  With that in mind, Friday and Sunday are both three star days and Saturday is a two star day--do your self-care regimens to compensate for the lack of energetic support from the Universe.

The Universe bestows the blessings of a Leo Moon to us Saturday at 2:43 PM; fire sign natives take note!  This is entirely apropos for the fiery 4th of July celebrations being held across the United States this weekend.  Wear your best red, gold, yellow, or orange outfits and accessories.  Kick things up a notch by wearing your most royal amber, diamond, ruby or rose quartz jewelry.  If you're in the market for great beaded jewelry, check out my girl friend Barbara's site; much of the crystal jewelry I wear comes from her beautiful online site.  And at the end of the day, relax to the sweet scents of amber, copal, frankincense, or myrrh incense to unwind.

Friday 1 July 2011 wastes no time kicking things off with a New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 1:54 AM (at nine degrees of Cancer).  Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT.  But the Universe punks us when the Moon squares Saturn at 4:37 AM (suggesting the possibilities of challenges in your important relationships) at the start of the day--and then the Moon is void of course the rest of the day.  Humanity will have to wait to get moving since this void of course period lingers till Saturday afternoon!   Take care of mundane chores and finish up old projects the remainder of the day through early Saturday afternoon.  Mercury enters Leo at 10:38 PM, so maybe you can write up your plans for summer vacations and parties while we wait for the Moon to get into gear!

Saturday 2 July 2011 the new lunar cycle finally gets moving when the Moon enters Leo at 2:43 PM.  Expect great communications when the Moon conjoins Mercury at 4:55 PM.  This is a great time to put together plans involving creative or romantic projects for the coming weeks.  A square between the Sun and Saturn at 5:18 PM may put a pall on plans for your evening fun; don't be surprised if you or a partner are feeling too tired (or too grumpy) to enjoy fun pursuits this evening.  Consider a nap and put your dancing shoes on and head out later when the Moon and Uranus get together at 10:37 PM and light up the night.  Remember to keep a good balance of fun, don't over do financially or otherwise when the Moon squares Jupiter at 11:55 PM.

Sunday 3 July 2011 offers you an energetic start to you day when the Moon sextiles Mars at 6:01 AM.  You can get a lot done with a bit of discipline and the Moon sextile Saturn at 9:26 AM gives you a great boost.  The Moon is void of course again after that aspect, suggesting that new projects should be placed on hold till the Moon enters Virgo tomorrow evening.  Venus enters Cancer at 9:17 PM; now till 29 July is the time to spiff up your digs, declutter and create a wonderful home environment that supports you in resting, relaxing and being with those you love.

If you haven't been over to our new home check out our cool new Goddess home on the web here!
And now I bid you all happy weekend--Happy 4th of July to my American readers, and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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