Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (10-12 June 2011)

Greetings Friends!

I am really enjoying the wild ride that June 2011 has been providing.  My son's girl friend is graduating form High school, so we've had lots of prom and graduation festivities in our old 'hood.  On a more professional note there are some wonderful tech improvements I'm working on--including the fact that you can now see my blog on your mobile device and have it look fantastic (so take me with you on your phone or tablet!).  Hopefully you are enjoying the Gemini energy too, just know the Sun enters Cancer June 22nd.  It's hectic and a bit crazy, yes, but we it won't last long, so try to enjoy it! ;)

The Moon is transiting through the sign of beauty and partnership right now--perfect for weddings, graduations and proms.  By late Saturday the mood will shift into deep Scorpionic waters, so brace yourself.  All the water sign babes will be loving the shift!  The way it stacks up energy wise Friday is a three star day, Saturday a three star day and Sunday a five star day.  I hope this helps you plan your weekend for most powerful impact.

The Moon enters Scorpio Saturday at 5:33 PM PDT and we'll all be focused on the extreme and intense areas of life experience:  death, taxes, intimate relationships, occult studies--these are just some of the complexities that will be in focus for humanity.  Your sexiest black, red, brown, maroon and gray clothing can be used for powerful effect Saturday through Monday evening.  Take time to hear what Spirit wants you to know via meditation and boost your empathic abilities with myrrh, patchouli or vanilla incense or essential oils.  Crystals that will keep you on an even keel during the Moon's transit of Scorpio include malachite, obsidian, agate, amethyst and aquamarine.

Friday 10 June 2011 begins with some challenging energy with regards to love, money and secrets.  Shady business may come into the light of day when Venus squares Neptune at 1:25 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  If someone tells you something that just doesn't feel right, make a mental note, make no promises and do some careful investigating to get to the bottom of the matter.  Power plays from powerful people are likely at 2:39 AM, proceed with caution as you are likely to find yourself disempowered in this scenario.  Restrictions are a likely reality when the Moon conjoins Saturn at 9:00 AM.  Handle your responsibilities with partners (or career matters) with diligence to avoid problems at a later date.  Your communications will benefit from a Moon/Mercury trine at 9:02 PM; this is a great time to write your blog, book or presentation--hint, hint!

Saturday 11 June 2011 offers an early morning positive blending of energies between the Moon and Sun (your creativity, charisma and intuitive knowing) at 1:04 AM.  The Moon is then void of course till 5:33 PM when it enters Scorpio, so spend the day doing restful, relaxing things or cleaning up (don't launch new endeavors until the Moon is in Scorpio).   Enjoy art, music, meditation, photography or movies when the Moon trines Neptune at 7:04 PM and rein in spending (as well as your expectations) when the Moon opposes Jupiter at 8:04 PM.

Sunday 12 June 2011 gets off to a powerful start when the Moon and Pluto work together to transform you, your career--and maybe in an uncomfortable way, partnerships, home and family at 4:31 AM.  If you have been finding yourself dealing with needed changes in these areas of life experience it's not your imagination, it's the energies of the Universe demanding that you and yours level up.  This is why I am a strong advocate of consistent self-care regimens--life can be stressful!  Get a leg up in your communications creativity when the Sun sextiles Mercury at 4:45 PM.  Prepare in advance so at this hour you can sit down and brainstorm all the beautiful ways you can share your wisdom with the world. You'll be able to add beauty and innovation to those plans at 7:36 PM when Venus sextiles the genius of Uranus.  This day could birth some incredible creative projects--so tune in and get turned on this weekend!  Lastly, if your career growth (or relationships) have felt stalled out so far this year, get ready for that trend to reverse itself when Saturn finally gets out of retrograde jail.  You may remember Saturn went retrograde on the 26th of January this year and since it's responsible for your career and ambition sector, (and it's sitting in Libra the sign of partnerships) you may begin to see some movement in these areas now through September.  Saturn won't actually return to the point it began its retrograde till 17 September, so developments in career and partnerships may creep along for a bit, but there should be some slow movements possible as we move into the summer months.  Can I get an amen!

Speaking of amen, I was introduced to a lovely lady name Leonie Allan.  She has created a marvelous, creative circle for women that supports our entreprenurial and creative efforts.  I liked her work so much I became a member of her Goddess Circle and I am making it available to my tribe here on my blog.  Click here to meet the Goddess Circle and to see the other affiliate offerings I am making available for your support and success.  Also if you're interested in gaining some personal insights into your love life, career, or other life experiences, click here to book your reading and to see all the possibilities of support I am currently offering.

Wishing you a brilliant end to your work week and a lovely weekend; and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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