Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (3-5 June 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Are you ready for the weekend?  Well it's almost upon us! We begin with a change of Moon sign from Gemini to Cancer, paying deference to all water sign natives.  By Sunday the Moon will switch allegiance again, this time to Leo giving all fire sign natives a boost.  As for the energy, Friday is a two star day, Saturday is a five star day and Sunday is a four star day, so plan your self-care work to take care of business as needed.

The Moon slides into the sign of Cancer Friday at 1:36 AM PDT.  Cancer is fond of home related issues such as cooking and baking, care of home and family and water related therapies.  Ride the wave by wearing your favorite blue, green or pearlescent outfits/accessories.  If you're looking for pretty crystals to spiff up an outfit, try jasper, pearls, moonstone or green turquoise.  Since Friday is such a low energy day why not indulge in a bit of meditation using jasmine, rose, myrrh or sandalwood incense.

The fiery Leo Moon takes center stage Sunday at 8:03 AM PDT.  Don your best gold, green, red or orange outfits/accessories.  Ground and center Sunday morning with some amber, copal, frankincense, mint or myrrh incense and meditation.  Be sure to carry amber, peridot, rose quartz or tiger's eye crystals in a pocket or purse before you head off for Sunday fun in the sun.

Friday 3 June 2011 starts with a bit of early morning confusion as Mercury squares Neptune at 0:07 AM (Note:  All times indicated in this blog are PDT).  This energy is re-emphasized when Neptune begins retrograde motion at 0:28 AM; all Neptunian issues such dance, photography, film/movie making, music, art, secrets, mystical/religious studies will be emphasized in the next couple of days.  Expect projects with a Neptunian flavor to be out of whack until Neptune resumes direct motion in November 2011.  Note that Neptune still will not have made it back to Pisces by the end of 2011 and some surprising religious secrets, technical innovations for art, music, etc., may be in the news through the end of this year.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter, the planet of good luck at 1:08 AM and then goes void of course.  Avoid starting new projects until the Moon enters Cancer at 1:36 AM.  The Moon trine Neptune at 3:20 AM offers support for early morning meditation, music studies, art and dance work--keeping in mind that Neptune is now back-paddling, of course.  Brace for unpleasant impact when the Moon squares rebellious Uranus at 9:04 AM; someone is likely to be difficult and eccentric, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Heavy handed superiors and people with violent tendencies may be on the prowl when the Moon opposes Pluto at 2:08 PM, so keep a keen eye out for trouble makers.  The day ends with a dissatisfying tug of war with partners when the Moon opposes Saturn at 8:56 PM; your watchword is compromise, for now.

Saturday 4 June 2011 begins with a boost to all earth signs when good luck Maestro Jupiter sails into Taurus at 6:56 AM.  You'll be full of vim and vigor when the Moon sextiles Mars at 10:48 AM, so dispatch that chores list and be done early!  Stimulating conversation--maybe even a bit of mind reading, will abound when Mercury sextiles its higher octave Uranus at 12:58 PM.  Cupid may be busy firing arrows at unsuspecting love birds when the Moon sextiles Venus at 10:33 PM; the Moon is void of course after that aspect, so new enterprises need to be delayed till Sunday morning.

Sunday 5 June 2011, the Moon enters Leo at 8:03 AM followed by a nasty square between the Moon and Jupiter at 8:26 AM.  No betting the farm or outrageous spending please!  Have pen at the ready to capture ingenious ideas when the Moon trines Uranus at 3:20 PM.  Last, but not least, be ready for great conversation with loved ones when the Moon sextiles Mercury at 8:05 PM.

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