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Monday & Tuesday (11-12 July 2011)

Greetings Friends!

One of the reasons I started studying things like astrology, numerology and the Tarot is an overly enquiring mind (Mercury conjoining Pluto).  I wanted to know why some days were wonderful and uplifting and other days just plain suck mossy green rocks.  Astrology has been a really helpful tool, not only for me to understand why life is challenging, but in planning so I can take my resources and use them in the most effective manner.  This week is going to be all about that.

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Now for this week we are heading toward a Full Moon late Thursday evening, so the energy is rising and you may begin feeling a growing tension as we begin the work week.  Monday is a four star day and Tuesday is a three star day with a long void of course period.  That means take care of serious business Monday and deal with mundane projects Tuesday.  My tip of the week is to understand the power of void of course periods.  They work a bit like a a mini retrograde--things back fire and have to be redone when started in a void of course Moon period.  I look to see whether the aspect that starts a void of course period is positive and helpful or negative and challenge inducing.  This lets me know what the likely outcome will be if I start a new project in the period before the void of course begins.  If you've been wondering why I harp so much on these periods it's because I use every trick in the book--including right timing, to get my life to work out well.

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:47 AM bringing a sense of expansion and good fortune to the start of the week.  Fire signs receive the benefit of this Moon transit and you can catch a nice tail wind (whether you're a fire sign or not) by wearing black, indigo, mauve, gold or purple outfits and accessories.  Copal, dragon's blood, sage or frankincense essential oils or incense will uplift and inspire you during your meditations and lapis lazuli, malachite, amethyst or obsidian crystals will protect and balance your energy field.

Monday 11 July 2011 begins with the Moon entering Sagittarius at 2:47 AM (Note:  all times indicated are PDT).  Our focus switches to legal concerns, higher education, dealings with people at or from a distance and our religious or spiritual tendencies for the next couple of days.  Illusions and delusions are likely when the Moon squares Neptune at 3:45 AM; no signing of agreements during this period please.  The trine between the Moon and Uranus at 10:40 AM brings sudden shifts, surprises and ingenious ideas to the fore.  Animated and even heated conversations are likely when Mercury and Mars sextile one another at 8:28 PM.  Keep your conversations within the realm of respect and broad mindedness and all will be well.  Put the finishing touches on work related assignments when the Moon sextiles Saturn at 10:05 PM before calling it a day.

Tuesday 12 July 2011 is going to be a bit of a drag beginning with an opposition between the Moon and Mars at 4:56 AM.  Arguments, grumpiness and general bad moods are likely in the early part of the day. And though I haven't said it thus far, this is definitely a day for self-care work such as meditation, Reiki, exercise and aromatherapy to keep your energy calm and balanced.  A trine between the Moon and Mercury allows you to dispatch communications with ease and finesse at 5:21 AM.  Unfortunately the Moon is then void of course--for the rest of the day.  You can work on wrapping up old projects, clean up, declutter, etc.  Just don't start any new projects until the Moon enters Capricorn tomorrow morning.

If you require more personal insights into life situations, you can schedule an email or phone reading with me here.  I wish you a great start to the week as we ramp up for a Capricorn Full Moon.  Till next time...

Rich Blessings,

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