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Monday & Tuesday (4-5 July 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Happy 4th of July to my readers in the USA!  Some of you have noticed the extended void of course periods we've had lately and Monday is another one of those days.  Void of course Moons are great for resting, meditation and other spiritual work--not partying, so I suspect many of us are going to have quiet 4th of July celebrations.  Both Monday & Tuesday are three star days, thanks to void of course periods and challenging aspects.  You will want to do some extra self-care work to compensate for the energy the Universe is sending our way for the start of the week.

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The Moon scoots into Virgo Monday at 6:15 PM.  We are going to spend most of Monday in the void zone, so work on old projects and refrain from starting new endeavors till after we enter the sign of Virgo.  All earth signs can throw up a cheer when this occurs and you'll want to sport your best earth tones of black, brown, gold or gray for the next couple of days.  Since Virgo is a sign interested in health--particularly alternative therapies, try some aromatherapy or massage using lavender, mint, patchouli, or sandalwood essential oils.  And be sure to tuck an agate, moss agate, celestite or turquoise crystal into your purse or pocket before heading out and about.

Monday 4 July 2011 gets rolling with a potentially inspirational trine between Venus and Neptune at 10:28 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Artists, dancers, musicians, photographers, mystics, and actors make note; this is a great time to capture visions for future projects or for refining your current work.  Genius insights continue when Mercury and Uranus get together for a chat at 5:47 PM.  This is definitely a day to carry pen and paper since the insights coming humanity's way will be well worth making note of.  The Moon finally hops into Virgo at 6:15 PM and by 7:24 PM you can put pen and paper away; be reserved in your acceptance of proposals at this time.  Deceptive dealings, illusions, or outright lies--take your pick, all are possible when the Moon opposes Neptune.  The Love Boat sails into view when the Moon and Venus sextile one another at 8:14 PM; it's a nice, warm fuzzy way to finish off the day.

Tuesday 5 July 2011 begins with a shot of good luck when the Moon trines Jupiter it 3:49 AM.  A powerful window of opportunity for transformation occurs when the Moon trines Pluto at 4:27 AM.  Research projects, metaphysical studies and self-help work all benefit from this aspect.  Big talk--or maybe a bit of diarrhea of the mouth is likely when Mercury squares Jupiter at 11:09 AM.  Moon square Mars at 11:50 AM may have you dealing with pushy or aggressive people, so take care.  Your intuition and action unite to help get your key goals accomplished when the Moon and Sun sextile one another at 5:19 PM.  All in all, not a bad day.  Wear some amethyst or black tourmaline to help you keep calm during the more stressful aspects and all should go well.

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Have a great week and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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