Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (31 August-1 September 2011

Greetings Friends!

We're saying goodbye to August and hello to September all in one go. The Libra Moon offers an opportunity to love up our significant others, but we'll press on to a sexy Scorpio Moon by late Thursday morning.  Expect a tightly disciplined four star day on Wednesday and a flowing five star day on Thursday--after a short void of course Moon, that is.

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Scorpio deals with the heavy aspects of life, such as wills and inheritances, taxes, sex and death/transformation.  Your best black, brown, gray, maroon and red clothing is in order when the energies are so deep, along with bloodstone, garnet, agate and amethyst crystals for grounding and protection.  Try some deep meditation while burning myrrh, patchouli, vanilla or violent incense to decrease stress!

Wednesday 31 August 2011 expect some serious delays and restrictions/obligations to hit home when the Moon conjoins Saturn at 11:43 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Don't be surprised if someone in your environment is a serious buzz kill; Moon square Mars at 5:28 PM doesn't offer much hope for compromise, just keep cool when others lose their tempers.  Communications projects are on tap when the Moon hooks up with Mercury at 8:24 PM and then we can call it a day.

Thursday 1 September 2011 starts off with strong inspirational energy as the Moon trines Neptune at 11:43 AM; best to grab your inspiration quick though--the Moon is void of course after that aspect.   We don't lose too much time in la-la land; the Moon enters Scorpio at 11:48 AM and we're off and running again.  An opportunity to transform blocked situations, make discoveries related to secrets or to get a jump on your metaphysical knowledge occurs at 7:55 PM when the Moon sextiles Pluto.  This is also a good time to rendezvous with that someone special!

We're wrapping up the week next and there are more bonuses--including a money making offer for you, so stay tuned.  I hope you have a fabulous close to the work week and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (29-30 August 2011)

 rehe Greetings Friends!

Los Angeles has been hotter than hot with three digit temperatures all weekend!  There's got to be cooler weather somewhere and hopefully it's where ever you happen to be, dear reader! 

The Virgo Moon of Monday gives way to a Libra Moon on Tuesday and our focus will shift to beautifying ourselves and our world as well as caring for our primary relationships.  Monday is a stellar five star day, but Tuesday you'll want to get out every self-care tool you have as it's a zero star day.  That's okay, we'll make our own good vibrations as we go!

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The Moon enters Libra at 11:25 AM Tuesday, so our thoughts will turn to love, the balancing act of partnership and all the myriad things that exemplify beauty.  Wear your best pink, black, royal blue or rose outfits and adorn yourself with agate, fire agate, aquamarine or carnelian crystals.  Since Libra energy suggests the need to balance your needs with those of your partners, you may need some relaxation therapy to diminish stress.  Mint, rose, vanilla or violet essential oils diffused while you attend to self-care rituals might be just what the doctor ordered!

Monday 29 August 2011 begins on a loving note with the Moon conjoining Venus at 2:10 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Good fortune and good cheer rings in next when the Moon forms a trine with Jupiter at 3:58 AM.   Energy to spare will be available when the Moon sextiles Mars at 3:15 PM and then the Moon is void of course, so avoid starting new ventures till after the Moon enters Libra tomorrow.  An abundance of love, money and good fortune surround humanity when Venus trines Jupiter at 11:48 PM--this is a really positive way to begin a new lunar cycle!

Tuesday 30 August 2011 begins on what would appear to be a really good note since Jupiter ceases retrograde motion at 2:18 AM.  Issues concerning legal matters, higher education, publishing, printing, religion or dealings with people from a distance will be more prominent in the next few days.  The Moon enters Libra at 11:25 AM, and as the day wears on we experience eccentric, surprising (and not in a good way) behavior from others when the Moon opposes Uranus at 5:08 PM.  A square between the Moon and Pluto at 7:21 PM warns against hanging out with potentially dangerous people or in risky places; keeping a low profile at home this evening seems the best bet.

As the energy builds during this lunar cycle those of us in the Northern hemisphere be reaching the point in the year where we 'harvest' the efforts of our work for the year.  Take the time now to decide how you can best reap the rewards of this years efforts so that you can look forward to a great harvest at this month's Full Moon!  Till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (26-28 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Just a couple more days till we leap into a new lunar cycle.  We can also look forward to Mercury ceasing retrograde motion on Friday, thank goodness.  It will be a couple of weeks till Mercury regains all the territory it lost during the retrograde, but you've probably got some good ideas of what needs to change in your life once 10 September arrives.  Meanwhile, we've got a five star day on Friday, and two four star days on tap for Saturday and Sunday--pretty good for your weekend activities.

The Moon switches allegiance to Leo on Friday morning, but then switches to Virgo on Sunday morning.  While Leo brings the party, Virgo will have humanity back in the saddle and ready to work, so let's take a look at what each of these signs offers humanity during the next couple of days.

All fire signs benefit from the Leo Moon that arrives at 9:09 AM Friday morning; wear your best gold, yellow, orange or red duds and get out your  tiger's eye, garnet, onyx or rose quartz crystals to balance out your energy.  When you're ready to relax with meditation, yoga or Qi Gong you'll find copal, frankincense or amber incense delights your senses.

Earthy Virgo is dedicated to service, order and care of dependents.  You'll look impeccable in your best black, navy blue, brown or gray suit, especially if you add aventurine, green jade, agate or peridot jewelry to your ensemble.  Natural scents are soothing and suit the Virgoan vibe that arrives at 11:13 AM on Sunday; try lavender, rosemary, sandalwood or patchouli incense to mellow you out and deepen your meditations.

Friday 26 August 2011 is quiet till 9:09 AM when the Moon slips into Leo.  Our focus then shifts to our children, romantic partnerships and creative concerns for the next couple of days (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Mercury makes its direct station at 3:03 PM and will slowly begin to move forward--this was a mean retrograde and I (for one) am glad to see it winding down.  The Moon trines Uranus at 3:31 PM, so be on the look out for amazing insights, sudden surprises  and creative inspirations.

Saturday 27 August 2011 a square between Moon and Jupiter at 2:44 AM cautions early morning revelers not to overindulge in any sort of endeavor.  The Moon sextile Saturn at 10:06 AM suggests some obligation to be the impetus for you to get moving on your weekend chores.  Meanwhile, a conjunction between the Moon and Mercury at 4:49 PM provides energetic support for your communications work.

Sunday 28 August 2011 brings powerful, creative transformations to those seeking it as the Sun trines Pluto at 8:11 AM.  Avoid making promises when the Moon opposes Neptune at 10:12 AM, there will be a lack of clarity about whatever occurs at this time.  Best not to commit to something you'll definitely regret later since the Moon is also void of course after that aspect.  Keep in mind we are still in the Dark of the Moon phase for most of the day and you'll want to just chill if at all possible.  The Moon enters Virgo at 11:13 AM and thus the stage is set for a new lunar cycle this evening.  The option for powerful change continues when the Moon trines Pluto at 7:17 PM and that's perfect, for the New Moon clocks in at 8:04 PM at five degrees of Virgo.  A cycle focused on health, work and service will be with us till our next New Moon in September.

Hard to believe it's nearly the end of summer 2011!  We've had triple digit temperatures for much of this summer here in the Los Angeles, so my personal wish is for some cooler weather.  I hope that life and the weather is treating you better, where ever you may be and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (24 & 25 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

The middle of the week brings us to a Cancer Moon and we'll be feeling the urge to focus on our home and family concerns for the next couple of days.  Along with feeling a bit more emotional, you may notice you're feeling a bit tired of late, as we're also moving into the Dark of the Moon phase of this current lunar cycle.  Pace yourself since we won't have an increase in energy until about Monday--a couple of days after the New Moon.  Both Wednesday and Thursday stack up to be about three star days, but I'd say late afternoon Thursday is slightly better energetically if you have important meetings to schedule.

Cancers are cardinal/leadership, home-loving, security oriented folks.  You may think of Cancer as a apple pie baking Mom, but they are quite capable of assuming the reigns on the battlefield or in the boardroom and plotting out a winning strategy for success.  You might want to wear your best navy blue suit (actually all shades of blue are favored), smoke green, sea green or white when you're out and about.  Emerald, agate, carnelian and pearls are the favored stones and crystals for the next couple of days and when you chill out, consider jasmine, myrrh, sandalwood or violet incense (or essential oils) for your yoga, meditation or your Qi Gong practice.

Wednesday 24 August 2011 begins with a trine between the Moon and Neptune at 2:34 AM that  offers sleepers potentially valuable dreams, be prepared to take note (also note that all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  The Moon is void of course until 3:31 AM when it enters its home sign of Cancer.  A creative sextile between the Moon and Sun at 5:23 AM gives you some intuitive prompts to follow up on as you begin your day.  Money and love will be feeling pretty good when the Moon sextiles Venus at 9:53 AM.  Stubborn, eccentric behavior are on display from someone nearby at 10:30 AM; do what you can to ignore it and them.  It may be a tad more difficult to ignore the heavy handed antics of a boss or VIP when the Moon opposes Pluto at 12:46 PM, but you should be enjoying good times and good fortune when the Moon trines Jupiter at 10:25 PM, which is a great way to wrap up the day.

Thursday 25 August 2011 we have an early morning Mars/Saturn slugfest at 3:48 AM; light sleepers may find this combination disturbing, so take adequate pre-sleep precautions.  A square between the Moon and Saturn at 5:59 AM may have you on the ropes with partners.  Compromise is unlikely, I'm betting patience is your best weapon for the time being.  After all this commotion, you still rise and shine with vigor since the Moon conjoins invigorating Mars at 6:04 AM.  Venus trine Pluto brings powerful transformations in love and career matters at 4:12 PM; a meeting with VIP's may bring a vast change in your circumstances.

Speaking of powerful transformations, where in your life experience could you use some powerful changes?  Is it love, money or in your health?  Book your private consultation with me here and let's get your major challenges solved, shall we?

Till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (22-23 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

I hope the glory days of Summer 2011 have been treating you well.  The Moon in Gemini gives us the urge to chat one another up, with Monday being a three star day and Tuesday a five star day.  We will probably feel a bit emotional toward mid-week, but with a New Moon in Virgo on tap by Saturday we'll be ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  So, let's get started!

Monday 22 August 2011 has some shocking surprises in store for humanity when the Moon sextiles Uranus at 1:29 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Since most of us will probably prefer to sleep through this Uranian energy, make sure you take special care in your before bedtime regimen for a good night's sleep.  The Sun opposes Neptune at 4:28 PM and there's likely to be some confusion regarding your creative/romantic projects, especially as they relate to friends or group associations.  Take it slow with your decision making at this time.  You can get your plans for the week (or for a pet project) thoroughly organized when the Moon trines Saturn at 9:46 PM, so take a little time before turning in to do so.  

Tuesday 23 August 2011 the Sun enters Virgo at 4:21 AM switching our focus to work/service, health concerns and care of dependents (including our little four legged friends) till 23 September 2011.  A sparkly Moon/Mercury sextile at 7:55 AM gives us time to email, phone, write or otherwise communicate with others--especially if one keeps in mind that Mercury is retrograde.  Taking the time to check and double check one's work will be beneficial.

The New Moon this Saturday, 27 August brings a stellar opportunity to win a free consultation with me and I've got some special surprises for this next drawing, so be sure to stay tuned for that!  Meanwhile, I would love to help you with any personal concerns you may have regarding love, money or career; book your private session with me here!  These are challenging times, take advantage of the edge a personal consultation can give you!

Have a great start to your week and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (19-21 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Welcome to the end of the week wrap up.  We've got an interesting weekend ahead with Friday being a five star day, Saturday a three star day and Sunday a zero star day.  The transiting Moon in Aries switches to Taurus on Friday and then to Gemini on Sunday, and that's a lot of change, so let's check things out in detail.

The Moon in Taurus brings grounding, organizational ability and the desire to take care of all that we value.  Spring green, blue, cream, pastels and pink candles, clothing and accessories offer a soothing energy during the Taurus Moon transit.  Earthy stones like moss agate, carnelian, coral and emerald offer soothing energy too; rose, musk, vanilla and patchouli incense will continue the calming vibe during your meditations.

Gemini loves to chat, perceive and chat some more about their perceptions; so wear yellow, orange, black, blue or light gray to keep you in that bright Gemini frame of mind.  Try wearing, agate, moss agate, aquamarine or tiger's eye crystals if you're wanting to keep your mind sharp and on point when the Moon enters Gemini late Sunday afternoon.

Friday 19 August 2011 begins with an inspirational sextile between the Moon and Neptune at 4:50 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  You might want to have a pad of paper and pen bedside to capture interesting dreams.  The Moon is void of course after that aspect till 5:36 AM when it enters Taurus; take the time to organize your home and office and give special attention to financial concerns during this transit.  A powerful trine between the Moon and Pluto at 3:53 PM is useful for experiencing breakthroughs in research projects, therapeutic treatments, and metaphysical studies.  

Saturday 20 August 2011 begins with a potential bit of good fortune winging its way to you as the Moon conjoins Jupiter at 2:04 AM.  The Moon sextile Mars at 4:27 AM may provide the impetus for rising early Saturday morning; a trip to the gym or an early morning jog would be an excellent way to make use of the energy.  Challenging communications are likely when the Moon squares Mercury at 11:13 PM.   Postpone important conversations till after the start of the work week.

Sunday 21 August 2011 is a day that just begs for quiet self-care regimens.  The day begins with probable confusing situations in love or money matters as Venus opposes Neptune at 6:41 AM.  The Last Quarter Moon arrives at 2:54 PM (28 degrees of Taurus) and it may be time to rethink your plans--especially as they pertain to money, for the remainder of this lunar. cycle  Venus enters the sign of Virgo at 3:11 PM; paying attention to natural beauty styles and how our work and money arrangements are shaping up will be in focus now till 15 September 2011.

More confusion, delusions and perhaps even outright deception is likely when the Moon squares Neptune at 5:00 PM.  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect, but enters Gemini at 5:53 PM.   Our final aspect of the day is also a challenging one as the Moon squares Venus at 6:11 PM casting a pall on love and money matters.  This is really a day when the Universe is subtly asking humanity to pull in its horns; find quiet, restful ways to spend this last day of the weekend.

If you'd like to have personal insights into your life experience I would love to have an opportunity to work with you; please book your reading with me here. 

We'll be off to the races Monday morning, ready to begin a new work week, till then...

Rich Blessings,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (17-18 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

With the Moon traveling through fiery Aries it's always a safe bet that you'll need to think and act quickly.  Let's just call it a Flak Jacket Wednesday, shall we?  With only one star, your morning regimen will benefit from a heaping, helping dose of self-care work--no doubt.  Exercise, Reiki, Qi Gong, and we'll talk crystals and essential oils momentarily.  Thursday is the exact opposite with five stars, so humanity catches a bit of relief from the Cosmos for a change.

The sign of Aries is great for getting to the heart of one's personal concerns.  Aries is ruled by Mars and likes things to move fast!  Red, scarlet, black, pink or white garb/accessories are your best bet, while carnelian, amethyst and bloodstone crystals will help you feel safe and grounded the next couple of days.  With the energy around us in hyperdrive, some meditation wouldn't hurt; copal, cinnamon, frankincense, dragon's blood or myrrh incense and essential oils will make nice additions to your self-care routine.

Wednesday 17 August 2011 begins with a jarring Moon/Uranus conjunction at 1:03 AM (Note:  all times indicated are PDT).  This type of aspect lends itself to sudden calls in the night, shocks and other disruptions.  While some of the surprises might be enjoyable, I would make plans to create as soothing a night time regimen as possible so that you avoid insomnia issues during the early morning hours.  This is not a time to wander the streets either, as a square between the Moon and Pluto at 3:17 AM could have you running afoul of folks with violent intentions.   The energies haven't improved much by lunchtime, as there's a square between the Moon and Mars at 12:11 PM; your morning self-care regimen will help you remain patient with challenging people who have lost their ability to remain sanguine in the face of difficulties.  A need for patience and compromise is likely when the Moon opposes Saturn at 8:47 PM; keep your temper in dealings with partners as Wednesday comes to a close.

Thursday 18 August 2011 gets off to a great, high energy start when Mars sextiles Jupiter at 9:54 AM.  The trine between the Moon and retrograde Mercury at 2:02 PM offers you the opportunity to effortlessly dispatch your communications projects.  Let your intuition be your guide to action when the Moon sextiles the Sun at 9:13 PM.  Close ties, love and money issues are resolving nicely when the Moon trines Venus at 9:53 PM.

Could you use more personal insights in your love life, career or other personal interests?  Schedule your private reading with me here!   The weekend wrap-up is in sight, take good care and till next time...

Rich Blessings!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (15-16 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Here we are at the mid-point of the month of August; we've just past a Full Moon, made it through the first couple of weeks of a Mercury retrograde and are now enjoying a gentle Pisces Moon.  Monday is a three star day because of a long void of course Moon and Tuesday is a four star day for the same reason (with the side benefit of a few nice aspects).  We finally ease into an Aries Moon in the early evening hours Tuesday.

Once again, there were no takers for the August free reading giveaway--I hope we have a winner for next month's contest (details upcoming at the New Moon 28 August), be sure to stay tuned for it!  Meanwhile, new friends are gathering on the LAGirl13 fan page and the 50th fan will win a 30 minute reading with me.  You can hit the 'Like' button in the right panel of this blog to get in on the action!

Monday 15 August 2011 has only one aspect, a lucky sextile between the Moon and Jupiter at 1:21 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  The Moon is then void of course till tomorrow evening, so spend the day wrapping up old projects, de-cluttering, or resting--but avoid beginning new projects if at all possible.

Tuesday 16 August 2011 brings a wave of creativity and romantic possibilities when the Sun conjoins Venus in Leo at 5:08 AM.  Who knows who you might meet at Starbucks over your frappaccino, so be alert!  Talk of love (or money) is a possibility when Mercury conjoins Venus at 4:21 PM.  Since the Moon is void of course, it's best to make mental notes and not necessarily take direct action till 5:01 PM when the Moon makes the switch to action oriented Aries.  Our personal concerns will be in focus for the next several days, and with all the action Venus has received today, perhaps one of those concerns will be love!  Creativity and communications are lively when the Sun conjoins Mercury at 6:04 PM.  You can get plenty of mileage out of this aspect by ironing out your creative and communication projects at this time.

If you'd like to take a look at love, work, or other issues from a more personal perspective, you can drop me an email and schedule your private appointment here.   Enjoy our rather laid back start to the work week and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (12-14 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

It's time for our weekly round-up!  The Moon in Aquarius brings a sense of quirkiness and eccentricity to our weekend, amplified by the energies of the Full Moon on Saturday.  Sunday we will have a change of sign to inspired and inspirational Pisces.  Between the two perhaps you can find a flavor of life experience that works for you.  For those of you keeping score, Friday is a two star day, Saturday is a zero star day--Full Moon's are often that way, and Sunday is a magical five star day.  Plan your weekend accordingly!

Moon in Aquarius is electric, avant garde and ingenious in its creativity.  Wear your most fab electric, neon garb in shades of hot pink, turquoise, electric blue and silver.  Amp up your ability to catch electric vibes by wearing aquamarine, amethyst, labradorite and celestite crystals.  And when you're ready to chill out meditate with some frankincense, lavender, patchouli or sandalwood incense/essential oils.

Moon in Pisces is all about artistry, inspiration and mysticism.  A nice change of pace and perfect for the last day of the weekend.  Blue and green outfits that remind you of the sea will be perfect for Sunday's mood.  Turquoise, purple and lavender will work too.  Amethyst, turquoise, aquamarine, jade and coral jewelry will add a nice soothing vibe to your outfits.  Jasmine, lavender and sandalwood incense or essential oils are a nice addition to yoga, meditation or Sunday lounging about periods at home.

Friday 12 August 2011 gives humanity a dose of Aquarian energy when the Moon sextiles shock jock Uranus as 4:32 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Insomnia is possible with this type of energy, so come prepared with a suitable night time regimen to lull you into a deep sleep Thursday night.  A tendency to over do it (food, spending, promises) is likely when the Moon squares Jupiter at 3:20 PM--try not to if at all possible.  You'll be able to organize and plan your important projects with unusual adroitness when the Moon trines Saturn at 9:57 PM--maybe you want to schedule that activity in your planner?

Saturday 13 August 2011 the energy is high and you may have been feeling it ramping up the last couple of days.  This is a great day to lie low and meditate--most of the day.  Compromise is best when love and money challenges arrive (Moon and Venus opposition) at 10:22 AM.  Following close on the heels of that challenge is the Full Moon (11:57 AM), at nearly 21 degrees of Aquarius, your planets in Leo, Taurus or Scorpio at a similar degree invite you to the party.  Money, friendship/group associations, business or romantic problems are all possibilities.  Communications are troubled when the Moon opposes Mercury at 10:29 PM, so don't instigate challenging conversations in the waning hours of the day.  

Sunday 14 August 2011 brings sweet, inspiring dreams when the Moon conjoins Neptune at 5:26 AM so have pen and paper at the ready to capture them.  The Moon is void of course after that aspect, but quickly moves into Pisces at 5:54 AM, bringing our focus to the more mystical and inspired aspects of life for the next couple of days.  Power to transform your life arrives in the form of a Moon sextile Pluto aspect at 3:54 PM; metaphysical studies, affirmation and prayer work are some of the avenues of change available to you at this time.  An unwelcome trine between the Moon and Mars at 9:07 PM and by that I mean most of us are wanting to calm down, not rev up.  Get out your relaxing essential oils, do some yoga stretches and listen to sleep mp3's so you don't find yourself staring at the ceiling into the wee hours of the morning!

It's just about over--Monday is the last day of the half off pricing for phone readings.  Contact me here to schedule your reading.  Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment here on the blog in order to be in the running to win a free reading with me!  Winner will be announced in tomorrow's blog.

That's all for now, have a great Full Moon weekend and till next time...

Rich Blessings,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (10-11 August 2011)

Greetings Friends,

Cosmic energies are a bit grumpy mid-week with a long void of course period and challenging aspects.  That just means we do our self-care work, wear our crystals and bring an uplifted intention along where ever life may take us on Wednesday and Thursday.  With that in mind I'm calling Wednesday a one star day and Thursday a three star day (because at least there aren't any ornery aspects chasing us).  We will have a change of sign Thursday evening (from Capricorn to Aquarius) that lifts the energy a bit as well.

I had tweeted last weekend about the possibility of a telechat for the Full Moon, but I've not received enough interest for this event to take place.  If you're interested in a monthly astrological chat for September's Celestial weather, please send me a message here and I'll schedule it!

Wednesday 10 August 2011 begins on an uplifted note when the Moon trines Jupiter at 7:17 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT), which is all the cheer the Cosmos offers today.  Restrictions, snags and delays are likely when the Moon squares Saturn at 1:34 PM, so aim to be above all the fuss when you do your meditations.  This is especially true since the Moon is void of course after that last aspect.  There is a potential for danger/violence when Mars opposes Pluto 10:12 PM; keep a low profile and stay out of harms way in the late evening hours of the day.

Thursday 11 August 2011 offers no exact aspects today--but the Moon is void of course till 8:37 PM when it finally waltzes into Aquarius; delay starting new projects if at all possible before then.

The weekend report is up to bat on Friday including the low down on Saturday's Full Moon in Aquarius--which you won't want to miss.  And the half off sale on readings is winding down (finishes up 15 August).  You can 'Like' my facebook page, if you haven't already--come check it out!  And at the same time you can drop me a note if you're interested in a reading this week.

Also, don't forget to share a comment if you're subscribed here--there's a free reading to be had for subscribers and I'll announce the winner in Monday's blog!

That's it for now, take care and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (8-9 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

The heat is on in the Los Angeles area--which isn't unusual for this time of year.  I was thoroughly spoiled by last summer's unseasonably cool temps, so now I am longing for Fall/Winter 2011 to make its arrival.  Seeing as how we're fast closing in on the August 2011 Full Moon, it appears I will get my wish sooner than later!  For today, though, we can revel in the joys of a five star Sagittarius Moon day!  Tomorrow is a bit more Rocky Road with only two stars, so bring your sunshine and rainbows with you.  A little Qi Gong, Reiki, aromatherapy and Law of Attraction work will help you leap over any hurdles you encounter on 'Two Star Tuesday'.

Tuesday afternoon the energy makes a shift from jolly Sagittarius to serious business Capricorn.  Wear your best conservative black, dark blue, brown or gray suit and dress to impress.  Black amethyst, bloodstone and carnelian crystals will help you cope with challenging energies as will meditation with musk, jasmine or patchouli incense/essential oils.  Keep a weather eye out for your business goals and career ambitions for the next couple of days too.

Monday 8 August 2011 Mercury retrogrades back into Leo at 2:46 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Old lovers may come to call or you may find yourself dusting off old creative projects to see if you want to revive them.  Or perhaps children may play a role in your life in some way that reminds you of the good old days. Whatever your unique blast from the past happens to be, just be prepared for the walk down memory lane that Mercury retrograde in Leo can bring.

Get out your planner and put down some fresh ideas for the week ahead when the Moon sextiles Saturn at 7:07 AM.  Try to finish that work up by 7:07 AM because we have a hazy/confusing Mercury opposition aspect to Neptune at 7:27 AM; with Mercury retrograde we can really get our information mixed up once Neptune joins the party.  If you're needing to set things straight in your love life or with your money, take care of it around 8:31 AM when the Moon trines Venus.  And be ready to put your intuitive insights into action when the Moon sextiles the Sun at 12:22 PM.  This is a nice way to start the week, don't you think?

Tuesday 9 August 2011 has us getting our feathers ruffled in response to shocks, surprises and other upsetting situations when Mars squares Uranus at 9:34 AM.  You can probably talk things through to a good conclusion when the Moon trines Mercury at 12:20 PM and you'll have inspiration galore for your projects when the Moon sextiles Neptune at 1:25 PM.  Postpone acting on the inspiration because the Moon is void of course at that point--but for just a few minutes.  The Moon sails into Capricorn at 1:38 PM giving you leave to take aim and fire on career goals and ambitions for the next couple of days.  A square between the Moon and Uranus at 9:15 PM suggests the need for patience when others are being stubbornly eccentric; what else can you do?  Withdraw, and might I suggest an early bedtime, if things become heated when the Moon opposes Mars at 9:51 PM.  Transformation in your key areas of concern is still possible though when the Moon conjoins Pluto at 11:06 PM.  Schedule your prayer, affirmation and Law of Attraction work to coincide with this aspect for best results.

Special half off pricing continues through 15 August 2011 for my phone readings.  You can contact me here and sign up for my newsletter at the same time!  Here's hoping you're staying cool in this August heat and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Full Moon Celebration Cancellation

Just a short note--our Full Moon chat has been tabled due to a scheduling snafu.  Please message me if you'd be interested in a telechat for the Full Moon next week.  If there's sufficient interest I will schedule and announce it 10 August.

Topics covered will include the Full Moon, Last Quarter, upcoming New Moon, Mercury retrograde and some Law of Attraction work to help us get through the month of August 2011 with a bit more.

Holla and let me know what you'd like to do!  Click the link to leave me a comment for our proposed chat!



Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (5-7 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

It's time for the weekly wrap up and I have to say, this has really been a low energy week with a weekend to match.  Humanity is really going to have to bring it, because the Cosmos just isn't supplying much in the way of great help.

After a one minute void of course period the Moon enters Scorpio at 4:58 AM on Friday.  By Sunday however, we'll have another change of sign and Sagittarius will brighten our moods a bit.  Never the less, Friday is a three star day, Saturday a zero star day and Sunday is a two star day.  Exercise, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, Reiki or Qi Gong will go a long way toward building the resilience you  need to handle the energy this weekend with ease and grace.

Scorpio loves to plumb the depths of things and all water signs will benefit when the Moon transits Scorpio.  Wear your best black, red, maroon, burgundy and earth sign clothing to get in sync with the Scorpio vibe.  Obsidian, bloodstone, malachite and amethyst crystals are of benefit as you delve into the deeper mysteries of life and myrrh, patchouli and vanilla incense align well with the intensity of the Scorpio Moon.

Sagittarius lightens the mood on Sunday, bringing some sunshine to fire sign natives.  Wear your orange, gold, black or indigo accessories and outfits to best effect during the Sagittarian Moon.  Lapis lazuli, turquoise, amethyst or malachite crystals lift your spirits while copal, frankincense, dragon's blood or rosemary incense deepen your meditations.

Friday 5 August 2011 begins with an early morning Moon/Saturn sextile at 3:47 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  You may have some early morning project that gets you out of bed a bit earlier than usual.  Those still asleep at 4:57 AM may be gifted with an inspirational dream so have paper and pen near at hand to capture your adventures.  The Moon does that funny one minute void of course thing and then enters Scorpio at 4:58 AM.  Dealing with communications or writing projects first thing will be relatively easy since the Moon sextiles Mercury at 6:33 AM--just remember Mercury is retrograde and thoroughly check your work.  If you have the time, a visit to the gym or a morning jog is perfect for the Moon/Mars trine at 7:27 AM.  If you're needing to change a situation, take action at 1:54 PM when the Moon sextiles Pluto for your best transformational effect.  Compromise on expenditures when the Moon opposes Jupiter at 8:52 PM and avoid going overboard on anything.  Love and money are between a rock and a hard space when the Moon squares Venus at 10:57 PM so it's best not to force a showdown at this time.

Saturday 6 August 2011 brings the First Quarter Moon at 4:08 AM.  Examine where your plans for this lunar cycle are aground and tweak as necessary.  Those of you in the Los Angeles area, please join me for my August Full Moon celebration; check out the details here!

Sunday 7 August 2011 brings illusions and possible deceptions when the Moon squares Neptune at 8:15 AM.  The Moon is void of course after that period, but enters bright and bouncy Sagittarius at 8:21 AM, where our focus shift to dealings with people at a distance, legal concerns, higher education, publishing, distribution or printing concerns and spiritual or religious activities.  Communications are snarled again when the Moon squares Mercury at 8:54 AM, so go easy on the Sunday morning chats.  However, you'll be a regular genius flowing with sudden insights when the Moon trines Uranus at 3:54 PM.  Artistic projects and romantic possibilities take shape when Venus forms a sextile to Saturn at 7:19 PM, so take advantage and get your artistic/relationship circumstances shipshape.

I'm sure you can tell which days are likely to be high action days due to the number of aspects and which will be more quiet.  Take advantage of the quieter ones to rest and regroup since we're approaching a Full Moon next weekend.  And, till next time...

Rich Blessings,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday (3-4 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Our new lunar cycle is starting to gain some energy now as we enjoy the beauty of a Libra Moon.  Wednesday has an all-star cast of aspects, while Thursday has only two aspects--both are only three star days, however.  This continues the trend that began on Monday; bring your own light, or perhaps better said, bring your own high vibration where ever you go.

A Libra Moon offers a boost to air sign natives and puts us more in our heads than in our hearts or our bodies.  You can balance that out with a bit of physical movement in addition to wearing your favorite pastels, pinks, roses and black.  Try rose, mint or vanilla incense during your meditations and try agate, fire agate, rose quartz or lapis lazuli to protect your energy field.

Wednesday 3 August 2011 the Moon enters Libra at 3:04 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Mars enters the sign of Cancer at 2:22 AM so you might want to build a home gym, re-arrange the furniture--anything that requires energetic movement.  This will be a much more positive use of the energy than engaging in drama filled arguments!  Speaking of Mars, the Moon squares said planet at 3:04 AM, giving rise to potential arguments or listless sleep.  Mars trine Neptune at 3:55 AM suggests vivid and perhaps even violent dreams--hope you did some nerve calming yoga or something before you went to sleep!  A Moon/Uranus opposition means brace for impact as wild, weird and stubbornly eccentric behavior from some quarter is likely to pop up at this time.  Heavy handed superiors or controlling VIP's will have humanity on the ropes at 11:53 AM, so keep a low profile.  Money and love will be moving along nicely when the Moon sextiles Venus at 3:57 PM and some late night meditation yields intuitive prompts for your creative projects when the Moon and Sun sextile each other at 10:05 PM.  Taking the time to plan your day ahead will be of benefit when the Moon conjoins Saturn at 11:53 PM; keep the needs of partners in your sights during this Mercury retrograde period.

You did see how many aspects Wednesday has, yes?  Pay attention to shifts in the energy because the day's aspects/energy are changing at a quick pace!

Thursday 4 August 2011 brings lively conversations and communications when Mercury and Mars meet up at 4:20 PM.  Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius at 8:11 PM bringing an opportunity to revisit your deepest dreams and desires--especially as they relate to your artistry, friendships, group associations and spirituality.  A tendency to really over do needs to be reigned in when Venus squares Jupiter at 9:34 PM; your expenditures may be running wild at this time though, unfortunately.

If you or a loved one would benefit from working with me one on one, special pricing continues through 15 August.  You can send me a private message here to book your reading.  You will also find some information about me and be able to read some of my rave reviews on the LAGirl13 site.

So, enjoy the rest of your week and I'll see you Friday; till next time...

Rich Blessings!