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Monday & Tuesday (8-9 August 2011)

Greetings Friends!

The heat is on in the Los Angeles area--which isn't unusual for this time of year.  I was thoroughly spoiled by last summer's unseasonably cool temps, so now I am longing for Fall/Winter 2011 to make its arrival.  Seeing as how we're fast closing in on the August 2011 Full Moon, it appears I will get my wish sooner than later!  For today, though, we can revel in the joys of a five star Sagittarius Moon day!  Tomorrow is a bit more Rocky Road with only two stars, so bring your sunshine and rainbows with you.  A little Qi Gong, Reiki, aromatherapy and Law of Attraction work will help you leap over any hurdles you encounter on 'Two Star Tuesday'.

Tuesday afternoon the energy makes a shift from jolly Sagittarius to serious business Capricorn.  Wear your best conservative black, dark blue, brown or gray suit and dress to impress.  Black amethyst, bloodstone and carnelian crystals will help you cope with challenging energies as will meditation with musk, jasmine or patchouli incense/essential oils.  Keep a weather eye out for your business goals and career ambitions for the next couple of days too.

Monday 8 August 2011 Mercury retrogrades back into Leo at 2:46 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  Old lovers may come to call or you may find yourself dusting off old creative projects to see if you want to revive them.  Or perhaps children may play a role in your life in some way that reminds you of the good old days. Whatever your unique blast from the past happens to be, just be prepared for the walk down memory lane that Mercury retrograde in Leo can bring.

Get out your planner and put down some fresh ideas for the week ahead when the Moon sextiles Saturn at 7:07 AM.  Try to finish that work up by 7:07 AM because we have a hazy/confusing Mercury opposition aspect to Neptune at 7:27 AM; with Mercury retrograde we can really get our information mixed up once Neptune joins the party.  If you're needing to set things straight in your love life or with your money, take care of it around 8:31 AM when the Moon trines Venus.  And be ready to put your intuitive insights into action when the Moon sextiles the Sun at 12:22 PM.  This is a nice way to start the week, don't you think?

Tuesday 9 August 2011 has us getting our feathers ruffled in response to shocks, surprises and other upsetting situations when Mars squares Uranus at 9:34 AM.  You can probably talk things through to a good conclusion when the Moon trines Mercury at 12:20 PM and you'll have inspiration galore for your projects when the Moon sextiles Neptune at 1:25 PM.  Postpone acting on the inspiration because the Moon is void of course at that point--but for just a few minutes.  The Moon sails into Capricorn at 1:38 PM giving you leave to take aim and fire on career goals and ambitions for the next couple of days.  A square between the Moon and Uranus at 9:15 PM suggests the need for patience when others are being stubbornly eccentric; what else can you do?  Withdraw, and might I suggest an early bedtime, if things become heated when the Moon opposes Mars at 9:51 PM.  Transformation in your key areas of concern is still possible though when the Moon conjoins Pluto at 11:06 PM.  Schedule your prayer, affirmation and Law of Attraction work to coincide with this aspect for best results.

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Rich Blessings!

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