Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (16-18 September 2011)

Greetings Friends!

Humanity will be enjoying the calm of the waning Moon in Taurus as we complete our work week and head into the weekend.  By Sunday we will move into the chatty, changeable vibe of Gemini which may may make us want to be out and about with others or at least on the phone or the internet connecting with people.  This is a weekend to clean up, de-clutter and organize our homes, especially our home offices and paperwork pertaining to finances.  That way Sunday is free and clear for you to be out and about or connecting and communicating with others via technology.

The Moon moving through Gemini will be of benefit to all air signs; Sagittarians, Virgos and Piscean types may find the energy somewhat less comfortable.  Wear your favorite green, yellow, white or blue outfits along with some agate, moss agate, tiger's eye or tourmaline stones to keep up with the energy of Gemini.  Meditation with dragon's blood or mint incense will also help you keep up with the changeable energy that is Gemini.

16 September 2011 is a five star day that begins with an uplifting and lucky Moon-Jupiter conjunction at 8:06 AM (Note:  all times in this blog are PDT).   Pluto makes it's direct station at 11:23 AM leaving retrograde status; issues of transformation, estate concerns, secrets and power plays will be in focus for the next several days as Pluto regains forward motion.   Communication projects receive a boost when the Moon trines Mercury at 3:35 PM; teachers, students and presenters take note!

17 September 2011 is a one star day that starts off with an awkward Venus-Uranus opposition at 4:06 AM; be on guard for an early morning wake-up call regarding love or money that may crash land into your plans for sleeping in Saturday morning!   The trine between the Moon and Sun at 2:20 PM offers intuitive insights into your affairs; allow your intuitive prompts to be your guide.  Best to avoid making any important decisions when the Moon squares Neptune at 10:47 PM; information is hazy at best, so wait till tomorrow to sign on the dotted line or give your okay on a deal.

18 September 2011 is a four star day and you'll want to be prepared for some potential insomnia issues thanks to an early morning Moon-Mars sextile at 12:09 AM.  The Moon is void of course after that aspect, but quickly shifts into Gemini at 1:06 AM.  A focus on communications and dealings with siblings is on tap for the next couple of days.  The early morning insomnia trend is further exacerbated by a Moon-Uranus sextile at 6:51 AM; the possibilities for early morning disturbances makes this a good day for planning to start your Sunday morning activities early rather than sleeping in.  A perusal of love and money matters will have you feeling satisfied when the Moon trines Venus at 10:02 AM, but that energy shifts into something far less than satisfying when Venus squares Pluto at 6:06 PM.  Power plays and disagreements are unfortunately par for the course at this point.  Mars enters Leo at 6:51 PM bringing ardor and passion to creative projects and romantic affairs till 11 November 2011.

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Rich Blessings!

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