Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday, Saturday & Sunday (9-11 September 2011)

Greetings Friends!

We're getting ready for the weekend (with a Full Moon following close behind before day Monday morning), but first we have to wrap up the work week.  The Moon switches to Pisces on Saturday afternoon and we will enjoy two five star days!  Friday and Sunday are both five star days (with Sunday being the more powerful of the two) and Saturday is a four star day, so make those plans!

There's nothing I like better than the energy of Pisces--especially on a relaxing weekend; deep, artistic, meditative.  Water sign natives will get the biggest bang out of the Moon's transit through Pisces.  You can catch the vibe by wearing your best blue, aqua, sea green, indigo or lavender outfits.  Amethyst, aquamarine, turquoise and coral are your go to crystals and enjoy inspired meditations with lavender, jasmine, sage or sandalwood incense or essential oils.

Friday 9 September 2011 the only aspect of the day is a trine between the Moon and Saturn at 9:31 AM; knock out your heavy duty chores early and you'll be able to enjoy an aspect free time the rest of the day (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).

Saturday 10 September 2011 late sleepers benefit when the Moon conjoins Neptune at 10:32 AM; have pen and paper ready to capture exciting dream insights.  The Moon is void of course after that aspect till 12:26 PM, when it lopes into Pisces.  Focus on spiritual matters, photography, art, water sports, music or film to get the most out of the Moon's visit in Piscean waters.

Communication snafus ensue when the Moon opposes Mercury at 6:06 PM; your best bet is not to be demanding, reach for compromise in your discussions with others.  Plan a hot, sexy rendezvous with your mate when Venus sextiles Mars at 9:36 PM and be prepared for things to get really steamy when the Moon sextiles Pluto at 10:01 PM!

Sunday 11 September 2011 begins with a dusting of Celestial good luck when the Moon sextiles Jupiter at 8:17 AM.  Writers, students--anyone with a need for powerful, persuasive communication skills take note; Mercury trines Pluto at 10:27 PM and now is the time to write that proposal, paper or presentation!

And that's it for this weekend!  Hope you signed up for the Astrology 3-D course since it starts 17 September--lots of fun and insights to be shared.  If what you require is more personal insight, book your private reading with me here!  And till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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