Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday & Tuesday (21-22 November 2011)

Greetings Friends!

We begin the week with the Moon transiting through Libra, but Tuesday evening we switch to a Scorpio Moon, so expect lots of fluctuations in the energy as we begin our work week.  In addition, Monday evening we enter the dark of the Moon phase for our current lunar cycle in prepartion for a New Moon this Thursday; don't be surprised if your energy feels a bit low, this is the lowest energy of the current lunar cycle.  Monday is a zero star day and Tuesday is a four star day with a void of course Moon period; good self-care routines will be beneficial to help you deal with Monday's energetic slump!  Try some exercise, meditation, yoga, Reiki or Qi gong to balance out your energy.

Air sign natives receive a nice energy boost from the Moon's current transit through Libra.  Thanks to the Libra transit our focus will be on artistry, justice, romance and refinement during this transit and you can get in sync with this by wearing your favorite, black, pink, rose, or pastel outfits/accessories.  Celestite, aquamarine, carnelian, agate and fire agate jewelry will work well with the Libran vibe as will mint, rose and vanilla incense.

Monday 21 November 2011 offers only a square between the Moon and the God of the underworld Pluto at 3:04 AM; avoid being out and about in the wee hours of the morning if at all possible as non too friendly types may be out and about looking to create mayhem (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).

Tuesday 22 November 2011 Venus sextile to Saturn at 12:19 AM offers you an opportunity to get your money matters organized and under control.  Early morning chats may be in vogue (or late night studies) when the Moon sextiles (soon to be retrograde) Mercury at 1:39 AM.  The Sun enters Sagittarius at 8:08 AM--happy birthday Sagittarians!  Take it slow when the Moon conjoins Saturn at 9:43 AM--and be prepared, restrictions and delays are likely.  Love and money might be looking alright when the Moon sextiles Venus at 10:30 AM.  Take in a movie, enjoy music, dance, art, boating or perhaps just spend some time in blissful meditation when the Moon trines Neptune at 3:04 PM.  The Moon is void of course after that aspect, so avoid starting any new projects until the Moon enters Scorpio 5:58 PM.  An opposition between the Moon and Jupiter at 9:25 PM lends itself to overdoing things, so put your plastic away and try not to make statements (or promises) too big to keep!

We'll be preparing for a New Moon in Sagittarius when next we meet, so start preparing your goals for the next lunar cycle.  Sagittarius is all about adventure, ambition, writing, travel, studies and sports--there's bound to be a goal or two in there that's just right for you!  Start mapping out your new plans and I'll see you back here Wednesday for more astrological highlights!

Rich Blessings!

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