Thursday, December 15, 2011

Astrology Predictions for Friday-Sunday (16-18 December 2011)

Greetings Friends!

That old saying 'when you're hot you're hot, and when you're not, you're not' comes to mind in looking at this weekend's aspects--they are only so so.  The Last Quarter Moon and a waning Moon in Virgo give way to a Libra Moon Sunday morning, so it's time to take a look at what plans went off track this lunar cycle in preparation for our next lunar cycle.  In short, this weekend's Virgo Moon offers a chance to get organized, finish your work projects and then spend Sunday beautifying yourself and your world.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?

What do you think of when I say 'Libra Moon'?  How about calm, balance, cooperation, romance and artistic work!  That ought to give you plenty to think about/do this Sunday!  While the air signs get the nod with a Libra Moon, why not play along in your prettiest (or most handsome) black, pink, rose or pastel outfit?  Agate, fire agate, celestite or opal jewelry will add a nice finishing touch and when you're ready to spend some time with your sweetheart you can't go wrong with vanilla, violet, mint or rose incense or essential oils!

Friday 16 December 2011 begins with a wonky Moon-Mercury square at 3:36 AM; no use working late on that communications project or dragging out a late night conversation, as wires are likely to get crossed in the process (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  Wake up early and take advantage of a powerful transformative trine between the Moon and Pluto at 7:55 AM; this is a great aspect for whacking bad habits into submission, locating the missing puzzle piece to your research project or divining metaphysical secrets!  Plan some late evening entertainment to burn up the extra energy from a  conjunction between the Moon and Mars at 11:34 PM; hitting the gym after work might be just the thing.

Saturday 17 December 2011 the Last Quarter Moon clocks in at 4:48 PM; challenges loom--what projects from this current lunar cycle would you like to continue to work on after the New Moon 24 December?  Love and money get themselves straight via a Moon-Venus trine at 6:29 PM and then the Moon goes void of course.  Make sure you wait until the Moon enters Libra tomorrow to start new projects.

Sunday 18 December 2011 the Moon enters Libra at 12:06 AM.  A chancy Moon-Pluto opposition at 1:15 AM suggests caution; no hanging out with dubious folks in less than desirable parts of town or baiting volatile types at this time.   Restrictions in love and money may give you cause for concern when Venus squares Saturn at 6:18 AM; try neutral corners and give thorny emotions time to get back into balance.  You may be able to talk things over when the Moon sextiles Mercury at 9:24 AM; be ready for stubborn power plays, however, when the Moon squares Pluto 11:45 AM.  Like I said, rather so-so energy for this weekend.

The Moon transiting Libra this weekend sounds like an excellent time for a love Tarot reading!  You can take a peak at what's shaping up for you romantically by booking your personal consultation here! 

I hope your weekend is restful--I know the holidays can keep you on your toes; enjoy and I will see you back here Monday!

Rich Blessings!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have so much to learn with Astrology so I'm glad you're here to decipher it!!