Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Wednesday thru Thursday (1-2 February 2012)

Greetings Friends!

Here we are at mid-week with a waxing Moon in Taurus preparing to give way to Gemini; translation:  get ready for lots more communications, travel and interactions with siblings.  Wednesday is a one star day--so it's time for self care routines!  Fortunately Thursday is a five star day, so life is a little easier to handle.

The Moon in Gemini is focused on ideas, cleverness, mental work, and writing.  Keep yellow or orange as your primary colors, but mix with black, blue or light gray.  Dragon's blood, mastic or mint are scents of choice to match Gemini's mercurial mood while tiger's eye, moonstone, agate or moss agate are your go to crystals for a Gemini Moon.

Wednesday 1 February 2012 begins with some murky or deceptive goings on thanks to the Moon squaring Neptune at 11:06 AM; note to self, make no agreements at this time (Also Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect, so don't start any new projects--do, however, fire that loser boy friend, send off the check for that delinquent bill or anything else you want to put to rest without it coming back to haunt you.  Better do it quick though, the Moon hops into Gemini at 11:15 AM.  You're back in the groove when the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus at 2:54 PM; creative ideas, shocks and avant garde behavior will be in vogue, so be prepared!  The love and money train derails when Venus opposes Mars at 3:41 PM--count to 100 (forget 10 since Mars is retrograde), don't say it or spray it!  Breathe, go for a walk...meditate and be prepared to do this  off and on for the next five months or so.

Thursday 2 February 2012 early morning communications work is likely to get you up and moving thanks to the Moon forming a trine with Mercury at 6:41 AM.  Allow your intuitive promptings to guide your action when the Moon trines the Sun at 2:01 PM.  And that's all she wrote (about astrological aspects for Thursday, that is).

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That's going to do it for now, take care and I will see you back here Friday morning for the weekend wrap up!

Rich Blessings!

Thursday 2 February 2012

Thursday 2 February 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Monday thru Tuesday (30-31 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

We're starting the work week under the energies of a waxing Taurus Moon!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to organize your work/office, become more productive in your key areas of expertise, and enjoy nature a bit.  We won't have a change of sign until Wednesday, so let's just get to it, shall we?

Monday 30 January 2012 is a two star day that begins with a lot of optimism and potential good fortune when the Moon conjoins Jupiter at 3:29 AM (Note:  all aspects indicated in this blog are PST).  While this aspect is best for time zones East of PST, don't worry, there will be a powerful aspect for the West coast folks to enjoy this afternoon!  First we will have to deal with communication snarls when the Moon squares Mercury at 8:14 AM; be deliberate, double check your work and ask questions to insure there's clarity around the issues of work and appointments for the day.  A trine between the Moon and Pluto at 3:25 PM offers breakthroughs in therapeutic settings, research work, or metaphysical studies.  For those of you West of PST; it might be time to bust a romantic move with someone special.  And lastly, the First Quarter Moon clocks in at 8:10 PM at 10 degrees of Taurus; time to review and revise your goals and plans for this lunar cycle as they may have hit a bump in the road at this point.

Tuesday 31 January 2012 is a five star day beginning with a romantic buzz when the Moon sextiles Venus at 6:08 PM (and money is probably looking pretty good too at this time).  Hit the gym, go for a jog or join your mate for a romantic evening when the Moon trines Mars at 8:28 PM; just remember Mars is retrograde and avoid allowing your energies to devolve into tantrums or frustration.

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And so another week begins; remember to do some self-care work for Monday (since we've only got a two star day) and I'll see you back here bright and early Wednesday morning.

Rich Blessings!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (27-29 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

Well, Mars retrograde has certainly been having fun with me; anger, frustration and me trying to push the river--you would think I would know better.  Mars is going to be retrograde quite awhile and Saturn joins the party next month, so I would say one of the watch words for 2012 is Patience.

Anyway, the waxing Pisces Moon is in void of course status on Friday until 10:28 AM when it hands over the baton to Aries.  The Aries Moon switches to Taurus Sunday evening, so the energy is mostly energetic for the weekend, but becomes stable, earthy and organized as we head into the last work week of January 2012.

Aries is fiery, fast and 'me' oriented, so wear your favorite red, white, yellow or pink outfit along with ruby, fire opal, quartz crystal or amethyst crystals.  If you can get yourself to wind down (might not be too hard since Mars is retrograde) try some cinnamon, copal, frankincense or dragon's blood incense.  

Taurus is earthy, industrious, sensual and practical.  Spring green, cream, pink or blue outfits/accessories will work well with a Taurus Moon.  Try moss agate, lapis lazuli, carnelian or jade crystals and vanilla, violet, musk or patchouli incense to soothe and calm you during your weekend activities.

Friday 27 January 2012 is a four star day that gets off to a bit of a wonky start thanks to a Mercury-Saturn square at 1:21 AM (Note:  all times indicated are PST); this is not the night to stay up working on the term paper or for forcing a late night chat--there will be better energetic support later in the day.  Mercury will be turbo charged when it jumps into Aquarius at 10:12 AM--make good use of technology when communicating with others now till Valentines day when Mercury hops into Pisces.

The Moon sextiles Mercury at 10:30 AM which is very helpful for that term paper or communications project; the Moon conjoins Uranus at 1:39 PM taking your communications to a whole new level.  Be prepared for shocks, surprises and sudden changes--hopefully all of these will be positive!

Saturday 28 January 2012 is a two star day that begins with a creative and intuitive sextile between the Moon and Sun at 2:01 AM.  Hopefully you're not out and about in the wee hours of the morning; as a challenging square between the Moon and Pluto suggests keeping to safe places (like home) and avoiding quarrelsome people--for safety's sake.  Ingenious ideas flow with ease when Mercury sextiles Uranus at 10:27 AM, but the rest of the day is spent building to a challenging square between Mercury and Jupiter.  Don't believe the hype--from any quarter and try to keep your own promises and choices reasonable as well.

Sunday 29 January 2012 is a three star day with two late evening aspects.  The first aspect is an opposition between the Moon and Saturn at 9:21 PM; be prepared to deal with delays and challenges when Saturn is on the scene slowing things down and asking that we take our duties seriously.  A Moon-Neptune sextile at 10:09 PM is great for sliding off to sleep with ease; you may want paper and pen by the bed to capture your early nocturnal wanderings.  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect, but enters Aries fairly quickly at 10:28 PM.

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I wish you a relaxing, enjoyable weekend and hope to see you back here bright and early Monday morning!

Rich Blessings!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Astrological Predictions for Wednesday & Thursday (25-26 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

With the New Moon taking baby steps into a new lunar cycle and the Chinese New Year (year of the water Dragon) now underway we can begin to tackle our latest round of goals and dreams.  The Sun in Aquarius likes to gather with like minded friends, so you might want to find allies to help you on this stretch of your journey.  The Moon moves into Piscean waters early Wednesday--a five star day, giving humanity a reprieve from outward business and an opportunity for introspection and internal focus.  Thursday is a three star day with an extended void of course Moon period; not good for launching a new project, but certainly good for ending any matter you need well and truly finished.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and all water sign natives benefit from this transit.  Shades of blue, green or purple along with your favorite aquamarine, amethyst, turquoise or coral jewelry fits in nicely with the Piscean vibes offered at midweek.  Add a bit of lavender, jasmine or sandalwood incense during your meditations and you'll be ready to roll with whatever the Pisces Moon sends your way.

Wednesday 25 January 2012 begins with sweet dreams thanks to the Moon conjoining Neptune at 12:34 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  You might want to have paper and pen at the ready in case you awaken from a particularly insightful dream; this is especially so since the Moon is void of course after that aspect.  The Moon enters Pisces at 1:11 AM.

Later in the morning humanity gets a high five from the Universe in the form of a Moon-Jupiter sextile at 4:47 AM; an early, optimistic start to your day may allow you to take advantage of some special boon.   The late afternoon brings an opportunity for a breakthrough in therapeutic settings, research work or spiritual studies thanks to a sextile between the Moon and Pluto at 4:30 PM.  Or maybe you just steal away from work a bit early for an early start to a romantic evening.

Thursday 26 January 2012 offers an early morning conjunction between the Moon and Venus; begin the day by telling those you love how much you care--hard to find a better way to begin the day than that!  Don't allow those good feelings to peter out when the Moon opposes Mars at 8:52 PM; harsh words and harsh tempers can be cooled--and perhaps better dealt with, by taking a swim or having a vigorous workout--on the dance floor!  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect and won't enter Aries until Friday morning, so postpone the start of new projects till then.  A night of music, movies, dance or artistic work would be well advised under the auspices of a Pisces Moon.

And that will do it for now; join me here Friday morning for a peak at what the Celestial energy for Friday and the weekend have in store!  Till then be well and...

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Monday thru Tuesday (23-24 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

We've got a new work week and a new lunar cycle as we kick off this Monday under a waxing Aquarian Moon.  I hope the New Moon energy didn't keep the sensitives among you awake last night--we've got about another day before the energies build up some steam and we can get on with the business of manifesting our goals for this lunar cycle.  Both Monday and Tuesday are five star days with an edge going to Monday since Saturn is the energy holding court on Tuesday.  We won't have a change of sign till Wednesday so that gives a steadiness to the energy as we begin the work week--although an Aquarian Moon likes to surprise, so who knows!

Monday 23 January 2012 things are rocking and rolling in the wee hours of the morning thanks to a Mercury-Mars trine at 3:17 AM--I hope you took your melatonin!  (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  The only other Celestial news is a big one as Mars makes its retrograde station at 4:54 PM.  This is a lengthy retrograde with an even more lengthy retrograde shadow.  While the retrograde officially ends 13 April 2012, the retrograde shadow extends till 18 June 2012--this year might well go down as the year of the retrograde as we've got more retrogrades coming in the near future.  Mars rules our aggressive, action oriented energy.  With this energy we may find it difficult to launch new projects or you may find yourself feeling unduly fatigued; our energy is turned inward and we will be mulling over the various situations in our life that aren't really working for us--especially as they relate to health, work/service or care of our dependents (Mars is retrograde in Virgo).  Old health maladies may return during this retrograde reminding us to pay attention to our health care needs; now is a good time to decide to make good health your first priority!

Tuesday 24 January 2012 we have only one aspect building all day and it is a Moon-Saturn trine at 11:59 PM.  Now is a good time for mapping out your plans, organizing your office or pushing through on an project with a deadline as you'll have the focus and discipline to do a great job.

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Rich Blessings!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (20-22 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

It's time to wrap up the third work week of 2012.  The waning Sagittarian Moon gives way to Capricorn on Friday evening, but overall it's not a bad day--I'm giving it four stars.  Saturday and Sunday follow suit with four stars, but Sunday plays host to a change of sign to Aquarius and a New Moon (hope you've got your goals for this next lunar cycle ready to roll).

Capricorn is an earth sign and the 10th sign of the zodiac, so all you earth sign natives will benefit from the Moon's transit through Capricorn the next couple of days.  Keep your focus on career, ambition, self-discipline and self-sufficiency and you'll be on target!  Capricorn energy is rather conservative so black, brown, gray, indigo or dark green shades are a good bet.  Try black amethyst, smoky quartz, bloodstone or quartz crystal in a pocket or purse to support your energy, while jasmine, musk, patchouli or benzoin incense will be great when you're ready to relax or meditate this weekend.

Aquarius, on the other hand is the sign of humor, humanitarianism, rebellion and creative expression.  This eleventh house air sign likes to mix things up, shock or surprise others so wear neon/fluorescent shades of pink, blue, violet--even silver for a pop of Aquarian drama.  Lapis lazuli, aquamarine, amethyst, or celestite crystals work well with an Aquarian Moon and try sandalwood, lavender, frankincense or patchouli incense during your self-care practices.

Friday 20 January 2012 begins with an off kilter square between the Moon and Mars; melatonin and some meditation before bed may help you fall asleep and stay asleep despite worrisome issues or restlessness (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  The Sun enters Aquarius at 8:10 AM and Happy Birthday to all of the Aquarians out there!  Transformations in love and money may be in bound thanks to a sextile between Venus and Pluto at 12:31 PM; take action to make changes for the better for your emotional and financial well being at this time.  Organization and discipline are what's needed when the Moon sextiles Saturn at 1:21 PM, so despite the fact that the weekend is visible on the horizon, plan on knocking out those major objectives sooner than later.  Brainstorming, daydreaming, or creative work may pay off brilliantly when the Moon sextiles Neptune at 1:50 PM--this is especially so since the Moon is void of course after that aspect.  The Moon enters Capricorn at 2:40 PM, try to wait until that time to begin new projects.  Rude, eccentric or bizarre behavior and occurrences are in vogue when the Moon squares Uranus at 5:02 PM, so brace yourself, but you'll end the work day feeling pretty optimistic and lucky when the Moon trines Jupiter at 5:17 PM.

Note that we enter the Dark of the Moon portion of this lunar phase this evening.  Taking some time for extra rest, a detox and meditation now that the energies are low can be extremely restorative as we head toward a new lunar cycle.

Saturday 21 January 2012 begins with a powerful conjunction between the Moon and Pluto at 4:31 AM; this is a powerful time to affirm positive changes in your life experience (if you're up and about, that is).  The Moon sextiles Venus at 6:00 AM is a good time to snuggle with someone you love or take some time for beauty rituals--self love is a good thing.  Creativity may be off the charts when the Sun sextiles Uranus at 5:21 PM, so take time to work on your creative projects--this is also a good time to study astrology, if you're so inclined!  A tendency for over doing things is likely when the Sun squares Jupiter at 10:35 PM; probably best to wait till later to take action on your new
plans--especially since the New Moon won't arrive until late tomorrow evening.

Sunday 22 January 2012 your mental gears may be rolling a little too early when the Moon conjoins Mercury at 4:02 AM; jot down some notes and get some more sleep!  It may not be a whole lot of sleep thanks to a trine between the Moon and Mars at 6:42 AM--nice to wake with a lot of energy, especially if you've got a lot of physical work to do today.  The rest of the day builds to a snag and delay inducing Moon-Saturn square at 5:38 PM.  If things just aren't wanting to come together let it be alright with you because a Moon-Uranus sextile arrives at 9:27 PM to shake everything (and everyone) up, just don't get carried away with yourself when the Moon squares Jupiter at 9:56 PM.  Be prepared for sleep challenges when the New Moon arrives at 11:39 PM (at two degree of Aquarius).  Aquarian themes such as group/charitable work, new technology, being creative or unconventional might be excellent things to focus on during this new lunar cycle.

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Enjoy your weekend and I will see you here bright and early Monday morning for another week of Celestial insights.

Rich Blessings!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Wednesday thru Thursday (18-19 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

The waning Moon in intense Scorpio changes to the upbeat energy of Sagittarius during the late morning hours of Wednesday.  While Sagittarius tends to be forward thinking, broad minded and optimistic we will be dealing with challenging Celestial energy mid-week.  Your best bet?  Take time for meditation, exercise, extra sleep or other healthy self-care modalities on Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday is a two star energy day and Thursday a zero star energy day; yep, you're definitely going to want to bring your own sunshine to work mid-week.

Fiery Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and focuses our energies on issues of confidence, exploration, fearlessness, writing, philosophy and freedom.  Join the party by wearing your favorite blue, black, gold or purple outfits or accessories.  Lapis lazuli, malachite, obsidian or turquoise jewelry as well as copal, dragon's blood, frankincense or ginger incense/essential oils will add the right spark to your activities mid-week.

Wednesday 18 January 2012 has been chosen as a day to highlight public disaffection with the SOPA & PIPA legislation in America--hence this blog may be interrupted Wednesday morning.  Google and other major internet sites are participating in an internet blackout, so we'll just see how all of this plays out.

In other news (ahem) our first aspect of the day is a cheerful Moon-Sun sextile at 8:00 AM  PST; heed your intuitive prompts before taking action (and, as always, the times in this blog are all PST).  The square between the Moon and Neptune at 10:32 AM says details are fuzzy or just plain misleading on major concerns so postpone decision making for the time being.  This is all exacerbated by the fact the Moon is void of course after that last aspect until 11:29 when the Moon enters Sagittarius (so hold off on new projects until the change of sign).  Electric ideas and surprises are popping when the Moon trines Uranus at 1:41 PM--hopefully you hear some great news at this time!  Obstacles to love and money matters rear their pointy little heads when the Moon squares Venus at 9:47 PM; things will look better on the love/money front by Friday, so try to be patient.

Thursday 19 January 2012 offers just one not so nice aspect in the form of a Sun-Saturn square 1:20 PM; be prepared for project delays, snags and maybe even a bit of fatigue (we are getting close to the dark of the Moon portion of this lunar phase).  Since we have the Sun and Saturn involved the energy of this aspect is going to be rather big; hence we can (unfortunately) expect the effects of this particular aspect to be somewhat pervasive on Thursday.

If you're ready to spy out more personal matters, drop in and see me at the Psychic Eye; Tarot readings, astrological consultations, and love Tarot readings are also available by phone.

Wishing you clear sailing through the Celestial bumpy weather on Wednesday and Thursday and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Monday thru Tuesday (16-17 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

The Universe is granting us some pretty good aspects for kicking off the work week.  Although those of us who live in America are on holiday, everybody gets a bit of a bit of a reprieve from challenging energies with a four star day Monday (plus a change of sign from Libra to Scorpio) and a five star day on Tuesday.

A waning Scorpio Moon turns our focus to the more intense subjects of life:  death, destruction, mysticism, sexuality, and spirituality--to name a few.  Equally intense colors are the order of the day:  black, maroon, brown, gray and dark red for candles, clothing, etc.; these colors will put you in alignment with Scoprio's deep water element energy.  Vanilla, patchouli, myrrh or violet incense matched with turquoise, zircon, bloodstone or garnet crystals work very nicely with the Scorpio transit.

Monday 16 January 2012 we encounter the Last Quarter Moon at 1:08 AM; time to take a look at where our plans ran aground during this lunar cycle and prepare our goals for the New Moon to come (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  Duty and responsibility call when the Moon conjoins Saturn at 7:00 AM followed by an introspective Moon-Neptune trine.  Take the time for meditation, music studies, photographic work or dance--although meditation might be the better choice since the Moon is void of course after that last aspect (avoid starting new projects during this period).  We're back in the game and able to move about the cabin after the Moon enters Scorpio at 8:33 AM.   The Moon gets into a bit of a tug of war with Jupiter at 10:34 AM; time to cool your jets and avoid over doing things at this time.  Need to sort out love or money issues?   The Moon-Venus trine at 2:05 PM is just the ticket and then plan on doing some work to resolve stubborn challenges when the Moon sextiles Pluto at 9:57 PM (or enjoy a romantic evening with your beloved, either way you'll come up a winner).

Tuesday 17 January 2012 plan on dispatching your communications work early thanks to a sextile between the Moon and Mercury at 8:24 AM.  A sextile between the Moon and Mars is good for getting the heavy lifting, exercise or other physical activities of the day taken care of--and then we are aspect free the remainder of the day!

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I hope you'll join me bright and early Wednesday morning when we take a look at the Celestial energies for mid-week; till then take care and...

Rich Blessings!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (13-15 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

It's time to wrap up the Celestial Energies for the work week and take a look at what's in store for the weekend.  The waning Moon in Virgo passes the baton to Libra on Saturday bringing issues of relationship, beauty and artistry/design up for consideration.  Friday the 13th is actually an amazing day astrologically and I'm giving it five stars, Saturday is a one star day and we finish up with a five star day on Sunday as well.

Airy Libra is the seventh sign of the western zodiac and this weekend's transit through Libra gives an energetic boost to all air sign natives.  Enjoy the beauty of the Libran vibe by wearing pink, rose, yellow, royal blue or your favorite pastels.  Celestite, fire agate, agate, aquamarine, or jade crystals in a pocket or purse work nicely as will vanilla, violet, rose or mint incense or essential oils for your self care regimens (especially important for Saturday!).

Friday 13 January 2012 starts with an opportunity to bring beauty and structure to love, relationships, design projects and your mental work when Venus trines Saturn at 1:05 AM (Note:  all times indicated are PST).  Communicate powerfully when Mercury conjoins Pluto at 5:01 AM and investigate the beauty of photography, art, dance, or music (or spend some fruitful time in meditation) when Venus conjoins Neptune at 7:18 AM.  Hit the gym or enjoy some other physical activity when the Moon conjoins Mars at 4:36 PM; this will prevent the martial tenor of this aspect from devolving into arguments and temper tantrums..  Allow your intuition to inform you of the perfect plan for your key projects and goals when the Moon trines the Sun at 5:58 PM.  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect till tomorrow at 5:28 AM Saturday, so hold off on launching new projects till then.  Love becomes a mystical, secretive thing as Venus enters the sign of Pisces at 9:47 PM remaining there until the seventh of February 2012.

Saturday 14 January 2012 be on your guard for sudden challenges when the Moon squares Venus at 7:28 AM.  A swell of good fortune in your love and money affairs is likely when Venus sextiles Jupiter at 6:49 PM; just be prepared for arm wrestling with difficult people when the Moon squares Pluto at the same exact moment.  Blocked and difficult communications for the remainder of the night stack the deck against a romantic vibe this evening; table that quiet dinner for two till tomorrow.

Sunday 15 January 2012 hasn't any exact aspects all day, so spend the day with someone you love or work on projects to beautify yourself or your home.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to take a little time out for your self-care projects as well!

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Americans will be on holiday celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday this Monday, never the less I will see you back here with the low down on all things Celestial bright and early Monday morning.  Take care and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Wednesday thru Thursday (11-12 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

Mid-week finds humanity enjoying the sunny energy of the Moon transiting through Leo, but by Thursday we become more detailed oriented with the lunar shift into Virgo.  Wednesday is a three star day and Thursday is a four star day, and that's plenty of reason for you to take the time for some solid self-care work--especially on Wednesday.

Earthy Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and keeps our focus on issues of work, business success, adaptability and practicality.  The earth sign natives will be in the spotlight during the Virgo Moon transit, but air, fire and water sign natives can tag along by wearing earth tones of brown, gray, black or tan.  Blue topaz, turquoise, pink jasper or jade crystals will support the Virgoan vibe nicely as will patchouli, lavender or rosemary incense or essential oils.

Wednesday 11 January 2012 you may want to re-evaluate love and money matters when the Moon opposes Venus at 9:28 PM--compromise is your best bet to smooth out any bumps in the road right now (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  Get out your planner and make some detailed notes and plans for the rest of the month when the Moon sextiles Saturn at 11:49 PM.

Thursday 12 January 2012 the Moon opposes Neptune at 12:24 AM, so avoid coming to any hard and fast conclusions while this hazy aspect is holding sway.  This is especially true given that the Moon becomes void of course after that last aspect.  Wait until the Moon enters Virgo at 1:44 AM before launching new initiatives.  Feelings of optimism or even news of good fortune may be winging our way when the Moon trines Jupiter at 3:18 AM and expect to get the upper hand in your communications projects when the Moon trines Mercury at 1:33 PM.   Carve out some time to yourself at 3:11 PM when the Moon trines Pluto; therapy sessions, research projects or metaphysical studies will receive a huge boost at this time.  Get out the melatonin and prepare for a trine between the Moon and Mars at 8:46 PM--not exactly conducive to getting some rest (so maybe you want to hit the gym instead!).

We're headed into the stretch with a weekend coming into view.  I'll be back on Friday with weekend insights, but if you need answers to pressing personal issues, drop by the Psychic Eye for a Tarot reading or schedule a phone consultation with me instead. 

So, until Friday take care and I'll see you back here Friday morning in time for the week end round up!

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Astrological Predictions for Monday & Tuesday (9-10 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

We begin the second work week of the new year under the influence of a now waning Cancer Moon.  Emotions may still be running high and you may have recently become aware of some issue concerning the needs of your home or family.  Full Moon's are alway's polarities and with yesterday's Full Moon in Cancer there is a need to find balance between the demands of home and career.  Monday is a two star day with a change of sign to Leo and Tuesday is a five star day devoid of any major aspects.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and its natives tend to be fixed in nature (sometimes demonstrated as stubbornness).  The fiery nature of the Moon in Leo benefits all fire sign natives, but all signs can tag along by wearing shades of yellow, red, gold, green or orange as well as wearing amber, peridot, rose quartz or tourmaline crystals.  Copal, amber, frankincense or myrrh incense rounds out the list of tools you may use to benefit your energy under a Leo Moon transit.

Monday 9 January 2012 we hit the floor with an abundance of energy when the Moon sextiles Mars at 5:48 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  Be prepared for snags, delays and possible heavy traffic on the commute home when the Moon squares Saturn 6:25 PM.  These challenges may be exacerbated by the void of course Moon that arrives immediately after that last aspect.  The Moon enters Leo at 8:35 PM.  Rising home expenditures may be a cause of alarm when the Moon squares Jupiter at 9:59 PM, but don't throw in the towel just yet as the Moon trine Uranus at 10:29 PM brings the possibility of enlightening and ingenious ideas ripe for the picking!

Tuesday 10 January 2012 is without any major aspects leaving us free to roam about the cabin without major Celestial interference!  I'd like to  invite you to consider doing some wonderful form of self-care work, such as Reiki, Qi Gong or aromatherapy to help boost your personal vibration before you head off to begin your day.

Tarot or Medicine Card readings as well astrological consultations are available if you would like more personal insights for 2012.  Click here to arrange your meeting with me in person or via phone. 

The energies of the Full Moon will have died down by Wednesday when next we meet; till then take care and...

Rich Blessings!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (6-8 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

In Los Angeles we can literally feel things heating up--it was 80 degrees today, but it's also getting energetically hot due to a pending Full Moon.  The Full Moon on Sunday may bring a culmination in goals set in motion after the New Moon on Christmas Eve, but as we all know, not all projects conclude during one lunar cycle.  We'll take a closer look at this month's Full Moon in just a few minutes.

The Gemini Moon gives way to Cancer Saturday afternoon and with the Full Moon in sight, Friday is a three star day, Saturday a four star day and the Full Moon day clocks in with just one star.  I've got two words for you this weekend:  Self-Care (big time).  Meditation is always helpful during the Full Moon, but this time it's happening in the Moon's home sign of Cancer--which takes things to a whole new level.  My Dad was a Cancer and a very moody guy; I never understood how he could be happy one minute and mad as heck the next.  I want you to count each one of the Moon aspects Friday through Sunday and see how often a Cancerian born person experiences an energetic shift--no wonder the poor guy was up and down like a ferris wheel.  In any case, meditation is a great assist with mood management, anger management--just plain self control, so give it a try this weekend!

Cancer is the fourth sign of the western zodiac, it is a cardinal sign (read: leader energy) and a water element sign.  Blue, green, sea green and smoke gray are excellent choices for clothes, candles or accessories while the Moon transits through Cancer (why should the Moon children have all the fun?).  Rose quartz, pearls, rubies, moonstones and green turquoise are nice crystal choices to wear or carry and rose, myrrh, jasmine or sandalwood incense will bring a soothing energy to your self-care work.

Friday 6 January 2012 a Moon-Venus trine at 8:40 PM suggests a romantic evening with your mate will be in order; just remember to check your frustrations at the door when the Moon squares Mars four minutes later (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).

Saturday 7 January 2012 you'll need to stay focused as the energy shifts quite a bit today due to a plethora of aspects starting with a sextile between Mercury and Saturn at 12:13 AM; communications projects or a chat with a partner may have you up into the wee hours of the morning.  Look for spiritual communications that bring insights via the dream state or meditation when Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune at 7:16 AM.  Order and discipline are running the show when the Moon trines Saturn at 10:35 AM while inspiration kicks things up a notch when the Moon trines Neptune at 11:21 AM (did you notice how many Moon aspects we've had in the last couple of days?).  Neptune's inspiration lends itself to creative artistic projects, meditation and mystical visions, photography, music and dance--just to name a few creative possibilities.  Breathe through communication snafus when the Moon opposes Mercury at 11:52 AM; just remember the Moon is void of course after that aspect, so don't start new projects until it enters Cancer at 1:05 PM. You'll feel much better when the Moon sextiles the master of good fortune Jupiter at 2:20 PM, but  stubborn, whack-a-doodle behavior from some quarter is likely when the Moon squares Uranus at 2:58 PM...just keep doing that deep breathing thing you started this morning.  There will probably be increased communications around your career goals and ambitions as Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn at 10:34 PM; Mercury remains in Capricorn till 27 January 2012 at which point it enters the sign of Aquarius.

Sunday 8 January 2012 try to avoid getting into power plays with difficult people when the Moon opposes Pluto at 3:23 AM.  Great news or even better, great news about great good fortune is possible when Mercury trines Jupiter at 10:05 AM.  Round two of stubborn, whack-a-doodle energy arrives in the form of a Mercury-Uranus square; don't waste your time arguing, it's unlikely to help.  And the Full Moon clocks in at 11:30 PM (at 18 degrees of Cancer).  If you have planets at or about 18 degrees of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or Aries you are on the hot seat for this Full Moon.  The energy of Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus on this day gives us an inkling of what to expect in the next couple of weeks.  Expect things having to do with home, family or mother/nurturing issues to be up for examination.  And there should be something revealed about home/family in the 48 hour period after the Full Moon arrives.  The next two weeks are likely to be full of communications--some of this quite fortunate, thanks to Jupiter, others more jarring (thanks to the Uranus square).

This is definitely a day to spend some time doing meditation, exercise, Qi Gong, Reiki or to indulge in some water therapies to soothe frazzled nerves!  One more thing, with the Full Moon arriving late in the evening, those sensitives among you may feel like you're wired up on caffeine or something and hence unable to sleep.  Try a warm bath, melatonin or some foot reflexology (try essential oil of lavender or clary sage) to help ease you off to dream land...

It is just the first week of the year, perhaps you would benefit from some spiritual insights into the year ahead!  You can see my schedule and drop by the Psychic Eye or if you'd prefer to work with me via phone book your private Tarot or astrological reading with me here! 

I wish you a peaceful Full Moon weekend and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Astrological Predictions for Wednesday & Thursday (4-5 January 2012)

Greetings Friends,

The energy of mid-week isn't quite as snappy as what we enjoyed at the beginning of the week, so come prepared by doing a bit of self care work on Wednesday and Thursday.  We get a change of sign from Taurus to Gemini on Thursday making us a bit more chatty and perhaps wanting to be out and about a tad more as move through the middle of the week.  Both Wednesday and Thursday are about three star days with earth signs taking the energetic lead on Wednesday and air signs jumping into the driver's seat on Thursday.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins and offers air signs a bit of a boost on Thursday when the Moon begins it's monthly pilgrimage.  Focus on your sibling relationships, self expression, cleverness, and key communications and you'll stay ahead of the eight ball this week.  Shades of yellow and orange work well under a Gemini transit as does silver, white and light gray.  Quartz crystal, tiger's eye, pearl and moonstone crystals are great to tuck into a pocket or purse during this transit and dragon's blood or mint incense is great for your self-care rituals.  Maybe a little lemonade with mint to recharge with after work?

Wednesday 4 January 2012 may begin with some love or money challenges when the Moon squares Venus at 2:49 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  The trine between the Moon and Mars at 8:38 AM ought to have you up and moving early irregardless of any early morning anxiety.

Thursday 5 January 2012 may have you tossing and turning from unpleasant dreams or some hazy personal dealings as the Moon squares Neptune at 12:47 AM; the Moon is also void of course after this aspect until it enters Gemini at 2:44 AM.  Remember to have pen and paper by your bedside as you may hit upon some clever solutions or amazing creative insights when the Moon sextiles Uranus at 4:36 AM.

We're closing in on the end of the week and I'll be back Friday to clue you in to the Cosmic energies for your weekend.  Meanwhile, if you'd like more personal advice for 2012, click here to schedule your personal consultation.  Take care and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Monday Thru Tuesday (2-3 January 2012)

Greetings Friends!

Congratulations to those of you who are still on vacation; for the rest of us things settle down a bit as the Moon switches from action oriented Aries to earthy Taurus.  This is great energy for getting your office organized for the New Year or completing the archiving of last year's files.  Energetically Monday is a four star day and Tuesday is a five star day, so we don't get a lot of hassles from the cosmos as we begin the first work week of the new year (which is always nice).

Taurus is all about beauty, enjoyment of nature, acquisitions and concrete results.  Earth signs get the most benefit of a Taurus Moon transit, but the rest of us can ride the Taurean wave by wearing spring green, blue, pink, cream or turquoise.  Red coral, moss agate, rhodonite and jade are complimentary crystals to wear or carry under a Taurus Moon and rose, sage, benzoin or vanilla incense will work well during your meditations or other self-care rituals.

Monday 2 January 2012 begins with some restrictions or delays from partners as the Moon opposes Saturn at 11:01 AM (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  Brainstorming solutions to challenges is one creative way to benefit from the Moon's sextile to creative Neptune at 12:07 PM.  The Moon is void of course after that aspect until 2:16 PM, so avoid starting new projects until that time.

Bountiful good luck is headed humanity's way when the Moon conjoins Jupiter at 3:14 PM and that closes out the day's aspects.  Not bad for the first work day of 2012!

Tuesday 3 January 2012 starts with a powerful, transformative trine between the Moon and the God of the underworld Pluto at 5:18 AM.  Try doing some law of attraction, affirmation or meditative work to get the best benefit from this aspect.  The only other aspect of the day is a trine between the Moon and Sun at 4:43 PM highlighting your intuitive and creative abilities; let your intuition guide you in completing important tasks as you conclude your work day.

It's not too late to get some input from the Universe on how best to approach your goals for 2012.  Whether you desire an astrological consultation or Tarot reading, I've got you covered!  Click here to make your appointment!  And if you're interested in learning more information about how astrology works, click here to sign up for my newsletter.

I'll see you back here bright and early Wednesday; till then take care and...

Rich Blessings!