Thursday, February 9, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (10-12 February 2012)

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Well, self-care Monday is expanding to Friday and Saturday this week.  The aspects will require you to make your own sunshine as the Moon leaves Virgo for Libra at mid-day Friday.  The scout motto of being prepared will stand you in good stead with both Friday and Saturday being zero star days and Sunday being a four star day (albeit with a conjunction to Saturn).  Sunday afternoon we will have yet another change of sign from Libra to Scorpio.

Before we jump into the low down on Moon in Libra and Scorpio, I am wondering how you're doing with Mars and Saturn retrograde?   If you find yourself angry, frustrated or making annoying mistakes you might want to add citrine or carnelian as daily energetic boost agents.  Citrine will help you stay zen when things get wonky and carnelian will help with raising your mental and physical energy levels if you're feeling pooped thanks to Mars' back pedaling.  A nice pendant or nugget necklace next to your skin should do nicely!

The Moon transiting through Libra at 11:54 AM Friday brings a boost to air sign natives and puts humanity's focus on issues involving fairness, diplomacy, unions and sensuality.  Look your best in pink, black, royal blue or pastel shades.  Raise your vibration with carnelian, celestite, rose quartz or sapphire stones and relax with the scent of vanilla, sandalwood, or rose incense/essential oils.

Water sign natives get the benefit of the Moon's transit through Scorpio starting at 2:01 PM Sunday.  Maroon, black, gray or brown outfits and accessories suit Scoprio's vibe quite nicely.  Turquoise, citrine, charoite or obsidian crystals will protect your energy field while myrrh, vanilla, or patchouli incense can be a nice assist while you're relaxing or doing your self-care work.

Friday 10 February 2012 begins with the Moon void of course till 11:54 AM when it enters Libra.  Some careful navigating will be necessary in the afternoon hours thanks to the Moon opposing Uranus at 3:36 PM and the Moon opposing Venus at 5:24 PM.  Be prepared for shocks, surprises and weird behavior from others during the former aspect and money or love issues for the latter (Note:  all times indicated in this blog PST); forewarned is forearmed.

Saturday 11 February 2012 plays host to a volatile Moon square to Pluto aspect at 2:23 AM; suffice it to say it's best to be home in the wee hours of the morning and if you can't manage that don't get into a tangle with trouble makers.  Think safety first and you'll do just fine.

Sunday 12 February 2012 we're off to a great intuitive and creative start when the Moon trines the Sun at 2:27 AM.  Early morning phone calls, emails and other communications go swimmingly when the Moon trines Mercury at 9:59 AM.  Things may require careful focus and discipline when the Moon conjoins Saturn at 1:09 PM.  Remember Saturn is retrograde so if it seems like things are really moving s-l-o-w-l-y now, there's the trigger.  It probably doesn't help that the Moon is void of course after that aspect, but consider this a time out from the Universe and use it to wrap up old projects till 2:01 PM when the Moon enters Scorpio.  Intuitive hits abound when the Moon trines Neptune at 2:36 PM; this is also a great time to work on creative or spiritual projects.  The Moon opposes Jupiter at 9:16 PM so put the brakes on over promising or any other form of over doing.

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I'll be back Monday with the scoop for the work week ahead, till then...

Rich Blessings!


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