Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Wednesday thru Thursday (8-9 February 2012)

Greetings Friends!

The illuminating Full Moon is behind us and the Universe may reveal something previously hidden from you with regard to romantic partners, creative projects, or your children--that's what the Full Moon does, it casts a light on what has been hidden from view.  Keep your eyes open the next couple of days for the revelations that want to be discovered now.  Meanwhile, life goes on and the Moon shifts from Leo to Virgo where it will be time to get serious, take care of work responsibilities and do what we can to improve our health in natural ways.  Wednesday is a two star day and Thursday is a powerful five star day...so continue your self-care regimens of exercise, meditation, Reiki, aromatherapy or whatever eases stress and keeps you calm.

Earthy Virgo offers us the opportunity to do our best work.  Be frugal, be of service and keep your thinking cap on to determine the best way to get the job done (details matter most when the Moon transits Virgo!).  Earthy tones of black, brown, gray or tan as well as rhodocrosite, agate, moss agate and carnelian are excellent choices for a Virgo Moon.  Patchouli, lavender, violet or mint incense/essential oils are excellent choices to use during your self-care rituals.

Wednesday 8 February 2012 the Moon sextiles Saturn at 8:42 AM, so we start the day with a serious, disciplined energy (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PST).  The Moon is void of course after that aspect, so postpone starting new projects or holding important meetings until 9:32 AM when the Moon enters Virgo.  A confusing energy clouds your view when the Moon opposes Neptune at 9:52 AM, best to postpone decision making for now.  You will feel lucky and optimistic thanks to a Moon-Jupiter trine at 3:45 PM, which is a nice energy with which to finish your work day.

Thursday 9 February 2012 begins early with a transformative trine between the Moon and Pluto at 12:08 AM; consider doing some meditation or affirmation work prior to bed to leverage the power of this aspect.  Then again, maybe it's the right time to make a romantic move with someone special (this day has far better aspects than Valentines day, sad to say).  Love at first sight or a financial coup are possible when Venus conjoins Uranus at 6:30 PM so keep your eyes open!  We finish the day with another romantic fire starter aspect when the Moon conjoins Mars at 9:11 PM; the Moon is then void of course--so it's best to hang out with a familiar love rather than trying to start a romance with someone new.  And if you don't have a romantic partner, a late trip to the gym might just fix that problem!

With Valentines day less than a week away, maybe it's time to check the stars to see what's up in the love department.  Visit with me in person at the Psychic Eye in Sherman Oaks, California.  Or if you prefer schedule a private phone reading with me here.

When next we meet it will be time to wrap up the work week and get a birds eye view for the weekend.  I'm looking forward to seeing you here Friday morning!  Take care and till next time...

Rich Blessings!

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