Thursday, March 15, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (16-18 March 2012)

Greetings Friends!

It's time to wrap up the work week and take a look at what the planets have in store for us this weekend.  To begin with, we're working with a Capricorn Moon that switches to an Aquarian Moon Saturday morning.  Friday is a stellar five star day, Saturday is a three star day and Sunday is a challenging one star day--so be sure to leave some time for meditation, exercise, quiet reading or some other self-care modality that raises your vibration and gives you resilience against stress.

An Aquarian vibe is electrifying, off beat, creative--even shocking.  Rev up your own electric vibes by wearing electric blue, shocking pink, turquoise or silver clothing/accessories.  Clear quartz, zircon, amethyst, aquamarine or celestite crystals add a nice zing factor to your energy field and try some benzoin, sage, sandalwood or frankincense incense for those other worldly meditations you'll be having this weekend.

Friday 16 March 2012 offers one love and money friendly trine between the Moon and Venus at 12:11 AM; take some time to peruse those bank statements or call it an early night and get cozy with someone special (Note:  All times indicated in this blog are PDT).

Saturday 17 March 2012 an intuitive sextile between the Moon and the Sun at 4:12 AM offers insights on the actions you should take for your important projects and goals.  Dealings with important partners may hit a snag when the Moon squares Saturn at 6:00 AM; best not to push your personal agenda at this time--especially since the Moon is void of course after that aspect till 9:11 AM when it enters Aquarius.  Startling insights, creative downloads and surprising news arrives via a Moon-Uranus sextile at 4:45 PM.  Write that report and get other important communications taken care of thanks to a sextile between the Moon and Mercury at 5:46 PM.

Sunday 18 March 2012 gets off on an extravagant foot when the Moon squares Jupiter at 4:23 AM; that really shiny thing you're aching to buy is definitely a no-no at this time.  Amazing insights and stellar creative notions abound when Mercury joins forces with its higher octave Uranus at 10:24 AM.  Take a time out if love or money matters bog down when the Moon squares Venus at 11:39 AM.

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And that's going to wrap up our starry weekend preview, join me here Monday morning for a peek at what's in store as begin our work week.  Until then...

Rich Blessings!

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