Thursday, March 22, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Friday thru Sunday (23-25 March 2012)

Greetings Friends!

Amen to the end of the work week!  I hope you're ready to look at the energies for the end of the week and the weekend--they look pretty good!  The Moon wrapping up in Aries signals we are past the New Moon and it's time to look at the seeds you're planting for the harvest of 2012.  Saturday afternoon the Moon enters the sign of Taurus and we get serious about organizing ourselves, balancing our check books and taking some time to enjoy the finer things in life--including time in nature.  Friday is a five star day, Saturday is a three star day with a bit of a void of course period and Sunday is also a five star day.

The Moon in Taurus signals a time to get organized, save your money, intend to be more deliberate in your actions and to appreciate beauty where ever you may find it.  Blue, cream, spring green or turquoise are great colors for clothing, candles, or accessories under the aegis of a Taurus Moon transit.  Jade, turquoise, green tourmaline or (red) coral crystals work well with this transit as does rose, musk, vanilla or violet incense/essential oils.

Friday 23 March 2012 Mercury enters Pisces at 6:22 AM; your thoughts may take on a creative, dreamy, or mystical vibe as retrograde Mercury revisits Piscean waters now till 16 April when it decamps for Aries territory once again (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT). We have no exact aspects on this day, so do your self-care work and enjoy being able to move forward without a lot of heat from the Cosmos to mess up your journey!

Saturday 24 March 2012 we begin the day with restrictions, delays and other lovely issues when the Moon opposes retrograde Saturn at 10:17 AM.  The Moon is void of course after that last aspect until it enters Taurus at 2:43 PM; hold off on starting new projects until that time.  Amazing creative insights, romantic connections and startling Cosmic downloads make themselves available to those paying attention when the Sun conjoins Uranus at 11:21 AM.  Spiritual insights, creativity and more opportunities for Cosmic connections arrive via a Moon-Neptune sextile at 6:28 PM.

Sunday 25 March 2012 an early morning trine between the Moon and Mars at 3:13 AM may have you fending off insomnia; melatonin and sleep mp3's to the rescue!  Work on goals that require major transformations when the Moon trines Pluto at 9:57 AM and feel the love, optimism and good luck flow when the Moon conjoins Jupiter at 3:02 PM.

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Rich Blessings!

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