Sunday, March 11, 2012

Astrology Predictions Monday thru Tuesday (12-13 March 2012)

Greetings Friends!

The weekend has ended and we are now on daylight savings time in the U.S.--and in other news the Moon transit in Scorpio gives way to Sagittarius late Monday evening.  So for the second week in a row we have great, upbeat energy to launch the work week.  Monday is a five star day and Tuesday is a four star day with a lot of aspects--so you may still want to do a bit of self care work to help you ease back into your work routine.

Fiery Sagittarius governs the law, sports, optimism and truth; never ask your Sagittarian friend what they think of your new dress--they might come back with a reply that hurts your feelings!  All that fire requires some bold blue, black, red or purple clothing--and toss in a bit of gold for good measure, as Sag likes to think big!  Amethyst, lapis lazuli, obsidian or turquoise crystals have enough heat to make them useful during a Sagittarius Moon transit while sage, copal, frankincense or dragon's blood incense also have plenty of spunk to match the mood of the Moon in Sagittarius.

Monday 12 March 2012 the much talked about Mercury retrograde begins at 12:49 AM; I have already noticed its effects in my affairs, so keep an eye on your computer/car and carry your planner with you everywhere (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are now PDT).  A Moon-Sun trine at 11:30 brings actionable, intuitive insights, but take notes instead of starting anything new as the Moon is void of course after that aspect.  An expansive, transformative Jupiter-Pluto trine at 9:31 PM is somewhat less potent due to the void of course Moon, but you might still want to chant some affirmations, say some prayers or do some meditation work at this time.  These actions will be particular effective if you're visualizing an end to a particular difficulty or challenge.   The Moon finally enters Sagittarius at 11:53 PM.

Tuesday 13 March 2012 offers an early morning square between the Moon and Neptune; if you have a decision to make and the deal seems rather hazy just wait for more information to make its way to you before closing the deal.  Shocking news, sudden creative downloads or other inventive ideas arrive at 6:25 AM when the Moon trines shock jock Uranus.  Follow up on those early morning ideas by writing them out and hatching a plan when the Moon trines Mercury at 11:09 AM.   Don't let frustrating situations or people goad you into saying something you'll regret when the Moon squares Mars at 4:23 PM.  Be prepared for a potential love at first sight meeting when Venus trines Pluto at 6:26 PM; this one could be a real game changer!  Venus is on a role as she snuggles up to expansive Jupiter bringing potential good fortune in both love and money at 5:46 PM.  This might prove to be the most pivotal day of the year for some of you so circle this day in red in your planner!

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Don't forget to check back Wednesday morning for the latest updates and Celestial happenings--take care and I'll see you then!

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