Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Open Letter to James Van Praagh

Dear Mr. Van Praagh,

I had the honor of seeing you in action last year, just before the holidays in Laguna Beach.  My bff gifted me with a surprise opportunity to see you as you gave live readings to a small group of your fans.  My friend and I were buzzing after seeing you work; the energy in the room was amazing, but the readings you gave (especially to those families who had lost children) was so inspiring to me.  I had a wonderful time chatting with the other attendees--they all had a lovely, positive vibe.  It was an amazing day filled with love and healing energy.

Your work inspired me to work on myself and my self esteem.  As a woman of color, an intuitive and an astrologer I have come up against tremendous hostility and acrimony--from family members.  Some of the worst offenders are now on the other side, the blue road as my native American ancestors would call it.  I still struggle to say I am a psychic and an astrologer--often I hide behind the word entrepreneur or some other innocuous title that won't get people riled up.

You were so filled with fun and light that day.  You told us you had had an incredible day--you talked about the beauty of the sunset that day and having had a great massage.  Your joy for life was palpable; I envied you your transparence and your self-love.  I still do.

When you began your readings, your process was also very transparent.  Mediumship is the one skill I've hesitated to train in--I use my cards to talk to those who have crossed over, though sometimes I find the cards have to be put down because I can't keep up with all that I'm sensing while using them.

At this point in time I must admit that the luster of that day last year had faded.  When I saw your YouTube video today--the one for the contest, I realized I was yet again embroiled in a family matter that stirred up my feelings of being less than because of my spiritual beliefs and the work that I do.  I thank you for the contest for it has reminded me I do what I do because it is part of my soul.  It is part of the all that 'isness' of me.  I am still learning to keep my balance with regard to my self-esteem.  Thank you for all that you do (and check out my astrology blog some time--you did some excellent astrological work that night too!).

Many Blessings!

Dee Morrison


  1. Dee!! This is great!! :-) Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and may you continue to do so.

  2. I am very inspired by you Jason; your love of books eclipses my own (and that's saying a lot). I have book library envy now, lol! Thank you for your kind words and for reading my wee blog :)