Sunday, June 17, 2012

Astrology Predictions for 18-19 June 2012

Greetings Friends

The light, chatty energy of a Gemini Moon powers us up and gets us started for yet another work week.  Please take note that a challenging aspect reaches exact status 24 June (Uranus square Pluto) so there's bound to be all kinds of fireworks going on in the news, on the political front, and (perhaps particularly) with the ongoing, global economic fiasco.  There may even be some fireworks of a personal nature for cardinal sign natives (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), or those of you with planets posited in these signs.  This is an aspect that will play bumper cars with us for awhile (thanks to the power of planetary retrogrades); keep an eye on the areas of life experience where things become intense during the next 10 days.  Those areas require more freedom, innovation and outside the box thinking (Uranus) for your personal desires (Aries), while still having to deal with tradition, status quo or the power plays of others (Pluto in Capricorn).

Need I say Self-Care Monday is in full effect?

While Monday is just a two star day, we get a spanking' New Moon in late Gemini on Tuesday--and a change of sign to Cancer Tuesday morning (Tuesday is a five star day, by the way).  What new projects will you be launching this month?

Emotional, intuitive, family oriented, informal and nurturing are just some of the qualities of Cancerian energy.  Don your favorite blue, dark green, sea green, silver, white or pearlescent shades to feel at home under a Cancer Moon transit.  Wear pearls, opal, moonstone, agate or tiger's eye crystals to keep your emotions on an even keel and try some lavender, jasmine, myrrh, rose or sandalwood incense to calm frayed nerves or refresh your spirits after a long day.

18 June 2012 the entire day builds toward an inhospitable square between the Moon and Mars at 8:11 PM; do your best to avoid people known to be moody or cantankerous--they are likely to be the first ones ready to rip your head off given the chance (Note:  all times indicated in this blog are PDT).  An unpleasant energy from others gives you reason to withdraw and take some time to organize yourself or work on a key project with the Moon trines Saturn five minutes later--run, do not walk to the nearest waiting project and let time heal the temper of others for now.

19 June 2012 the New Moon wastes no time, arriving at 8:02 AM at 28 degrees of Gemini; written or verbal communications projects, travel, dealings with siblings, new experiences, diverse interests and personal charm are all areas of focus with this new cycle.  A great boost to your spiritual or creative projects arrives at 4:40 PM in the form of a Moon-Neptune trine; meditate, listen to or create new music, see a film, dance or create new art forms that will be unique and inspired under the aegis of this aspect.

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When the Celestial energies are challenging it can feel as though life isn't on our side.  Remember that we have ideals and goals--goals are attainable, ideals challenge us to be the best we can be even when the tide seems against us.  Click the link and remember you're precious and then if you meet someone who needs a helping hand, pass this on.

Rich Blessings!

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