Thursday, June 21, 2012

Astrology Predictions Friday thru Sunday (22-24 June 2012)

Greetings Friends!

The Moon in Leo wraps up the week in stellar style; a five star day is a nice note to end the week on and we have the same energetic support on Saturday for most of the day (the Moon becomes void of course in the afternoon); we only have two stars for Sunday, so you might want to take it easy if you can on the last day of our weekend break.  Sunday morning the Moon shifts into Virgo and it will be time to roll up our sleeves and get to work--quite appropriate with a new work week right around the corner.

The Moon in Leo is a confident, charismatic, passionate and spontaneous energy.  Dress in your best regal orange shades, reds, golds, greens or yellows.   Jasper, peridot, onyx or tiger's eye crystals fit in with the Leo sense of style and beauty while frankincense, dragon's blood, myrrh, musk or sandalwood scents can help to create a relaxing or romantic mood.

A Virgo Moon gives us an opportunity to focus on our holistic well being, to care for our dependents and to take care of our work or service responsibilities.  Earthy/muted brown, black, blue, green or white shades are a good match for the Virgoan desire for cleanliness and perfection.  Agate, moss agate, aquamarine, carnelian or turquoise are great crystal choices for the practical energy of a Virgo Moon.  Equally practical are sandalwood, lavender, mint, or patchouli incense/essential oils to assist us in creating a sense of peace and tranquility as we move into the work week.

Friday 22 June 2012 the sextile between the Moon and Jupiter at 1:19 AM offers humanity an optimistic boost and potential good fortune.  Later, the Moon and Venus sextile one another brings a sense of love and affection to our intimate relationships as well as a nice flow in money matters.  Clever ideas, startling bursts of intuition, and brilliant Cosmic downloads are likely when the Moon trines Uranus at 12:36 PM--a great way to wind down the work week!

Saturday 23 June 2012 use the organizing energy of a Moon-Saturn sextile at 3:26 PM to whip your key projects into shape.  The Moon is void of course for the remainder of the day, so tend to old projects or kick back and relax until the Moon enters Virgo tomorrow morning.  Extraordinary and inspired visions for your creative projects arrive thanks to the Sun forming a trine to Neptune at 8:55 PM; just remember to keep your feet on the ground where your affection ties are concerned.  Also, wait until the Moon changes signs Sunday morning to put wheels under your vision.

Sunday 24 June 2012 the much talked about Uranus Pluto squares arrives at 1:14 AM.  This aspect augurs revolutions; there's a growing desire for change swelling within the mass consciousness, while the powers that be hold tight to the reins of power and tradition.  News of riots, uprisings, or people seeking asylum from abysmal home conditions is likely to fill the news.  This aspect will be rising and falling now through 2015, so fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!  Rest, meditate and pray for the peace and safety you desire for humanity.

The Moon enters Virgo at 4:43 AM;  it's time to put your work projects in detailed order and restock your vitamins, organic produce and other healthy food items.  The Moon square Jupiter at 10:00 AM warns against excess of any kind, so step away from the credit cards!  This is especially true since the Moon opposes Neptune sixteen minutes later making it hard to see things clearly.  Best to make your plans and decisions another day.  Intuitive insights provide helpful prompts for your actions when the Moon forms a sextile to the Sun at 11:18 AM, but the love boat hits rocky shores when the Moon squares Venus at 6:32 PM; this might be an excellent time to head to the gym or take a walk by yourself to allow over heated emotions to cool down.  Law of attraction work, research studies or a good old fashioned romantic rendezvous are in style when the Moon trines Pluto at 7:54 PM.

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I'd like to leave you with some thoughts about how to cope when the days are challenging.  Some of the aspects and planetary transits (as well as retrogrades) create frustration, sudden unwelcome changes and undesired endings.  We can each do our part to smooth life's path for ourselves and those around us.  Click the link for for some peace inspiring wisdom.  I'll see you back here Monday morning for more astrological and inspirational news.

Rich Blessings!

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