Sunday, July 8, 2012

Astrology Predictions for Monday thru Tuesday (9-10 July 2012)

Greetings Friends!

The waning Moon enters Aries at 5:14 AM thus setting a brisk pace for the beginning of the work week.  The Last Quarter Moon on Tuesday gives us an opportunity to review which of our projects are finished and which will need a reboot next week with the arrival of the New Moon.  Monday boasts only two out of five stars--so we have another Self-Care Monday (exercise, meditation, rest, and nutritious food are best everyday, but especially when there is little energetic support for us, Celestially speaking).  Tuesday is two stars too, but with the added challenge of the Last Quarter Moon (Moon square the Sun) you might find it a tougher day than Monday; so do get in some self-care work on Tuesday as well.

The Moon in Aries brings our focus to circumstances that require our courage, fierceness, growth, impatience and charisma.  Shades of red, pink, white, yellow or scarlet work best under an Aries Moon transit as do carnelian, bloodstone, amethyst, coral or quartz crystals.  Cinnamon, frankincense, copal, dragon's blood or musk candles, essential oils or incense will invigorate and inspire you to do your best even under trying circumstances.

Monday 9 July 2012 a need for compromise with others--others who may be a bit of a pain in the neck, arrives in the form of an opposition between the Moon and Mars at 11:41 AM.  Try to be the saner mind that prevails when someone else loses their temper (Note:  all times in this blog are PDT).  A feeling of optimism, joy and even good luck is quite welcome when the Moon forms a sextile to Jupiter at 5:06 PM.  Heavy handed manipulation or power plays from the boss or a VIP are possible when the Moon squares Pluto at 8:44 PM; try to make yourself scarce, if you can.  Innovative notions, creative downloads and surprising--even shocking revelations are in vogue when the Moon conjoins Uranus at 9:47 PM; be sure to capture any ingenious ideas the Universe tosses to you before they slip away!

Tuesday 10 July 2012 love and money matters are feeling a bit less thorny thanks to a sextile between the Moon and Venus at 1:18 AM.  Your mind may be racing with new ideas for a special communications project--and at an unhelpful hour of the day if you are in PDT, thanks to a trine between the Moon and Mercury at 3:59 AM.  The Last Quarter Moon (Moon square Sun) arrives at 6:48 PM; which project did you finish during this lunar cycle and which old one (or new one) would you like to boot up during the next cycle?  It's time to hash that out--and this may be brought to light by a challenge with a project that hasn't gone quite the way you intended.  Allow what surfaces now to inform you how to move forward during the next lunar cycle--keeping in mind we're about to enter a Mercury retrograde--for real, not just the retrograde shadow come 14 July.  If you can't sign that contract, move or launch that new project before the 14th it's probably best to wait until this Mercury retrograde has completed its shadow period (22 August 2012).

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